Proof Of Telepathy Learn How!

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Intermediate Telepathy Test:- When you notice that you are improving in results with the basic telepathy test it’s time for you to increase your range a bit more. Conducting the basic telepathy card test would be the easiest way to do this. Instead of sitting across from each other – use separate rooms and a monitor, listen/hearing devise to verify received images. Practice and some patients are needed again for this step. It’s more difficult at times to send images telepathically over distances and somewhat harder to pick up images with the possibility of distractions which interfere with your test results. Many tests for telepathy are available for you to use. You can use them to check for psychic ability and also to practice your skills and to strengthen them. Choose a telepathy test that will fit in with your schedule and that also feels comfortable to you.

As with any other form of communication, we are taught as children by our elders.

They teach us speech and body language, so that we mimic the same language and even the same accents.

This is because , we all have the same ability to learn to communicate, but we only communicate in the ways in which we were taught. What if they did not teach us to use the ‘other’ skill the one where we are able to transmit thoughts with our mind power – telepathic transmission? Does that mean we can’t do it? No. It simply means we were never taught how. The area in your brain that controls telepathy works better on the subconscious level, or alternatively in the trance-like hypnotic state. This trance state is a level of relaxation all humans can reach without much trouble. You have to exercise until it is accessible for you to get to this state.

Once you have succeeded in doing this, you have started exercising your mind to use telepathic communication.


Receiver – The receiver should sit back and stay collected. He should have an open mind and willingness to receive and assimilate images.

These impressions should be jotted down. We all see have things flowing through or mind when we relax and are receptive to it. A receiver should write anything down that he or she sees, even if it is believed to be a random thought. Results.

After completing the telepathic training compare notes of the recorded images that were received.

Of course, your first attempts may not produce a correct answer every time; however you will find several matches. You will find that even those with untrained minds do have the ability to send and or receive. With practice this will improve.

So science has not succeeded in proving that telepathy does not exist, but how is it possible for people to communicate only with their brains and not involving any of the five known senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch? They would have to be using a means that our senses cannot detect. Artificially speaking, we already communicate in a way that our senses cannot detect, by using radio waves.

Although we cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch them, we know that they exist.

Or is it? ‘Thought waves’, defined as an electrical and magnetic fiend generated by the brain, has been proven to exist. This is the keystone that scientific Telepathic studies rest on. We’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms, but it may get a little complicated, so just bear with us.