Use Your Mind To Communicate Using Telepathy!

telepathic definition

Here is an Intermediate Telepathy Test:- When you notice that you are improving in results with the basic telepathy test it’s time for you to increase your range a bit more.

Conducting the basic telepathy card test would be the easiest way to do this.

Instead of sitting across from each other – use separate rooms and a monitor, listen/hearing devise to verify received images. Practice and some patients are needed again for this step. It’s more difficult at times to send images telepathically over distances and somewhat harder to pick up images with the possibility of distractions which interfere with your test results. You can use any one of the many telepathy tests available to test for the presence of psychic abilities, practice and build the strength of your telepathic skills. Find a telepathy test that works well for you in your schedule and also one that you are most comfortable with.

It is sending and getting back emotions without anything being spoken or written down and is understood to be instinctual. Mind to mind contact is involved without any type of utilization of sensory channels. Three kinds of recognized telepathy are physical, psychological and psychological. You ought to be able to recognize the one that satisfies you the most according to your capability prior to you attempt telepathy.

Browse on for some mental telepathy workouts. Card Exercise – In telepathy before going ahead towards any sort of activity you require to ensure that your thoughts are in the present, there is no past or future frame of mind.

Keep yourself relaxed and at peace. You have to organize the following things: piece of paper, a pack of cards, pencil to make note of the result.

The cards should be shuffled by the sender initially and then he picks one. Sender then taps the card as an indicator that a color has been chosen by him and is being sent to the receiver. The receiver now makes an attempt to recognize the color of the card and state what it is aloud. In an advanced phase, a variation of this workout can easily be done. In this advanced phase instead of the color, the number of the card can be used to transmit over to the receiver.You will require to remove the picture cards and make certain there is a greater amount of number cards.

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You often see this amongst many religious organizations like Christianity and Islam that believe this is a tool used by Satan and is simply demonic power. When we have a telepathic occurrence, we now associate it with a higher power instead of within ourselves. We feel that the higher power we believe in is the reason for our instincts and abilities. Why, you may ask yourself, are the major religions so vehemently against the idea of telepathy? Because of the celestial quality of formalized religious gods, whether they be Christian, Jewish or Muslim, most of the traditional influential people have nixed the idea of telepathy as it does not fit in with faith of said gods. It is rare, but more modern day theology pursuers are beginning to realize that telepathy may indeed exist. While this is a major problem, there are many other issues as well. One of the biggest has to do with the assurance that comes from science. The doubting Thomas’ of today need to see proof and where there is none, they believe that it does not actually exist. It cannot me measured, touched or tasted so how can it possibly be? Without that, most people will not take it serious. The contradiction of course is that they have ‘faith’ in their religion yet because their religion tells them that this is only a thing of evil, they now believe that it doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t make any sense. It is curious to find that scientists do have strong beliefs toward sensations of human emotion and they agree that there is some truth to instinctual behavior. Perhaps this is because they can experience these things themselves in that it is more intrinsic in them. Whereas with telepathy, because of the fading of the sense holds no strong bond in them. Therefore, because the scientists themselves do not feel telepathic, then it must not exist. There may be a sort of envy involved when it comes to telepathy.

It is felt that scientists may decide to ignore the fact or to mislabel telepathy as instinct.

But there are some important questions about telepathy that need to be answered.

For one, how can people possibly transmit communications with pure thought, with no involvement of the five physical senses? But once again, existing technology gives us the answer.

If you have a radio receiver in your home or office, you can listen to a vast array of different programs, ideas, music, and voices all with the touch of buttons or the flip of a dial…but, have you ever seen a radio wave pulsing through the air? Why can’t there be ‘telepathy waves’ that also propagate invisibly and undetected by the five senses? Ah, you say, because the human brain is not a radio tower! Or are our minds more similar to transmitters than we think? Brainwaves have been proven to exist; these are electromagnetic energy, just like radio waves.

These brainwaves are what the study of telepathic abilities are based on. We’ll try to explain this simply as possible.