Using Your Mind To Communicate Using Telepathy

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Focus Learning to keep your mind’s concentration as you are in the state of a trance is a bit tough to master at times. While you are doing your next relaxation period, concentrate on someone that you want to connect with you. Visualize this person, trying to project positive thoughts towards them. Next, visualize them receiving these thoughts. Keep focused on this until you feel that the person you’re thinking of has had time to receive these thoughts.

Then withdraw your focus completely.

It’s important to stop the contact so the person will feel the loss of communication, which will prompt them to re-establish the connection and contact you in return. There is a point to learning focusing while on your own. So that when you start training with another person, your mind will be ready and receptive to receive thoughts, images and impressions more easily. Partner Practice – In this exercise, one partner sends, the other receives.

The sender should begin by projecting simple messages to the receiver, such as images of bright colors. The receiver should keep a writing utensil and paper close at hand so that they can write down any communications they receive from the sender. Afterwards, sender and receiver compare notes to assess how successful the exercise has been. Don’t get discouraged; telepathy is an ability which takes practice, but you will improve over time.

Ways to develop your telepathic powers Trance State. When you are able to reach a trance like state your mind is more receptive.

Many individuals are capable of inducing an almost hypnotic trance where the mind is open and the body is relaxed. When you are working on your telepathic ability you should take some time to learn how to induce a trance like state. Learn to focus – Find a place where you will not be disturbed, relax your mind and body. Picture the one you want to communicate with mentally. Send the message and assure yourself they are getting it. Don’t make it a command just tell the person you would like to hear from them and think pleasing thoughts about them. Have faith – Never falter in your belief that this will work, know your receiver will get the message. Stay confident and use an open mind when exploring telepathy. Let go of the Trance State – Do not drift off, deliberately bring yourself back to reality and go on with day to day things.

There is a good reason for doing this. When you stop thinking, the person you were trying to contact should get the feeling that any thoughts about you are missing and they will feel the urge to contact you. So it should not be very surprising if the person who you were trying to contact gets back to you soon.

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With all the things that mankind has accomplished that to people living only one hundred years ago would have seemed beyond our abilities, surely then it could be that people who are telepathic are merely operating under scientific principles that we do not yet understand. Yet so often these people are viewed as fake and operating in a world of mysticism. Paraphysicists and parapsychologists scientifically study telepathy and telepaths. The neither try to prove telepathy, nor disprove it. They only want to know if it is an authentic phenomenon and if it can be better understood if it is. There have been experiments conducted into telepathic abilities which have yielded some promising data. These experiments need to be conducted using the scientific method that is to say that the results must be measurable, consistent and reproducible. Unfortunately, the experiments and studies done on the subject of telepathy have largely failed to live up to this standard in that the results are inconsistent and are not necessarily reproducible. Skeptics look at this as proof positive that there is no such thing as telepathy. However, it can also be taken as an indication that there is work to be done in measuring telepathic abilities and that we do not yet fully understand how telepathy works; something which is certainly the case.

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Center on someone who you want to telepathically connect with as you relax and stay focused as you slip into a trance phase. Visualize them and channel positive thoughts. Visualize them receiving your thoughts remain concentrated on this until the recipient has had enough time to absorb these thoughts. Then, interrupt the transmission. You need to break the telepathic link so that they can feel this connection being severed and start trying to connect to you with their own thoughts. Keep exercising and begin telepathy training with a friend, this exercise should have prepared you properly for sending and getting telepathic communications. One person will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this exercise. The transmitter should begin by transmitting simple thoughts such as vivid colors. The receiver should keep a pen and paper close at hand so that they can write down any communications they receive from the person acting as sender. After that, sender and receiver analyze notes to assess how successful the exercise has been.

You should try not to be disappointed; telepathy is an capability which takes practice, but you will improve over a period of time.