Is Telepathy An Easy Thing To Learn?

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Telepathy is the transfer of emotions, feelings and thoughts directly from one individual to another individual only using the power of your mind. All of us have latent telepathic abilities. This is something which most of us cannot use consciously, however; like any other skill, telepathy must be practiced. There are times when we use telepathy without even realizing it; but what of you could develop telepathy to the point where you could use it at will? There has always been many who doubted the existence of mental powers on any level, but consider the following: you wake up in the morning feeling great, and are going about your business during the day, and run into someone you know who is having a difficult day. The more you listen to their tale of woe about their day the worse you mood gets. Was it their words which got you down so quickly? It wasn’t; it’s actually your natural telepathy which picked up on their emotions.

Studies have shown that it is possible to activate and focus your telepathy by awakening the part of your subconscious which controls the ability. You can start by focusing on the person you want to ‘speak’ to with your mind. Most forms of communication are taught to us, when we are small, by our older relatives. Our parents coach us in how we speak and even certain expressions body wise, in the hopes that we will pick it all up and learn to communicate with them. We all have the unique ability to communicate with each other, yes it is a learned skill though and we can only do it in the methods that we are trained in. And what if we weren’t taught this special mental way of communicating with just the use of our minds? Will this cause us never to be able to do it then? No. You just have to figure out how to do it.

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And in fact, parapsychologists have documented short instances of telepathic communication in these moments.

One of the most well-known examples is when a mother knows that her child is hurt or in jeopardy even though she is miles away and there has been no direct communication made between them. So, is this an example of brainwave boosting? Do blood-ties matter? Is it all just coincidence (mothers always worry about their children anyway, for instance)? Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidence at the moment to prove that telepathy is a fact beyond doubt, as far as mainstream science is concerned.

However this is gradually changing as more and more studies are showing that telepathic communication really does exist and with the right training, all humans can learn to become telepathic.

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Focus! Maintaining your focus while in a trance state does not come naturally, so you will need to spend some time practicing this. What you need to do is to focus on the person who you want to establish a telepathic connection to, even as you approach a state of deep relaxation. Think of this person, in your mind and send (mentally) happy thoughts. Picture this person receiving your mental message of happy feelings and thoughts. Keep your focus on this individual till you think the person feels the connection.

Then stop focusing on them at all. Stop the contact so that they can feel the communication being broken off; this should make them attempt to reestablish this link. There is a point to learning focusing while on your own.

So that when you start training with another person, your mind will be ready and receptive to receive thoughts, images and impressions more easily. Partner Practice – One of you should be the sender, the other the receiver.

Start by sending simple thoughts, such as bright colors which will be readily recognized. Prepared with pad and a pen or pencil, the receiver will be ready to record all thoughts and impressions that comes to their mind.

Afterwards, sender and receiver compare notes to assess how successful the exercise has been. Don’t get discouraged; telepathy is an ability which takes practice, but you will improve over time.

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You could focus on getting a family member to call you or planting the idea in the head of your spouse to bring home dessert. Don’t be surprised when the receiver suddenly calls home or alters their daily schedule because of your telepathic message. Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on. Don’t stop with people you know however. People with advanced telepathic abilities can even send signals to complete strangers. You can start to increase your telepathic communication by focusing on casual acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors and others who you come into regular contact with. Pay attention to when these individuals are experiencing intense emotions and you may be able to sense thoughts or words from their mind.