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You could focus on getting a family member to call you or planting the idea in the head of your spouse to bring home dessert. Don’t be surprised when the receiver suddenly calls home or alters their daily schedule because of your telepathic message. If you have a pet dog or cat you may also be able to use them to learn telepathy how to. Animals are more open to the process so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, needs to use the bathroom, or is feeling ill. Continuing in the mastery of telepathy, as you become more skilled, you can practice telepathic skills on people you don’t know well. One way to do this with telepathy, how to advance, is to focus on people you have only casual acquaintances with, like neighbors or coworkers. This next step should involve people you come in contact with regularly, but are not close with. Pay attention; you may simply notice, for example, that someone is experiencing intense emotion, and you may be able to “tap into” what that person is feeling and maybe even discern actual words or thoughts coming from people’s minds.

Whether we realize it or not we already send and receive telepathic signals. It is possible to learn to do this deliberately whenever we want.

It takes a little practice, but is well within the scope of our brains. Human telepathy is an innate, natural ability that most humans have and most often remains dormant and untapped, never making its way to becoming a tool that we deliberately use in our every day lives. This does not mean that we never utilize this ability, though we may not use it consciously. In reality, this means that most people have no idea how to focus the mind to purposely communicate in this way.

According to scientists our thoughts have a certain frequency, somewhat like radio frequencies. This frequency can be measured.

Directing these thoughts to a targeted area is the key to using your mind as a means of communication.

There have been some documented events of telepathic activity in people going through these states. For example, there have been parents who know at once that their child is in trouble, even though they might be on the other side of the world. Is there something about these spikes in brainwave activity which causes telepathic communication? Is the fact that the two people are related a factor; or perhaps, is it merely coincidence? With the use of mainstream science there is just no way to prove that telepathy in hums exists beyond a shadow of a doubt. But we are seeing slow changes as science continues to increase its studies into telepathy. And with this increase in studies science is showing that telepathy does exist and anyone can learn to become telepathic with training.

The human thought process is biochemical.

It involves the nervous impulses being bounced from one neuron to another neuron. These transfers of impulses create electrical currents which can be measure even though they are very, very small. This small magnetic field generated by these currents produce, in the brain, thousands of synapses firing. Is it possible for these bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to be used by humans to communicate? Are these waves just meaningless static or do they have content equivalent of the brain? Can these brain waves be controlled by mental training? Can the techniques of meditation be used to shape brain waves into communications of significance? The electrical and magnetic fields produced by our brains are small and can be easily drowned out by the electro magnetic fields produced by all our stereos, televisions, microwaves, computers, fridges, etc that surround us. Is there any way the electrical and magnetic fields of the human brain can be boosted? Perhaps. Sometimes for example, during a heightened emotional state (such as pain, shock, fear, or feeling endangered), more neural synapses fire simultaneously, temporarily creating a spike in bio-electrical and bio-magnetic brain waves.

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