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Receiver – As with the sender, the receiver needs to relax and be as receptive as possible. He or she should also keep their mind open and record anything they perceive. He or she also needs to have good focus and a desire to see messages. All humans will experience flashes and images in their mind’s-eye when their thoughts are still. Your receiver will at first believe he’s making things up, but it’s important to still record any impressions. Results. After completing the telepathic training compare notes of the recorded images that were received. Of course, your first attempts may not produce a correct answer every time; however you will find several matches. You will find that even those with untrained minds do have the ability to send and or receive. The results you achieve can be improved with time and practice.

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Those who talk about telepathy are typically regarded as mystics and their ideas are discounted by the majority of the population. However, is it really too farfetched to consider the idea of telepathy? This ability may just work in ways which we do not yet understand. Investigation, by scientists, of people who are telepathic, is called parapsychology or paraphysics. Even those who investigate this use scientific methods and experiments to get answers to questions on telepathy regardless of what the answer may be or whether it’s the answer they are looking for. Individuals who are Telepathic and subjects of experiments have produced less than desired results and totally tantalizing. However, to be proven scientifically, the results of tests must be consistent, repeatable and measurable. And scientific investigation falls shore when it comes to telepathy. Results can’t always be duplicated because they are inconsistent. This, so some say, proves individuals aren’t Telepathic and still to other’s it proves we have a lot to learn to understand and need more developed procedures for testing for telepathy.

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During the daily events of our lives we often communicate with others on a subconscious level. Do you know that you can train your mind to consciously communicate as well? Human telepathy is a natural inherent ability within most human beings that is usually never harnessed or guided into being one of the senses we use consciously in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean we don’t use it.

It simply means the majority of people don’t know how to focus their minds in such a way to make communication possible. It has been scientifically proven that there is a frequency of thought. It is possible to train your mind to control this frequency of your thought and not just that you can also direct your thoughts at the direction you want to. This is the main principle of telecommunication.

When a mother who is far away from her child suddenly knows that her child is in danger, her synapses are firing more neurons simultaneously and parapsychologists have been able to document these brief instances of telepathy.

This raises the question then that if we detect a spike in bio-electrical and bio-magnetic brainwaves, does that mean that there is a link between that and telepathic communication? At this moment, parapsychologists and paraphysicists have not yet learned enough about telepathic communication to positively verify that telepathy is a real phenomenon, at least as far as the mainstream scientific community is concerned.

However, the evidence is mounting up and research is continuing, with many already convinced that with the right training, anyone can develop and use their natural telepathic communication abilities.