What Precisely Is Telepathy?

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Telepathic – Lel’ Jey

To improve your telepathic abilities, try the following. Get relaxed – You need to put yourself into a trance like mode, this will allow your mind to receive messages that others are trying to send you or if you want to connect with someone. When your mind and body are relaxed you are open to send and receive telepathic messages. If you are trying to improve your telepathic skills then make sure you learn more about this skill of making your mind go into a state of trance. Focus – When you are collected and in a quiet environment, think of a person you would like to contact you. Focus consciously on that person. Imagine that person knowing what you want to tell him. You should be in a positive, happy frame of mind.

Your thoughts should be on the lines that you want this person to get in touch with you. It is not like a command.

Just convey positive impressions. Belief. Have faith that your message is being received, while remaining open minded as you begin developing your telepathic focus. End Your Projection. Do not allow your mind to wander off onto other issues. Simply end your thoughts and bring them back to yourself as you end your projection. You will do this for a simple reason. The positive signals that you mind is imparting to the person must be very strong so that the person receiving it feels the strong urge to communicate with you. For this you will have to keep your mind off other thoughts.

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EMPATHETIC REACTIONS Empathy is the ability to recognize, perceive, or directly experience the emotions of others. Some people are very poor at this, and others are very good at this, being able to mentally ‘put themselves in another’s shoes’ and understand how they must be feeling.

Empathy can be increased with training and practice. Actors, for example, are able to imitate the emotions of others, even to the point of being able to make themselves spontaneously laugh or cry.

Sympathetic pain is an empathy feeling of another person’s pain as if it were your pain. For example, after witnessing someone that is pregnant and close to you go into labor, you may experience an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, even though you know its fine. Experiencing an overwhelming emotion, such as joy, grief, or depression can also cause an empathetic level of awareness where you may feel an echo of the same emotion inside you. The phenomena of long distance empathy is where a person suddenly feels that someone close to them has been hurt, or is in pain, even though they have not spoken to or heard anything from the person at the time. Psychologists dismiss such feelings as an overactive imagination instead of empathetic mental telepathy. It is true that they do have a point, as other senses, such as visual and audible stimulants are used here. Could we feel the sympathy pains if we did not see it? Yet, this does not explain the strange experiences of long-distance empathy


You often see this amongst many religious organizations like Christianity and Islam that believe this is a tool used by Satan and is simply demonic power. Because formal religion has gained in power over the last hundreds of years, many have been trained to put their thoughts and beliefs into their religion instead of into their own inner powers. By idolizing religious icons, the church has gained some power over the faith of its followers. Do you ever wonder why this is so? Why are religions so anti-telepathy? There are a few religions that do follow the ancient paths and within these religions, telepathy is not feared. In fact in some of the older religions, it is embraced and has become a tool for those religions. There are no set leaders to tell the congregation that telepathy is a tool of the devil, instead they congregation themselves choose what they will practice. It is to be said that modern science does not accept the statement that telepathy does exist. While most scientists believe there is a connection between telepathy and the mind, there are some out there that just can’t accept it.

On a lawful approach, some scientists believe that telepathy cannot be numerically measured, tasted, or touched. We present another question to these scientists. You cannot prove instincts and emotions yet because you believe you experience these, you believe in them. Why is that? Is that not taking a prejudicial view? We all experience emotions, but whether they are legitimate or not is only know to that specific individual. The same can be said for instincts. Unfortunately, these are very common characteristics that we believe everyone to experience, including scientists. It may be a simple human emotion that is keeping the scientific community from acknowledging that telepathy is an actual sense. If it has been discounted before, some scientist will choose not to figure out for themselves whether it exists or not due to pride.

Telepathy is being able to get in tune with someone else no matter where you are located. It is a direct link mentally without need to be in the vicinity of the other person in question. Telepathic communication is therefore communication on another level entirely.

Why did society lose their abilities of telepathy for the most part? Why did we lose our ability to communicate this way? Is it as simple as the Tower of Babylon? Maybe the confusing languages that were misunderstood by the gods were more than one form of communication.

Maybe the silent communication was mixed and creating chaos.

We will never know. Here are some methods for waking up your dormant telepathic ability.

‘Mental-Muscle’ training In much the same way as young children need to learn to strengthen their voice boxes and learn to control how their mouth moves as they learn to make words, you’ll need to learn to strengthen and control your telepathic muscles. The best way to activate your subconscious mind and activate your telepathy is to do so in a trance state.

Using relaxation techniques, you can reach the necessary state to do this.

Relax your mind and when you relax thoroughly you’ll soon reach that trance like state and when you achieve this state, you will have begun to train your mind. You’ll be able to control your mind at will.