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People who posit that telepathy is a reality are often scoffed at as mystics, with their views being generally ignored. However, they may be telling us something important that we are discounting too easily; telepathic communication may just work under principles which modern science has not yet come to an understanding of. The scientific investigation of Telepathic people falls under the area of paraphysics or parapsychology. The people who investigate it, paraphysicists or parapsychologists, try hard to use experiments and the scientific method to answer questions about telepathy, whether or not they like the answers they find. Some telepath experiments have produced intriguing results. But nothing is accepted as ‘scientific’ unless it’s shown to be measurable, consistent, and repeatable. Unfortunately, telepathy experiment results usually fall short on the consistent or repeatable parts, so that many doubt the truth of telepathy. Then there are researchers who argue that this is merely like Edison’s experiments to create the light bulb-he failed 10,000 times before he finally got it right, but that never meant that electric lights were ‘not real’. They say we just have to design better experiments around this phenomenon.

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Basic Telepathy Test:- Perhaps the simplest form of telepathy test is the card test. This is best conducted with two people and a set of psychic flash cards. Choose a quiet location where you can both concentrate without interruptions and sit facing each other. One person needs to be the sender and the other will be the receiver. The person you’ve chosen to be the sender needs to send an image of the picture on the flash card without allowing the receiver to see the card directly. Practice, quit a bit of it, is required for the sender to concentrate and focus on the image being sent to the receiver.

The individual receiving needs to concentrate on any impressions they are seeing in their mind. No second guessing here. First impressions – just name the first image that comes into your head. Record your responses over the entire pack of flash cards. Your results should take into account an element of luck, as there will be some responses that could be lucky guesses. However, a high incidence of correct answers could indicate a latent psychic ability that could be developed with a little patience.

Also, this particular type of test is not always best to use as a telepathy test. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.

Solo Telepathy Test:- One quick way to test your telepathy skills is to predict who’s calling when the phone rings. Do not look at your caller ID, if you have one. Before you answer the call take a moment to concentrate and think about who may want to talk to you.

Make a decisive guess and then answer the phone. Over the next several phone calls you receive, measure your results. This can give you an indication of your level of telepathic ability. Many people have reported knowing they knew who it was before they answered the phone. This is, however, on a unconscious level. You can learn to take this ability and focus on it, consciously, over time. A Quick Psychic Test:- It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability. A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV’s and the such. Do some deep breathing exercises in the beginning, for a few minutes, to relax. Clear your mind. Now toss a coin in the air, make a prediction on what side will come up. Try this several times and mark your results. You have a 50/50 chance of making a correct guess.

However, any score over 50% might show a definite psychic ability that can be developed further.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with someone telepathically, you first have to learn how to focus on something like this.

Also, having someone to practice with is important. If you don’t have someone to work with, it is difficult to know whether you are making any progress. The best partner is a close friend who is also trying to develop their telepathy. Practicing with someone who is not genuinely interested in learning to use this ability is often counterproductive.

Someone you know well is a good choice since the two of you already know how to communicate with each other, which makes learning to communicate in a new way just a little easier.

Start small at first.

One person should be trying to “send” messages, and the other should be trying to receive them. Both of you should be keeping notes on what message you are trying to get to the other person, and the impressions you are getting. Things such as colors, images, and other simple, clear thoughts are the best things to try to share.

The limits of communicating telepathically have not been found. People who can achieve this can sometimes communicate over very long distances.

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