How Can You Define Telepathy?

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You will find this technique of learning how to focus your mind and enhancing your innate telepathic capabilities resourceful. There are equally powerful ways to learn to focus when two people are involved as the sender and receiver. A quick way to practice with two people. One Sends and One Receives – Determine who wants to be the sender and who will be the receiver. We will start with you being the sender. Have pen and paper on hand for the receiver to write down the impressions that they receive.

Although the receiver may consider that they are dreaming things up to begin with when the sender is focusing on any simple object, be adamant about writing down all the impressions for later comparison. Visualize – You are the sender so you should have some simple images in mind to send to your receiver. These should be well known objects, for instance, a star, an orange, or an apple.

These will be simple and easy to focus on and easier for you receiver to get than more complex images.

Parapsychology researchers documented brief periods of Telepathic communication. Instances such as a parent (usually a mother) when her child has been hurt when miles from each other. Is there a connection between the spiking of such brain activity and communication telepathically? Do two individuals, related to each other, play a part in telepathy? Or coincidence? There is too little scientific evidence to prove telepathy exists and there is still doubt.

This is changing and there are more and more studies being conducted by scientists to show there are telepathic humans. With proper instruction and guidance this gift can be developed among the human population.

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Most people do not really understand the term ‘mental telepathy’.

The definition of mental telepathy implies that two people are able to share their thoughts with each other without the intervention of the five senses. Nevertheless mental telepathy can involve a range of varied communication ranging from trying to watch somebody to trying to read someone’s mind. The science of telepathy has many facets to it which can range from utterly simple to highly evolved. The aim of this article is to delve into the various forms of mental telepathy Whenever two people communicate without speaking, using body language or facial expressions instead, it is considered non-verbal communication or kinesics. Some people are able to communicate simple messages while others are able to communicate entire conversations using kinesics. You may have experienced this when giving looks to a cohort in a secret plan of action.

Achieved easiest and most accurately between people who know each other well, kinesics involves knowing what the other person is thinking by non-verbal gestures or kinesics. This may not count as mental telepathy, as the two people are using their senses to communicate, just not verbally and this is correct. However, mental telepathy plays a role, because their minds are more attuned to each other because of extended exposure to the way the others mind may think and some predictability comes into play, so there is a sort of mental connection. Two people that know each other well enough to understand more subtle body language, or have created nonverbal signals to communicate, might be argued that it is not be classified as mental telepathy.

Practice telepathy by focusing on someone you want to communicate with when you are practicing your meditative techniques.

Imagine this person, while trying to project only positive thoughts towards them. Next, imagine them receiving what you are thinking. Keep centered on this until you are convinced that the individual you’re thinking of has had time to get these thoughts. Then stop centering on them at all. Stop the link so that they can know the link being broken off; this should make them try to reestablish this link.

Keep exercising and begin telepathy training with a friend, this exercise should have prepared you properly for sending and receiving telepathic communications. One person will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this training. The transmitter should begin by projecting simple thoughts such as vivid colors.

The receiver should keep a writing utensil and paper close at hand so that they are able to take notes any communications they receive from the person acting as sender. After that, sender and receiver analyze notes to assess how successful the practice has been. Don’t be disappointed; telepathy is an capability which takes practice, but you will improve over a period of time.