How Anyone Can Learn The Secrets of Telepathy

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CONCRETE CONCEPTS Another branch or form of mental telepathy involves the communication of tangible symbols and items between two people. This definitely does not involve the five senses. Communicating at this telepathic level requires high awareness, practice and application. This kind of telepathy needs a defined sender and receiver as well. Simpler concepts can be communicated via thought. For instance it’s easier communicating a shape or a color than an animal.

Zener cards often used in mental telepathy test are an example of this principle. Simple, concrete black-and-white symbols (a circle, square, star, plus sign, and three wavy lines), gives even a random guess a 20% chance of being right. On the other hand, a shared, known, limited set of concrete symbols may increase the coordination of the thoughts between sender and receiver. A success rate of 50% or higher (which have happened) can not be explained away by simple statistics, but may indicate a level of mental telepathy, instead.

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Communicating telepathically is one of those strange things that most people deny exists, but yet the idea still holds us captivated. Mind control and communicating without speaking are things that have been talked about, experimented with, and speculated about both in fiction and non-fiction for hundreds of years. Using telepathy or telepathic communication is something that we do on occasion. Have you ever been picking up the phone to call someone just to say hi, and right then they called? You just knew they were thinking about you.

Have you ever just known what someone was going to say? Some of these incidences are coincidence, but nearly everybody has had an experience where they knew something they shouldn’t have. It was as if they had read somebody’s mind. No matter how outlandish you may think the idea of communicating telepathically is, it is something you can do.

As a matter of fact, everyone can do this; we’re born with this ability naturally, but it tends to wither away when it isn’t used.

However, it is entirely possible to relearn to use your telepathic abilities if you’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort. You can learn to do this on your own, though most people find it easier to do with an experienced guide.

There are many types of telepathy test that can help you measure your own psychic ability. While many of these tests can have an element of luck in them, over so many trials, the results can show whether you were guessing or whether you really have some telepathic ability. The simpler telepathy test has been developed to see if you have any ability as a psychic. Many other tests are to measure the range of your strength in this skill. It is best to keep in mind that all of the telepathic skill-set includes ESP, precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. And developing one may lead to an increase in other powers of telepathy by default.

By using deep breathing and meditation exercises it’s possible to access your sub-conscious. This exercising of your mind will expand your focus by opening your mind and can often lead you to access your telepathic and psychic abilities. That also leads to developing the part of your brain which is responsible for these abilities. Regardless the amount of your telepathic or psychic powers, at the moment, your telepathy skills and the strength range of your skills can be developed even further. It is, however, hard to know in what area you may need improvement. This can be accomplished with a telepathy test.


Mental telepathy has different meanings that can be a broad spectrum. Direct thought transference between people without using the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell is the most widely accepted meaning. There can be enormous differences in how that thought transfer or communication takes place, whether it is a hunch that proves right or being able to predict a plane crash happening at the moment it happens someplace else. Mental telepathy can encompass large ranges of thought transference from the most basic to more complex. We will attempt to understand the different meanings of mental telepathy. Whenever two people communicate without speaking, using body language or facial expressions instead, it is considered non-verbal communication or kinesics. Some people are able to communicate simple messages while others are able to communicate entire conversations using kinesics. You may have experienced this when giving looks to a cohort in a secret plan of action.

Achieved easiest and most accurately between people who know each other well, kinesics involves knowing what the other person is thinking by non-verbal gestures or kinesics. Many people however do not call this kind of communication as mental telepathy since as per them the people in question are using their senses and not just thoughts to communicate. However, mental telepathy does have a part to play in this mode of communication since studies tell us that this type of communication has a great success rate with people who known and are mentally in sync with each other than with mere strangers. However, some people may even turn down this statement and say that people who are familiar with each other are also used to each others body language or may have even developed non verbal cues and signals to communicate over a period of time.