How To Use Telepathy In Your Daily Life

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Telepathy refers to a form of direct mind-to-mind communication between two people. Thoughts and feelings can be exchanged, using only the minds of the communicants. All individuals, to some degree, are capable of telepathic powers and the loss of control of this same power is on a conscious level. Even now we all experience a moment of telepathic powers subconsciously, occasionally. Think what it would be like to control such an ability and to communicate with it. The use of ones powers, of the mind, are largely looked at with skepticism from the population at large. How many times have you encountered a depressed and gloomy person when you were having a great day? And within a very short period of time had your own feelings changed and become like that persons. It is the change of emotions that is transferred onto you, not the words they said to you. Their feelings seeping into your subconscious. This is a type of mental telepathy. Studies by the scientific world has shown that learning to use the minds subconscious and focusing your feelings and thoughts on a specific individual, it is possible for you to awaken your telepathic abilities, which have been dormant.

Most forms of communication are taught to us, when we are small, by our older relatives. Our parents coach us in how we speak and even certain expressions body wise, in the hopes that we will pick it all up and learn to communicate with them. We all have the unique ability to communicate with each other, yes it is a learned skill though and we can only do it in the methods that we are trained in. What if our parents never taught us to use that ‘other’ ability the one where we can communicate with our minds? Does that mean we can’t do it? No.

It simply means we were never taught how.

Here is an Intermediate Telepathy Test:- Once it becomes noticeable that your results are improving with the basic test for telepathy, you should start to increase your range a little more. Conduct the basic telepathy flash cards and this would be the easiest. This time have the sender and receiver in separate room.

Use a speaker phone or another device to verify images being received by the receiver.

Again, patients and some practice will be needed. It is sometimes more difficult to send images over distances. It’s more difficult to pick images up with the possibility of outside interference between sender and receiver. There are many telepathy tests you can use to not only check for the presence of psychic ability but also to practice and strengthen your telepathic skills. The best way to choose a telepathy test is to work with one that suits your schedule and feels comfortable for you.

Color Workout- While doing this workout you again need to make certain your mind continues to be in the present, and not in the past nor future. To do this activity you have to have one more person with you.

You should arrange for different pencil colors and both of you ought to decide on the roles of sender and receiver. The color selection is made by the sender and the receiver then thinks about the color mentally. The receiver should make an effort and peer into the mind of the sender to learn about the chosen color then talk aloud about the color selected. Whether the choice of the color spoken by the receiver was right or wrong is informed by the sender then this workout is duplicated again till the receiver is able to get the appropriate color. The receiver and sender should exchange places after about fifteen minutes. After these basic activities are done, the next level of mastery of this ought to be moved into. All this is described as psychology which is remarkably complex and takes some time to acquire mastery. Keep repeating these exercises till success is obtained.

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Transmitting your message – Close your eyes and imagine that your message is being actually received by the receiver.

Imagine a thought tube between the two of you. It is a connection between you. Then you will place the object that the receiver should see inside the mental communication tube and send it to him or her. Create a clear image. If you choose to focus on the yellow bananas make sure you follow the bananas all the way to the end of the thought-tube. Visualizing is a very effective way to send messages telepathicly. Stop Sending – As soon as you are confident your message has been received, stop sending, hang up, clear your mind of it. This is very important because your sender will then realize the transmission did come in.This also allows the receiver an opportunity to record the image he or she received.