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Message Transmitting.

Focus on setting up a communication thought tube between the participants, while having your eyes closed. Picture it very clearing in your mind as you connect the sender and the receiver. Now, place the object you want to send to him in this tube and send it on to him directly. The image should be crystal clear in your mind. Follow your image through the tube right to the receiver. The art of visualizing and focusing is the best way to get your message out to the one you need to reach. End Transmission. When you feel that you image has been received, end the transmission and then permit your mind to become as a clean slate. It is vital to end the transmission because it will provide the receiver time to recognize that there was an image that appeared and time to realize exactly what the image was.

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Color Activity– When you are doing telepathy exercises you should guarantee that your mind does not roam and remains in the present, not the future or the past. You now require to get someone to help you with this. You require some different colored pencils between you. Both of you have to select that is the sender and that will certainly become the receiver. Following one individual makes the variety of the color in his mind and starts to share it with the additional individual mentally. The sender then either agrees or disagrees and the exact same activity is duplicated once again. This workout needs to be repeated until the receiver is able to get the right color. These are fundamental telepathy workouts, after the success of which you can easily move to the next level of exceling in the art.

All this is a reference to psychology.

This is rather complex and will certainly take some time to master it. You have to keep practicing these workouts till you obtain success but progressively you will certainly become successful.


Receiver – As with the sender, the receiver needs to relax and be as receptive as possible. He or she should also keep their mind open and record anything they perceive. He or she also needs to have good focus and a desire to see messages. Most people experiences images and impressions in their imagination when the mind is calm. The receiver may at first think he is inventing these images, but he should still record any images and impressions he may receive. Results – After a marathon session, compare notes of what you wanted to send across and what was received. All won’t be correct on the first attempt, but some ideas will definitely get through. For best results, practice often.

A lot of people don’t believe that it’s possible to communicate telepathically. Despite the widespread skepticism about telepathy, the idea of being able to communicate mind-to-mind as well as the concept of mind control are things which have long had a grip over the human imagination. For centuries, people have experimented with telepathy and written about the topic extensively. Using telepathy or telepathic communication is something that we do on occasion. Have you ever been picking up the phone to call someone just to say hi, and right then they called? You just knew they were thinking about you. Have you ever just known what someone was going to say? Some of these incidences are coincidence, but nearly everybody has had an experience where they knew something they shouldn’t have. It was as if they had read somebody’s mind. No matter how outlandish you may think the idea of communicating telepathically is, it is something you can do. As a matter of fact, everyone can do this; we’re born with this ability naturally, but it tends to wither away when it isn’t used. However, it is entirely possible to relearn to use your telepathic abilities if you’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort. You can learn to do this on your own, though most people find it easier to do with an experienced guide.