Telepathy Is It Fact or Fiction

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One problem with learning telepathy today definitely has to do with ascendant religions.

Religions today, especially Christianity and Islam, tend to distrust telepathy as being some kind of Satanic tool or proof of demon possession. It may be that as the world population grew, our need for telepathy began to wane as our survival was not dependent upon it and putting this sense on to a higher power made more sense at the time.

But this does beg the question, why would religions come to be so distrustful of telepathy in the first place? By eradicating any trace of this element of human nature, they force the trust onto religious icons instead. Of course this is not true with everyone, or we would not even know that telepathy is a genuine talent. Another problem the modern world has with telepathy is its elusiveness from an orthodox scientific perspective.

Perhaps they have closed their minds to the concept entirely. It is hard to say as scientists do accept intuition which is a form of telepathy. It may be because it has been rendering so far out of normal human existence that they can not open their minds to this event being an actuality. It’s a big dilemma considering scientists have no problem accepting emotions and instincts. Are these individuals being prejudice? It’s possible, but since scientists can feel emotions and instincts themselves, they consider this okay. When it comes to telepathy though, there is a lot left to be explained, so they don’t acknowledge it. There may be some who are just closed minded out of a sense of envy. Perhaps they can not nor will not believe or put their trust in to something that they can not feel, therefore they simply discount it as fallacy. If they could have the power of telepathy, they may be more open to its existence.


Is it possible for humans to use telepathic abilities, communicating with each other using only thought? After all, there are communications technologies which we can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste but are very real ever seen a radio wave? Of course not, but you know that they are real. Our minds are not radio transmitters, however. The cornerstone for continued scientific study into the existence of telepathy is that our thought waves actually produce electrical and magnetic fields caused by our brains. Let us now attempt to put this into simpler terms, although it can be a bit complicated.


Learning to use your natural ability to communicate telepathically takes time and patience; if you expect it to happen in a day, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is something which needs to be brought to the surface – and once you’re able to access this part of your mind, it will take time to learn to control it. Patience and practice are key. Many people have compared it to learning a new language. It seems impossible and ungainly at first. Getting frustrated is easy, and you will probably be tempted to walk away from it. But there are so many amazing things you can experience with it, so you should keep going.

This is another reason why having someone close to you helping you. You can be morale support for each other.

In order to prevent frustration as you learn to communicate with others telepathically is to keep your practice sessions short. If you’ve had some success but you seem to be hitting a wall, call it quits for the day, before you tire yourself out. Don’t go more than 15 minutes or so if it’s not working for you – you can always try again later. With dedication, regular practice with a partner and some guidance from others who have managed to use their own ability to communicate telepathically, you can develop your telepathic capacities. The rewards of being able to communicate with and understand others in an entirely new way are well worth the effort involved in learning to use this natural mental ability.

When a mother who is far away from her child suddenly knows that her child is in danger, her synapses are firing more neurons simultaneously and parapsychologists have been able to document these brief instances of telepathy. This raises the question then that if we detect a spike in bio-electrical and bio-magnetic brainwaves, does that mean that there is a link between that and telepathic communication? The jury of mainstream science is out on telepathy for now, and the general attitude is one of doubtfulness.

However, this is slowly but surely changing, and there are more researchers all the time who become convinced that telepathy is a real ability and that all it takes is the right training for just about anyone to become telepathic.