Hypnosis And Telepathy

spiritual telepathy


Transmit the Message. With your eyes closed, try to establish communication through a thought-tube between the two of you. Clearly picture in your imagination how this thought-tube connects sender and receiver.

Now, place the object you want to send to him in this tube and send it on to him directly. The image should be crystal clear in your mind. Follow your image through the tube right to the receiver.

Visualization is a very powerful tool for teaching your mind to focus on sending your message. End Transmission. End your transmission and then allow you mind to become blank when you feel that your object of thought has been received. Ending the transmission is essential since it offers time for the receiver to realize that there was an appearance of the image. It also allows time of the receiver to realize what the image was.


EMPATHY: Using empathy to perceive the emotions of others can be considered a level of mental telepathy. Being able to understand how they must be feeling is something that some people are better at than others and can be learned if the person has the right type of personality. It is not uncommon for an empathetic friend to cry when another friend is telling a sad story, or cry during a sad movie where somebody dies at the end.

Sympathetic pain or truly feeling the pain of the other person is often experienced by many.

This can be particularly prevalent in mothers who even develop a fever when their children are sick. There are times when close friends or relatives actually feel the pain whether it’s emotional or physical or even mental of the other person. Then there is something known as long distance empathy which all of us have known and experienced at one time or the other. This happens when some one real close to us has problem or gets hurt or even is in danger and is somewhere else and we feel their pain and emotion. Overactive imagination has been blamed by some psychologists and they feel other senses are being used, so it doesn’t count as mental telepathy. How would you explain the phenomena of long-distance empathy, when you are not in proximity to the person? This might explain the feelings experienced if you have sympathetic pain after seeing your child break his arm, however.


This is a great way to become focused on developing and using telepathy to communicate. You can use two people to practice and enhance your abilities.

When you are working with someone else you can practice this method of telepathic communicating. Sender and Receiver – Decide which of you will be the message sender and which will be the receiver. For the purpose of this example, we’ll assume you are the sender.

Have pen and paper on hand for the receiver to write down the impressions that they receive. Although the receiver may consider that they are dreaming things up to begin with when the sender is focusing on any simple object, be adamant about writing down all the impressions for later comparison.

Visualization. The sender should think ahead about some easy, simple objects that will be easy for receiver to pick up. Think of things that are common to most people, like a juicy orange, a red apple, or the golden sun. The simplicity of these images makes them easier to project while continuing to maintain your focus.

Our thoughts are in fact what science calls neurons. These neurons move around our brain between different synapses. We know for a fact that as these neurons pass between the synapses they produce a tiny electrical current which in turn produces a tiny magnetic field. Despite their small size they can be measured and, at any given time, there are thousands and thousands of synapses firing neurons in our brains. When you have electromagnetic fields, you have the possibility of communications-as our modern technology clearly proves. But, this brings us to another question: in these ‘thought waves’, is there truly content being carried, or is it all just ‘white noise’? If there is content, can we be trained to control sending and receiving it? Is meditation so effective for so many because it’s a method of tuning in the thought waves better, cutting out the noise and static, just as we do when we tune in a radio station and/or move the radio antenna around? Another problem is the weakness of the electrical or magnetic field. It can easily be drowned out by the electrical and magnetic fields of everyday technologystereos, televisions, computers, even microwaves and refrigerators all send out much larger electrical and magnetic fields. With the magnetic or electrical fields there are problems and these fields can easily be drowned out by the technology of everyday items like televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, stereos produce much bigger electrical and magnetic fields.

Can there possibly be a way to the magnetic and electrical fields of the human brain? For example during an emotionally heightened state, such as shock, fear, pain, or the feeling of danger. A temporary spike in bio-magnetic and bio-electrical is created by the neural synapses firing in the brain.