How To Practise Telepathy, A Discussion

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Some techniques to enhance your telepathic abilities Enter a Trance.

When you are in a calm and relaxed state, your mind becomes open and receptive. Most people are able to enter a highly receptive trance-state similar to hypnosis. Many people are able to enter into an almost hypnotic state in which the mind opens as the body relaxes. Focus – When you are collected and in a quiet environment, think of a person you would like to contact you. Focus consciously on that person. Imagine that person knowing what you want to tell him. You should be in a positive, happy frame of mind. Your thoughts should be on the lines that you want this person to get in touch with you. It is not like a command.

Just convey positive impressions. Have faith – Never falter in your belief that this will work, know your receiver will get the message. Stay confident and use an open mind when exploring telepathy.

End Your Transmission. Instead of letting your mind wander to other subjects, simply retract them back into your own mind and stop projecting. There is a simple reason for this. As soon as you are finished and withdraw your good feelings from the person, he or she will be prompted to contact you. This is because you cut off the communication and the person will no longer feel your presence. They will miss you more and take steps to reach out to you.

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Like many other skills, especially those that are of a psychic nature, telepathy is something most of us can do, but we don’t know how best to use it.

What is telepathy? It’s the ability to communicate with other people by using mind power instead of by using regular communication methods. With telepathy, how you communicate is to directly practice “transference” of sensations, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even mental images to others, without using other more ordinary forms of communication. Telepathy: How can you recognize it? It’s thought that many people (perhaps even most people) actually have the ability to be telepathic, but may not realize it. For example, “horse whisperers,” and other people who have very strong abilities to communicate with animals, actually communicate telepathically, and know what the animals are thinking. People can be telepathic with each other, too. Twins are one example of what can be one very strong telepathic bond. Perhaps you have seen twins “converse” with each other without ever actually speaking.

No one really knows just how they can do this, but anyone can do this with anyone they have a very strong connection to. For example, life partners or spouses can sense when their partner is in pain, in danger, suffering, etc. This is telepathy, how do scientists explain it?

This is a resourceful technique for learning how to focus your mind and your inborn telepathic abilities. There are equally powerful ways to learn to focus when two people are involved. When you are working with someone else you can practice this method of telepathic communicating. Sender and Receiver – Decide which of you will be the message sender and which will be the receiver. For the purpose of this example, we’ll assume you are the sender.

The receiver should have a pad and pen ready to jot down any impressions he might receive. If the sender is focusing on a simple object, the receiver might feel as though he’s making things up at first, but insist that all impressions and thoughts are written down for later comparison. Visualization – The sender should initially select clear, uncomplicated images for the recipient. Examples are red apples, yellow bananas or a white moon. These will help you retain your focus.

How can a person be Telepathic? Without the use of other senses, telepaths use their minds and how can they do this? This is not understood completely and is one that doesn’t use the sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch. Nevertheless it does exists. Can this be done artificially? Radio waves are invisible and you can’t see, smell or touch them, but they are real. But then again, the human brain cannot be considered a radio tower. Or is it? ‘Thought waves’, defined as an electrical and magnetic fiend generated by the brain, has been proven to exist. This is the keystone that scientific Telepathic studies rest on. We’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms, but it may get a little complicated, so just bear with us.