Transmitting Your Thoughts Using Telepathy

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Concentrate on someone you’d like to reach you. Imagine the individual accepting all of your thoughts and feelings. Maintain your focus for however long is necessary for the person to feel the connection between you.

Then withdraw your concentration completely. It is vital to interrupt the contact so the individual will feel the loss of communication, which will encourage them to re-establish the connection and contact you in return. Partner exercise is a really good idea to assist in telepathy development. Choose one individual as the receiver and the other to be the transmitter.

The sender can choose simple items to project. The receiver should have pad and pen to record any and all impressions and thoughts that come to mind. At the end of each practice session, analyze notes to analyse how many of the images and impressions are correct. The more practice you get, the more accurate your image viewing will become.

Larry Carlson

Yet, questions about telepathy remain.

How can people communicate, at least to a significant degree, without making use of any of the five physical senses-communicate with pure thought? Well, human beings do this now with the use of artificial communication technology. For instance, probably every home in the civilized world has a radio in it-but radio waves, which surely do exist, can’t be observed intuitively or felt with our five physical senses.

So, it would seem that telepathy is made possible by some force or energy that is there but, like the radio wave, cannot be intuitively or tactiley observed. Yet, the problem here is that the human brain isn’t a radio receiver.



Or is it? ‘Thought waves’, defined as an electrical and magnetic fiend generated by the brain, has been proven to exist. This is the keystone that scientific Telepathic studies rest on. We’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms, but it may get a little complicated, so just bear with us.

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All forms of communication need to be taught to us; you weren’t born knowing how to talk in your native tongue, it is just something you learned by noticing and imitating your family.

It is probable, telepathy is not something your parents taught you; but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this ability. It only means that you haven’t been taught how to control it yet. The part of your mind which is accountable for telepathic communication is most readily retrieved while you are in a trance state. This is a state of high relaxation which can be obtained through meditation and other methods. The secret is to exercise relaxation techniques until you can easily attain the trance state. Once you have obtained this, you’ll be in the right direction in mastering your telepathic abilities.

Whenever we have a thought, there are a series of biochemical processes in our brains, which include the transmission from neuron to neuron of tiny electrical impulses. These are measurable impulses, small as they are. Like any other electrical charge, they create a magnetic field as well. In our minds there are tens of thousands of these impulses happening at any moment.

When you have electromagnetic fields, you have the possibility of communications-as our modern technology clearly proves.

But, this brings us to another question: in these ‘thought waves’, is there truly content being carried, or is it all just ‘white noise’? If there is content, can we be trained to control sending and receiving it? Is meditation so effective for so many because it’s a method of tuning in the thought waves better, cutting out the noise and static, just as we do when we tune in a radio station and/or move the radio antenna around? One potential problem is the weakness of these energy fields. They are weak enough to be drowned out by the many other, more powerful electrical and magnetic fields which are creates by the technology we use every day.

It might however be possible to give the brains a boost. It seems that in times of extremely high emotional intensity, which might be brought on by a sense that one’s life is in danger for instance, more neural synapses than usual fire simultaneously, temporarily spiking the brain’s bio-magnetic and bio-electrical intensity.