Really Believe You Can Use Telepathy

how to develop telepathic powers

Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense, making it possible that everyone has telepathy how to powers and can learn how to put these powers to use. Though Telepathy is more likely to occur in an untrained individual when in an intense situation or crisis, learning the process will be easier when in a calm and clear-minded emotional state. It will also be easier to test telepathy when using a partner so ask a friend or relative to assist you. Gather together a small stack of photos and other small items of different colors like pens, paper clips and rubber items.

Sit down facing opposite directions in a quiet room, or sit in different rooms. Now, with telepathy, how to do it, simply be absolutely “present” right now, in what you’re doing. Have one person send messages, and the other receive them. The sender of the information should take one of the objects in a time and concentrate on sending powerful mind pictures to the receiver. Besides the items you’ve collected, you can also simply think of strong emotions, pictures, words, colors, etc.

Agree on a signal before you start doing the telepathic exercises.

Just like so many other psychic based phenomenon, telepathy is a skill many of us possess to some degree we just have no understanding of how to use it! Telepathy refers to the ability to communicate with others through mind power instead of using verbal communication. During the telepathy how to process transference of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, sensations, and even mental imagery occurs. Telepathy: How Is It Done? Many of us display small signs of telepathic ability without even realizing it. Horse whispers, have a heightened telepathic relationship with animals that allow them to know what they are thinking. People can be telepathic with each other, too.

Twins are one example of what can be one very strong telepathic bond. Perhaps you have seen twins “converse” with each other without ever actually speaking.

No one really knows just how they can do this, but anyone can do this with anyone they have a very strong connection to. For example, life partners or spouses can sense when their partner is in pain, in danger, suffering, etc. This is telepathy, how do scientists explain it?


The basic definition of telepathy is feeling another’s reactions or thoughts without using what is categorical called the five senses.

Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense.

This allows us to sense things without being face to face with someone. Because of the nature of telepathy, it is viewed as communication that is not on our plane. So when did humanity start to lose their telepathic powers and stop believing in them? Why we as a people have become out of touch with our ability of telepathy is an unknown mystery but perhaps it can be traced back the biblical story of the Tower of Babylon. Perhaps the reason that there was so much confusion in language was because some of those languages were actually telepathy and it created chaos.

One will never know but the lesson learned is that just because you cannot do it, does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Here are some ways to develop the telepathic abilities which all of us are born with. ‘Mental-Muscle’ training Just as children need to learn how to have a strong voice, and have to learn certain movements the mouth makes to form words, you will have to make your telepathic muscles stronger, and learn how to control them. It is easiest to access the part of your brain which controls telepathic function when you are in a trance state. You can reach this state of deep relaxation by using relaxation techniques including meditation. Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state easily.

When you can reach this point, you’ve begun to train your mind to be controlled at will.

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There are many people out there who don’t even accept the idea that people may have the ability to speak to one another telepathically. Even though a lot of people don’t believe in telepathy, it’s something which has had a hold over us for centuries now. There are numerous books and films which feature this ability and many have experimented with telepathic communication over the years. As it happens, all of us communicate using telepathy sometimes. For example, you’ve probably picked up the phone intending to call a friend when they call you before you can even finish dialing their number. You may have also had the experience of knowing exactly what someone was thinking, only to have them confirm it when they speak. In some cases, this is just a coincidence, but these are such common occurrences that many suspect that there is more to these phenomena. As far-fetched as it may sound at first, it is possible to communicate telepathically at will.

All of us have this ability naturally, though it usually atrophies through disuse as we age. However, it is entirely possible to relearn to use your telepathic abilities if you’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort. You can learn to do this on your own, though most people find it easier to do with an experienced guide.