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Telepathic Wanderers

To the people living a century ago, all these things would have been considered impossible. But we know that they do exist. This begs the question: Is it not possible that telepathic people are merely operating in a way that science does not yet understand? But by much telepathy is still viewed as nothing more than magic. Paraphysicists and parapsychologists scientifically study telepathy and telepaths. The neither try to prove telepathy, nor disprove it. They only want to know if it is an authentic phenomenon and if it can be better understood if it is.

Oftentimes the results of the experiments are very intriguing. For something like telepathy to be considered by the science world to be a scientific fact it has to be possible to measure it, the results must be consistent, and the results must be repeatable. However, when it comes to telepathy the results are not always repeatable or consistent. While science then declares telepathy as improvable of unsubstantiated, others point out that perhaps they just haven’t invented the proper tests yet, since we still do not know or understand why some people are telepathic.

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Telepathy refers to a form of direct mind-to-mind communication between two people.

Thoughts and feelings can be exchanged, using only the minds of the communicants. We all have some kind of telepathic ability on some level, but some of us have forgotten how to control it through our conscious minds.

All of us experience times of this activity through our subconscious. Just think about how it would be to have control of this special ability and actually utilize it to communicate. There is no shortage of skeptics when it comes to telepathy, or in fact about any mental ability. However, consider this first how many times have you been on top of the world when you run into someone you know who is feeling miserable; and after talking to this person for only a short time, you begin to take on the same mood? Probably more times than you can count. It is the change of emotions that is transferred onto you, not the words they said to you. Their feelings seeping into your subconscious. This is a type of mental telepathy. Studies have demonstrated that it is possible to access and activate the portion of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability. By focusing your thoughts on a specific person, you are then able to communicate with them telepathically. Just like the use of language, telepathy has to be learned. As children, we learn spoken and body language from our parents. We learn by imitating these methods of communication; similarly, telepathy may be learned. Most likely, telepathy is not something your parents taught you; but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this ability. It only means that you haven’t learned how to make use of it yet.

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Learning to communicate telepathically takes a lot of practice and the ability to focus your mind. When you have someone else to practice your skills with, it’s far easier to develop this skill – it can be hard to gauge your progress if you’re doing it alone.

The best partner is a close friend who is also trying to develop their telepathy. Practicing with someone who is not genuinely interested in learning to use this ability is often counterproductive.

Someone you know well is a good choice since the two of you already know how to communicate with each other, which makes learning to communicate in a new way just a little easier. Start with simple thoughts like colors and shapes, with one of you sending and the other receiving. Make sure to write down what you’re trying to send and what you receive so you can compare notes afterwards. The limits of communicating telepathically have not been found. People who can achieve this can sometimes communicate over very long distances.

There are many people out there who don’t even accept the idea that people may have the ability to speak to one another telepathically. Even though a lot of people don’t believe in telepathy, it’s something which has had a hold over us for centuries now. There are numerous books and films which feature this ability and many have experimented with telepathic communication over the years. However, everyone uses telepathy at one time or another.

You may have thought you knew exactly what someone was about to say only to have them say just that; you’ve probably also picked up the phone and found that the person you were about to call is already calling you.

Sometimes, it’s just a coincidence, but it can’t always be explained so easily. While it may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, communicating telepathically on a regular basis is something that can be achieved. Everyone is born with the ability to communicate using only their minds, but this generally fades as we get older. As long as you’re committed enough to devote time and effort to practicing, you can learn to access your telepathy. While you can practice on your own, many have a much easier time learning when they have an experienced telepath to guide them through the process.