Is Telepathy Really Natural?

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Focus Maintaining your focus while in a trance state does not come naturally, so you will need to spend some time practicing this. What you need to do is to focus on the person who you want to establish a telepathic connection to, even as you approach a state of deep relaxation. Think of this person, in your mind and send (mentally) happy thoughts. Picture this person receiving your mental message of happy feelings and thoughts.

Keep your focus on this individual till you think the person feels the connection. Then, stop focusing and break the telepathic link.

They will feel this line of communication being severed and try to reestablish contact between your minds. The purpose of being able to concentrate while you are alone is so that at the time you start practicing with a partner, you will have your mind ready to be a receptor for other’s thoughts and feelings with less trouble. Practice with a Partner! – Have a buddy help you, and one of you be the one that sends the thoughts or feelings, and then the other one of you need to be the one who receives them. You need to project things that are familiar and easy to send. They could be things that are brightly colored or something simple to recognize.

The receiver should be prepared with pad and pen to record any and all impressions and thoughts that come to mind. After the exercise, the sender and receiver should compare notes and evaluate their success. It will take practice to get this ability sharp, so don’t get discouraged. With time, you’ll find your telepathic abilities becoming stronger.

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ABSTRACT COMMUNICATION: Mental telepathy at this level goes beyond simple colors and shapes to more abstract concepts like ideas, actions, or values. It is rare and difficult for telepaths to achieve this level, and experiments have shown that they have a lower success rate.

Scientists have a hard time figuring out how animals appear to communicate using abstract concepts, and mental telepathy should not be ruled out, even though some of the concepts may just be basic impulses and instincts. Animals lack prefrontal lobes where abstract ideas originate so they are only capable of communicating them on a level lower than expert human telepaths. There is a theory that humans were once capable of telepathy, but had no need to utilize it after they developed language to communicate. If this is true, then with the right stimulation humans should be able to stir up this dormant ability to communicate, if they choose to.

Other scientists believe however that telepathy and other esp and psychic powers are in fact the ‘future’ for mankind. And if enough people can develop these powers, theoretically all humans in the future could become telepathic.

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Telepathy is thought to many things including instinct and intuition. In reality, it the communication without using speech, writing or hand signs.

It is, at its base, mental communication.

It is widely thought that telepathy is communication through another paralleled thought plane.

Why did society lose their abilities of telepathy for the most part? It is hard to say how we lost our original telepathic ability. It may be that with the advancement of men and technology, we lost our need to be more telepathic. The following methods are useful to help develop telepathy. ‘Mental-Muscle’ training Young children learn to develop their vocal abilities and to control the mouth movements and learn to form words, in much the same way, you need to control and strengthen your telepathic abilities.

Your subconscious mind has the strongest points for telepathic communication to take place, or being put into a hypnotic trance. This kind of trance can be reached quite easily by most of us. Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state easily. When you can reach this point, you’ve begun to train your mind to be controlled at will.

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The answer is not an easy one but belief and practice are the most likely culprits.

As society progressed, our beliefs changed and a big part of that was religion. The faith’s that people practice today all but discount telepathy and actually make this ability out to be a type of demonic possession. Religion has such influence over our culture and they have used that influence to dismiss telepathy as actually existing. Followers have been taught to that only the Messiah or the Savior can possess special abilities and that they need place their faith in that instead of believing in themselves. So exactly why are religions so against the concept of telepathic powers? There are a few religions that do follow the ancient paths and within these religions, telepathy is not feared. In fact in some of the older religions, it is embraced and has become a tool for those religions. There are no set leaders to tell the congregation that telepathy is a tool of the devil, instead they congregation themselves choose what they will practice. Telepathy is not thought of as a genuine article by most in the scientific community. Because we do not use our other five senses to access telepathy, the theory is that it can not be a true sense as we know it. The fact there is a plethora of data to prove that telepathy does exist does not matter to those who choose to close their eyes to the facts.

Yet, emotions and instincts are known and accepted to exist by scientists. So it would seem that what we have here is simple prejudice: scientists can feel emotions themselves so they have to accept them. Instincts can also be felt by humans, and instincts are needed to explain much animal behavior, so they feel compelled to accept them, too. Yet these things are as elusive as telepathy. We could run through all kinds of questions, but you would only come back with more. Many times when something cannot be explained in a complex term, then these individuals can’t accept it as their own. Seriously, would you want everyone else to have something you couldn’t? Of course not, which is why they explain its instincts and not telepathy.