How To Utilize Telepathy To Communicate

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Here are some ways to help improve your telepathic abilities. Enter a Trance. When you are in a calm and relaxed state, your mind becomes open and receptive. Most people are able to enter a highly receptive trance-state similar to hypnosis. If you’re working on your telepathic ability alone then spend some time learning how to bring yourself into a trance state.

Focus Your Thoughts. After you are calm, quiet, and relaxed, turn your thoughts toward someone whom you’d like to have contact you. Direct your energies toward that person. Imagine the person’s mind opening to receive your message. Project positive energy and happy thoughts, and let your thoughts send the message to the person to get in touch with you. Don’t try to command; this approach does work.

Just make sure you project positive impressions. Believe. Telepathic communication works best when you believe that the other person will receive your message. Stay open to the possibilities and keep a positive attitude as you learn to broaden your telepathic focus. Stop the exercise – Snap yourself out of your dreamy state and go about your daily routine. This is an important part of the whole process. Once you end the projection of positive thoughts and feelings, the person you just tried to contact will more than like experience the lack of your thoughts and be urged to reestablish contact with you.

When this individual calls you shortly, do not be surprised.

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Telepathy, like many other skills based upon techniques that are psychically oriented, is something most of us can do, but simply don’t know how telepathy can best be used. What is it? Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others by using the powers of your mind instead of with ordinary methods of communication. When it comes to telepathy, how communication is done is by directly transferring your feelings, sensations, thoughts, ideas, emotions, and even mental pictures to others — all without speaking or doing other normal forms of communication. Telepathy: How can you recognize it? It’s thought that many people (perhaps even most people) actually have the ability to be telepathic, but may not realize it. For example, “horse whisperers,” and other people who have very strong abilities to communicate with animals, actually communicate telepathically, and know what the animals are thinking. Twins can often finish each other sentences and carry on entire conversations using only the power of their minds. Even regular siblings can often just look at each other and know what the other is thinking about or feeling. When married couples and lovers are in heightened states, they can sense if the other is in danger, under attack, or has even died. This is telepathy, how can it be explained however?

The person operating in the role of the sender concentrates on sending telepathic messages to the receiver, with the receiver likewise concentrating on receiving whatever information is being sent by the sender.

If the receiver is relaxed, he or she will be more open to receiving whatever the sender is sending, like emotions, images, and so on. When the receiver receives a message from the sender, he or she should write down what was received, or a sender can also choose to say that he or she has finished concentrating on a particular item so that the receiver knows that particular telepathic message is complete.

In the receiver can simply verbalize the image, etc., received your telepathic means. This telepathy how to method works best when you have agreed beforehand on a specific signal. For example if you have agreed to only focus on colors, the receiver can simply say “blue” and the sender can respond “yes” or “no” before moving on to the next object. With telepathy, how to do it, it’s a good idea to start with just 10 minutes before you move on to more complex and longer sessions. Each person partnering for the session can spend part of the time being the sender, and part of the time being the receiver. As you become better at this, you can also move onto more complicated images like playing cards, and then send images, the suit of the card, or the number being displayed in your mind for the receiver to note. Keep a record of the sessions you do so that you can keep track and see where you’ve made progress with the development of natural telepathic abilities. You can also learn telepathy, how to do it, without a partner. For example, as a beginner, you might simply put out a signal to those you will close connection with, and who will much more likely receive the messages you send. Hold an image of this person in your mind, focus on sending him or her a message and then request that they do something, take action, and so on.

This method is a method that is believed to have existed from the beginning of time in animals.

As scientists believe we are direct descendants of animals, why would we not have this same ability to communicate silently? There are also those in the scientific community that believe primitive tribes used powers of telepathy and still have the ability to communicate in this fashion today. Even if you have never considered it before, the truth of the matter is that telepathy is just a different language that can be taught and learned. We already acknowledge those who can’t speak correctly or read as well as others, so we should also help those who have problems developing their telepathic powers. It may just be that it has been bred out of us or that we lost the need for it due to other forms of communication. Others feel that telepathy is just a form of our sixth sense. That what we are experiencing is not a true telepathic trait but a more common feeling that manifests itself through this sense. In the animal kingdom, it is more commonly known as instinct. Have you ever had a gut feeling come over you? Did it end up happening? Telepathy works in many different forms, and often times we miss it for a simple rush or just negative thinking. The problem is when it happens you find yourself wondering why you didn’t pay attention to your thoughts. Then again, there are positive times like a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time calls you within the same week you thought about them. It’s crazy to think about, but things like this happen all the time, yet we overlook them as mere coincidences, even though a mother/child power is accepted.

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