How To Utilize Telepathy For Novices

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We all know that we human use only about 10% of their brain while the rest remains unknown to them.

But not nearly as well known is the truth that we can communicate with other people without speaking a word or even moving ourselves physically. This ability remains unused by us since we don’t cultivate it.

As we grow up we are encouraged only to talk, and not to explore this innate ability of the mind. The ability, as a result, fades and comes up to the surface on times like when the phone rings and you just uncannily know who’s calling you. Is this a psychic ability or are we communicating with others through telepathy.

Did you receive a message from someone needing to contact you?

scientific evidence of telepathy

There is scientifically conducted research which has documented possibilities here. Perhaps that is why people see departed loved ones during near-death experiences: they are emotionally intensified and, as a result, tune in telepathic thoughts-maybe even some old thoughts that somehow still linger around them from loved ones but could never be tuned in before! So, does this prove brainwave boosting capacity? Would genetic ties matter? Or, is this all just reading into coincidences? As you have no doubt become aware as you have read this, no scientific research has provided evidence that telepathy is an absolute fact. But that is the science of today and it is beginning to change. With an increase in studies we are seeing that telepathy does actually exist. And anyone can learn how to be telepathic if they receive the proper training.

TELEPATHY PSYCHIC TESTS – How to be Telepathic

We often unconsciously telecommunicate with other people. But did you know that you can train your mind to telecommunicate consciously with other people? Human telepathy is an innate, natural ability that most humans have and most often remains dormant and untapped, never making its way to becoming a tool that we deliberately use in our every day lives. This does not mean that we never utilize this ability, though we may not use it consciously. In reality, this means that most people have no idea how to focus the mind to purposely communicate in this way. Studies show that there is a frequency to our thought patterns much like radio waves and they are measurable. When you learn to control your thought frequencies and then direct them where you want you will begin learning how to communicate using mind power.

You could also focus on having a good friend or family member call you, or on getting your life partner, for example, to bring home something you need. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you as time goes on that the person who received your message will suddenly call home or bring home the item you are thinking about — all because of telepathy.

Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on. As you continue to master telepathy, move on to practicing telepathic skills on people you don’t know. For example, you can begin to increase telepathic abilities by focusing on people you are only casually acquainted with, neighbors, coworkers, and others you come in regular contact with but are not close to.

Pay attention if you notice that someone is experiencing an intense emotion, and you may be able to sense actual words or thoughts coming from their minds.