What Are The Dangers Of Using Telepathy?

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Color Workout– When you are doing telepathy exercises you should ensure that your mind does not wander and stay in the present, not the future or the past. You now require to get another person to assist you with this. You require some different colored pencils between you. Both of you need to decide on who is the sender and that will definitely come to be the receiver. Following one person makes the selection of the color in his mind and begins to share it with the additional person psychologically. You must say start the moment the process is about to begin. Now the receiver should look into the sender’s mind to understand just what color was picked and then reveal aloud about the color. The sender then either agrees or disagrees and the same exercise is duplicated again. This exercise needs to be duplicated until the receiver has the ability to get the correct color. After around quarter of an hour, both the locations of the sender and receiver should be switched. You can now move into the following level of mastery after conclusion of these fundamental activities. The whole bit is known as psychology which is extremely complex to acquire mastery of. You have to keep duplicating these workouts till you attain complete success.

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The person doing the “sending” will concentrate on sending telepathic messages to the person receiving them, and the receiver will then concentrate on receiving the information sent by the sender. The receiver should be absolutely relaxed such that he or she will be absolutely open to whatever the sender is going to send, including images, emotions, pictures, etc. The receiver can record whatever he or she receives from the sender by writing it down. Or, a sender can simply say that he or she is finished concentrating on a particular item and then the receiver can verbalize what he or she has seen. It works best to practice telepathy, how to do it, if you and your partner agree beforehand on a particular signal. For example, you can agree simply to focus on colors, such that the receiver will simply say, “purple,” when he or she receives an image, with the sender then responding “yes” or “no” before moving on to something else.

When developing telepathy how to knowledge, 10 minute sessions are enough to start with.

While doing each session spend some time being the sender and the receiver.

As you become more accurate you can start using playing cards and focus on sending the suit of the card or number being displayed. Keep a record of each session so you can track as your natural telepathic abilities increase. If you prefer to learn telepathy, how to do it, without using a partner, you certainly can.

A beginner lesson might be simply to put out a signal to those you have a close mental or spiritual bond with so that the telepathic messages more likely to be received. Hold this person in your mind, and turn your energies to sending them a message or requesting that they take action on something.


During the daily events of our lives we often communicate with others on a subconscious level. Do you know that you can train your mind to consciously communicate as well? Mental telepathy is a talent we are all born with. The fact is most people never consciously use it therefore our natural ability to communicate with our mind is never developed. As a result most people never learn or even realize they have this power. In fact many believe they have this power is but do not know how to make it work for them. Scientist say our though have a frequency and can be measured. A person can learn to use this to contact others and send messages. These thoughts or frequencies must be channeled in the right way in order to be effective in communication.

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You could also focus on having a good friend or family member call you, or on getting your life partner, for example, to bring home something you need.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you as time goes on that the person who received your message will suddenly call home or bring home the item you are thinking about — all because of telepathy. Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on. As you continue to master telepathy, move on to practicing telepathic skills on people you don’t know. For example, you can begin to increase telepathic abilities by focusing on people you are only casually acquainted with, neighbors, coworkers, and others you come in regular contact with but are not close to. Pay attention if you notice that someone is experiencing an intense emotion, and you may be able to sense actual words or thoughts coming from their minds.