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Telepathic – Lel’ Jey

In this there is no written or spoken words, only ideas are transmitted or received and it is understood to be instinctual. There is only direct communication between the minds and no use of sensory channels. There are three types of telepathy:- physical, psychological and emotional. In order to study telepathy one must have the ability to determine the most suitable ones according to one’s very own capabilities. Now let us examine some psychological telepathy activities. Card Workout – In telepathy prior to going ahead towards any workout you require to guarantee that your thoughts are in the present, there is no past or future frame of mind.

Keep yourself relaxed and at peace. You need to organize the following things: sheet of paper, a pack of cards, pencil to record the score.

The cards should be shuffled by the sender first then he chooses one. Sender then taps the card as an indicator that a color has been chosen by him and is being transmitted to the receiver.

The receiver now tries to recognize the card color and state what it is aloud. There is yet another more advanced alternative of this workout that can be done. In this more advanced stage the card numbers are made use of instead of the card color which is used to share with the receiver. The queens, jacks, kings, aces must be removed from the card pack. There should be more number cards.

CONCRETE LEVELS A form of mental telepathy that goes beyond the five senses is thought transference of concrete symbols and objects between two minds. Many times this requires a designated sender and receiver, training, practice and super strong concentration. The principle behind this meaning of mental telepathy is – simpler the concept, the easier it is to communicate through thought alone. For example, simple things, like a color or shape as used in the example above, may be easier to convey than something more complex like an animal or a person’s name.

Zener cards often used in mental telepathy test are an example of this principle. Simple, concrete black-and-white symbols (a circle, square, star, plus sign, and three wavy lines), gives even a random guess a 20% chance of being right. On the other hand, a shared, known, limited set of concrete symbols may increase the coordination of the thoughts between sender and receiver. A success rate of 50% or higher (which have happened) can not be explained away by simple statistics, but may indicate a level of mental telepathy, instead.

Sometimes called the “sixth sense,” telepathy may very well be something, just another “sense,” that we all possess. We just have to be able to tap into this skill, access telepathy, how works, and learn what we can use it for. Once we do this, we can develop our own telepathic skills and use them appropriately, too. Even if you haven’t been trained formally in telepathy, how to use it often comes naturally to people when they are in particularly stressful situations. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to hone telepathic skills in a calm state when you actually want to learn about them. Then, test yourself in such a peaceful situation. You can get a partner, such as a relative or friend, to help you with this. For example, gather some photos or small items together, like pens, rubber bands, or pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down together, facing away from each other in the same room, or in different rooms. Make sure distractions are not present.

Focus on telepathy how to, meaning being present in the current moment as you complete the exercises. One person should be the sender and the other the receiver.

The sender should take one object at a time and concentrate on sending a powerful emotion to the receiver. It may be a color, an image, or a word. To accurately test telepathy abilities, agree on what the signal will be before starting the exercises.

Here Is A Solo Telepathy Test:- One quick way to test your telepathy skills is to predict who’s calling when the phone rings. Do not look at your caller ID, if you have one. Before you answer the call take a moment to concentrate and think about who may want to talk to you. Before you answer the phone make a good guess. You can do this for the next several calls you get and write down the results. With this test you can get an idea of the level of your telepathic ability. Many people report knowing who’s on the phone even before they answer, but they do this on an unconscious level.

Most people are able to learn to focus this ability on a conscious level over a period of time.

Here Is A Quick Psychic Test:- Sometimes it’s possible to test your psychic ability with a simple prop, like a coin.

It’s important to find a quiet spot to sit before you begin the test. Be sure you won’t be interrupted or distracted by noisy TVs or sudden sounds. Do some deep breathing exercises in the beginning, for a few minutes, to relax.

Clear your mind. Now toss a coin in the air, make a prediction on what side will come up. Try this several times and mark your results. You have a 50/50 chance of making a correct guess. However, any score over 50% might show a definite psychic ability that can be developed further.