How To Learn Telepathy

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Telepathy is the direct transfer of thoughts, emotions, or feelings from one person to another person using only the power of the mind.

All of us have latent telepathic abilities.

This is something which most of us cannot use consciously, however; like any other skill, telepathy must be practiced. There are times when we use telepathy without even realizing it; but what of you could develop telepathy to the point where you could use it at will? There has always been many who doubted the existence of mental powers on any level, but consider the following: you wake up in the morning feeling great, and are going about your business during the day, and run into someone you know who is having a difficult day. The more you listen to their tale of woe about their day the worse you mood gets. It is the change of emotions that is transferred onto you, not the words they said to you. Their feelings seeping into your subconscious. This is a type of mental telepathy. Scientific studies have shown that by accessing the sub-conscious centre of your mind and learning to focus your thoughts and feelings toward a specific person, it is possible to re-awaken the dormant telepathic abilities. All forms of communication have to be learned; you weren’t born knowing how to speak your native language, it is something you learned by observing and imitating your family. Most likely, telepathy is not something your parents taught you; but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this ability. It only means that you haven’t learned how to make use of it yet.

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Sometimes called the “sixth sense,” telepathy may very well be something, just another “sense,” that we all possess. We just have to be able to tap into this skill, access telepathy, how works, and learn what we can use it for. Once we do this, we can develop our own telepathic skills and use them appropriately, too.

Even if you haven’t been trained formally in telepathy, how to use it often comes naturally to people when they are in particularly stressful situations. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to hone telepathic skills in a calm state when you actually want to learn about them. Then, test yourself in such a peaceful situation.

You can get a partner, such as a relative or friend, to help you with this. For example, gather some photos or small items together, like pens, rubber bands, or pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down together, facing away from each other in the same room, or in different rooms.

Make sure distractions are not present. Focus on telepathy how to, meaning being present in the current moment as you complete the exercises. One person should be the sender and the other the receiver. The sender should take one object at a time and concentrate on sending a powerful emotion to the receiver.

It may be a color, an image, or a word. To accurately test telepathy abilities, agree on what the signal will be before starting the exercises.

Many different telepathy test are available to you. All of which can help you in measuring your psychic abilities.

Although there is an element of luck with them, however, over time and many trials the results will determine if you do have telepathic abilities or whether you are merely guessing.

Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all.

Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range.

By keeping in mind telepathy, as well as ESP, precognition, clairvoyance are all inclusive in the telepathic skill-set and when one of these skills is developed it can also lead to increasing the other telepathic powers as well.It’s possible to access your own sub-conscious using meditation and deep breathing exercises that help to open your mind and expand your focus. These exercises can often help you access more aspects of your psychic and telepathic skills and help to develop that part of your mind responsible for these skills. Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further.

A telepathy test will help you to decided where improvement is needed in your current skills.


Even scientists and animal trainers have done extensive research and found that animals are able to do this from very far distances. Keep in mind this isn’t some small study, it’s actually to a point where they believe this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Many years ago it was believed that primitive tribes possessed the power of telepathy, and anthropologists still believe it today. Telepathy does not need to be feared nor it is very well understood, but it is apart of every humans make up.

Many have had telepathic experiences without even knowing it. Maybe it was taught to young children of primitive civilizations they way we teach our children today to speak and read. If one had difficulty, there were probably shown ways to over come the difficulty in learning to use telepathy. But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses. Some people consider this another sense altogether.

That is considered to be the sixth sense to many. It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region.

It is now basically considered an instinct. Have you ever had a gut feeling come over you? Did it end up happening? Telepathy works in many different forms, and often times we miss it for a simple rush or just negative thinking. The problem is when it happens you find yourself wondering why you didn’t pay attention to your thoughts. Then again, there are positive times like a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time calls you within the same week you thought about them. It’s crazy to think about, but things like this happen all the time, yet we overlook them as mere coincidences, even though a mother/child power is accepted.