Is Telepathy Real?

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Telepathy is a method of communication in which two people exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions directly between their minds. This is a mental capacity which anyone can use with enough practice. All of us have latent telepathic abilities. This is something which most of us cannot use consciously, however; like any other skill, telepathy must be practiced.

There are times when we use telepathy without even realizing it; but what of you could develop telepathy to the point where you could use it at will? There is still a large amount of skepticism surrounding the use of mind powers of any degree but consider this: how many times have you been in a great mood only to meet a person who is gloomy and depressed.

Within just a few minutes of talking with the miserable person, your own mood starts to reflect the same thing.

It’s not what they were saying to you; not with their mouths, anyway. What has happened here is that you were telepathically receiving their emotions and feelings. Studies have demonstrated that it is possible to access and activate the portion of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability.

By focusing your thoughts on a specific person, you are then able to communicate with them telepathically. Like any form of communication we have been taught by our parents and teachers We learn body language and speech and we copy that language in the same way we have been taught. We all have the ability to communicate and learn the same way, the way we are all taught. What if we were never trained by our parents in using this special ability you know the one in which we transfer thoughts with our minds? Will this keep us from being able to do it? No.

It just really means we have to learn how.

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Telepathy is sometimes called a “sixth sense,” which again probably means that it’s something most of us possess. We just have to be able to utilize this skill, learn about telepathy, how it works, and what we can use it for. Once we do this, we can take our own telepathic skills and put them to good use as well. Oftentimes, people under stressful situations can actually tap into their telepathy even though they’ve never been formally trained in doing so.

Regardless, though, it’s a good idea to actually practice telepathy, how to do it, when you’re calm.

Test yourself during these peaceful situations, by getting a partner, like a relative or friend, to help you do this. One of the ways you can do this is to gather some small items are photos together, like rubber bands, pens, pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down facing away from each other in the same room, or use different rooms. Distractions should be nonexistent. Focus on telepathy how to, meaning being present in the current moment as you complete the exercises. One person should be the sender and the other the receiver. The sender should take one object at a time and concentrate on sending a powerful emotion to the receiver. It may be a color, an image, or a word. To accurately test telepathy abilities, agree on what the signal will be before starting the exercises.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with someone telepathically, you first have to learn how to focus on something like this. Also, having someone to practice with is important. If you don’t have someone to work with, it is difficult to know whether you are making any progress. Choose someone that you know well and who is interested in learning about telepathy as well. Someone who isn’t interested and doesn’t believe in it will only be a hindrance to you. If you are already “in tune” with the person, this will make it easier. If you already feel like you can communicate with them without words, you will have a jump-start. Think of it as the door to their mind is already open to you a little bit and this makes it easier to open it wider. Start with simple thoughts like colors and shapes, with one of you sending and the other receiving. Make sure to write down what you’re trying to send and what you receive so you can compare notes afterwards. It is not known what, if any distance limitations may affect the ability to communicate telepathically. Those who have developed their abilities can often communicate even when thousands of miles apart.

‘Mental telepathy’ can be a broad term that encompasses numerous things. It typically means reading the thoughts between people without using normal senses. The difference is a huge between having an intuitive gut feeling and knowing information that could only be gathered by reading somebody’s mind. Very basic skills can be construed as mental telepathy but so can very complex. Different levels of mental telepathy can be summarized in this article. Kinesics, or non-verbal communication, occurs whenever two people communicate without speaking, using their eyes, body language, and facial expressions instead. This can range from simple messages like ‘go away’ to entire conversations. Any parent who has tried to communicate something to their spouse that they don’t want their children to hear has experienced this. Non-verbal communication is achieved easiest and most accurately between people who know each other wellsiblings, parents and children, husbands and wives, and close friends. Some can argue (with good reason) that this doesn’t count as mental telepathy, as the two people are using their senses to communicate (just not with sounds). Technically, this is correct.

This doesn’t mean, however, that mental telepathy does not play a role. The fact that non-verbal communication occurs most successfully between people who are related (like family), or who have lived together for extended periods of time (like spouses) implies that their minds might be more attuned to each other than to strangers. On the other hand, one could argue that this merely means the two people know each other well enough to understand each others more subtle body language, or have created agreed-upon nonverbal signals to communicate.