The Science Of Telepathy

telepathy ability


Telepathy is the transfer of emotions, feelings and thoughts directly from one individual to another individual only using the power of your mind. We all have some kind of telepathic ability on some level, but some of us have forgotten how to control it through our conscious minds. All of us experience times of this activity through our subconscious. Just think about how it would be to have control of this special ability and actually utilize it to communicate. There has always been many who doubted the existence of mental powers on any level, but consider the following: you wake up in the morning feeling great, and are going about your business during the day, and run into someone you know who is having a difficult day. The more you listen to their tale of woe about their day the worse you mood gets. This is not due to their words for the most part, it is the fact that they have transferred their negative feelings about their day into your subconscious. This is one kind of telepathy. Studies by the scientific world has shown that learning to use the minds subconscious and focusing your feelings and thoughts on a specific individual, it is possible for you to awaken your telepathic abilities, which have been dormant. As with any other form of communication, we are taught as children by our elders.

Our parents teach us speech and body language, so that we mimic the same language and even the same accents.

This is because we all have the same ability to learn to communicate, but we only communicate in the ways in which we were taught.

What if we were never trained by our parents in using this special ability you know the one in which we transfer thoughts with our minds? Will this keep us from being able to do it? No. It just really means we have to learn how.


Telepathy is a capacity which each of us innately have. Nevertheless, this is also an capacityy which is not commonly practiced, so most people can’t consciously use or master it.

From time to time, all of us have moments where our natural telepathy comes into play. Still, what if you could use this incredible transmission capacity consciously? There is still sadly a large amount of doubt around the use of telepathy mind forces of any level. Remember when you have used telepathy; for instance, I bet you’ve been in a great mood when you run into an old friend who is feeling down. Even after talking to him or her for just a minute, you start feeling the same negative, hopeless emotions yourself. Was it something they said? No it wasn’t at least it wasn’t their voice.

It is telepathy which allowed you to feel the same as what your buddy was feeling. Scientific analysis have indicated that by accessing the subconscious center of your mind and discovering to focus your thoughts and feelings toward a specific person, it is possible to re-awaken the dormant telepathic abilities.

Solo Telepathy Test:- The quickest solo telepathy test you can use is to try and predict who’s calling you whenever the telephone rings. If you’re using a cell phone with caller ID, don’t look at the screen.

Take a moment to concentrate and think about who wants to talk to you. Make a decisive guess and then answer the phone. Over the next several phone calls you receive, measure your results.

This can give you an indication of your level of telepathic ability. Many people report knowing who’s on the phone even before they answer, but they do this on an unconscious level. Most people are able to learn to focus this ability on a conscious level over a period of time. A Quick Psychic Test:- Sometimes it’s possible to test your psychic ability with a simple prop, like a coin. It’s important to find a quiet spot to sit before you begin the test.

Be sure you won’t be interrupted or distracted by noisy TVs or sudden sounds. Do some deep breathing exercises in the beginning, for a few minutes, to relax. Clear your mind. Now toss a coin in the air, make a prediction on what side will come up. Try this several times and mark your results. Obviously, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, but any score above 50% could show that you have a definite psychic ability that can be further developed.


A common belief among scientists and animal trainers, is that animals have been doing this for as long as they have been around. They are absolutely convinced that this is an integral part of the way they communicate with each other and that their abilities allow them to do so over large distances. While humans in the West consider this to be a phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another silently and secretly. Most of our normal behaviors are learned behaviors. Some are more instinctual in nature and telepathy is considered one of these behaviors.

It is thought that we can be taught to be telepathic again just as we are taught to read or to write. If we can teach those with learning disabilities to over come them and lean these basic needs, why can we not teach those who are not telepaths naturally to attain this trait? But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses. Telepathy has often been called the 6th sense. You may have also heard it called the third eye. While these are not nearly the same thing, they are both linked to the ability of being telepathic. Have you ever had a gut feeling? We all have so it is nothing out of the ordinary. You hear stories of mothers who felt that their daughter was in danger on the other side of the country or of twins that could sense that something was amiss with their other half.

This gut feeling or instinct is actually a form of telepathy.

You may not want to admit it but there is no real argument here. You are experiencing the exact definition of what telepathy is!