Is Telepathy An Easy Thing To Learn?

telepathic power

The answer is not an easy one but belief and practice are the most likely culprits. As society progressed, our beliefs changed and a big part of that was religion. The faith’s that people practice today all but discount telepathy and actually make this ability out to be a type of demonic possession. Faith no longer belongs to the human being but to outside forces or gods. Instead of putting faith in ourselves, we cherish and worship gods to match our personal beliefs. But this does beg the question, why would religions come to be so distrustful of telepathy in the first place? In our own opinion it has to do with the power struggle between religious leaders.

Why would they want someone else challenging them if they knew about telepathy? Granted not every leader is like this, but the majority has been throughout history. While this is a major problem, there are many other issues as well. One of the biggest has to do with the assurance that comes from science. A lot of testing has been done on known telepaths but still the scientific community as a whole has discounted these revelations.

They assume there is some type of hoax involved as some of these tests have not been in controlled situations. Oddly enough, the very people that show the resistance to telepathy as actually existing are the same people who believe in emotions and instincts! How is that possible? Is that not a form of prejudice in and of itself? The answer of course is yes. You see, the scientists that state telepathy is not real experience emotions themselves, therefore they believe.

They also experience instincts, be they right or wrong, so they also believe in those.

It is their inability to use their own telepathic skills that result in this prejudice. Perhaps it is just a form of jealousy on their part. They do not have the ability to be telepathic so they automatically discount it.

They can laugh, they can cry so they believe in that but they, unlike some do not have the ability to communicate silently so they say it does not exist.

Transmitting your message – Close your eyes and create a thought-tube which will connect your mind with the receiver’s.

Now focus on the image of the object you want to project. Make this object as simple as possible, and then send it directly to the receiver through the thought-tube. Follow the detail of the object till the last moment. Visualization is a handy tool that helps in letting your mind get the message across.

End Transmission. End your transmission and then allow you mind to become blank when you feel that your object of thought has been received.

Ending the transmission is essential since it offers time for the receiver to realize that there was an appearance of the image. It also allows time of the receiver to realize what the image was.

Most individuals already know that as humans we only use about ten percent of our brains. However, it is a mystery to many individuals the function of the remaining other ninety percent. What many people don’t know is that we all have an innate capacity for communicating with each other with no need to speak out loud or make any physical movements at all. Human beings are imitators. They learn by observation of their elders around them. This is how we learn to speak, think and behave in a given situation.

But adults do not use the power of their minds to communicate with kids.

That ability is not honed through a person’s life. The ability, as a result, fades and comes up to the surface on times like when the phone rings and you just uncannily know who’s calling you.

Is this an early symptom of clairvoyance or did you just receive a telepathic call from the person who called up at your phone?

Communicating telepathically is one of those strange things that most people deny exists, but yet the idea still holds us captivated. Mind control and communicating without speaking are things that have been talked about, experimented with, and speculated about both in fiction and non-fiction for hundreds of years. However, everyone uses telepathy at one time or another. You may have thought you knew exactly what someone was about to say only to have them say just that; you’ve probably also picked up the phone and found that the person you were about to call is already calling you. Sometimes, it’s just a coincidence, but it can’t always be explained so easily. While it may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, communicating telepathically on a regular basis is something that can be achieved. Everyone is born with the ability to communicate using only their minds, but this generally fades as we get older. In order to regain that ability you have to put a lot of time and focus into it. You will also probably need a guide, although this can be self-taught.