Using Your Mind To Communicate Using Telepathy

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A lot of people don’t believe that it’s possible to communicate telepathically. Despite the widespread skepticism about telepathy, the idea of being able to communicate mind-to-mind as well as the concept of mind control are things which have long had a grip over the human imagination. For centuries, people have experimented with telepathy and written about the topic extensively. Using telepathy or telepathic communication is something that we do on occasion. Have you ever been picking up the phone to call someone just to say hi, and right then they called? You just knew they were thinking about you. Have you ever just known what someone was going to say? Some of these incidences are coincidence, but nearly everybody has had an experience where they knew something they shouldn’t have.

It was as if they had read somebody’s mind. As far-fetched as it may sound at first, it is possible to communicate telepathically at will. All of us have this ability naturally, though it usually atrophies through disuse as we age. In order to regain that ability you have to put a lot of time and focus into it.

You will also probably need a guide, although this can be self-taught.

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With all the things that mankind has accomplished that to people living only one hundred years ago would have seemed beyond our abilities, surely then it could be that people who are telepathic are merely operating under scientific principles that we do not yet understand. Yet so often these people are viewed as fake and operating in a world of mysticism. Telepaths are in fact studied scientifically in paraphysics and parapsychology. Paraphysicists and parapsychologists design experiments according to the scientific method to answer questions concerning telepathy; like all professional scientists (or as they are supposed to be), they are agnostic about the results they will get-they neither believe nor disbelieve in telepathy.

Some telepath experiments have produced intriguing results.

But nothing is accepted as ‘scientific’ unless it’s shown to be measurable, consistent, and repeatable. Unfortunately, telepathy experiment results usually fall short on the consistent or repeatable parts, so that many doubt the truth of telepathy. Then there are researchers who argue that this is merely like Edison’s experiments to create the light bulb-he failed 10,000 times before he finally got it right, but that never meant that electric lights were ‘not real’. They say we just have to design better experiments around this phenomenon.


The basic definition of telepathy is feeling another’s reactions or thoughts without using what is categorical called the five senses. Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense. This allows us to sense things without being face to face with someone.

If you cannot use the methods that we have all grown accustomed to, how exactly are we communication then? The answer is that you are doing so on a completely different level than we are used to.

So when did humanity start to lose their telepathic powers and stop believing in them? As to why humanity began losing touch with telepathy at all, perhaps it’s as simple as the Tower of Babylon story–perhaps the languages that were confused by God or the gods were not just those of speech but also the language of telepathy. Here are some ways to develop the telepathic abilities which all of us are born with.

Look at some ways to awaken your latent telepathic abilities. You didn’t always know how to speak you had to train your mouth and your vocal chords to form words. Similarly, you need to build the mental ‘muscles’ necessary for telepathy. The part of your brain which is responsible for telepathy is most readily accessed while you are in a trance state. This is a state of deep relaxation which can be reached through meditation and other techniques. Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state easily.

When you can reach this point, you’ve begun to train your mind to be controlled at will.

There are many types of telepathy test that can help you measure your own psychic ability. While many of these tests can have an element of luck in them, over so many trials, the results can show whether you were guessing or whether you really have some telepathic ability. Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range. It is best to keep in mind that all of the telepathic skill-set includes ESP, precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. And developing one may lead to an increase in other powers of telepathy by default.You can access the power of your sub-conscious, simply by using exercises in deep breathing and meditation. These exercises will expand your focus by opening your mind. These exercises help your accessing other aspects of telepathic skills and your psychic, developing the section of your mind responsible for these skills.

Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further. A telepathy test will help you to decided where improvement is needed in your current skills.