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Transmitting your message – Close your eyes and imagine that your message is being actually received by the receiver. Imagine a thought tube between the two of you. It is a connection between you. Now focus on the image of the object you want to project. Make this object as simple as possible, and then send it directly to the receiver through the thought-tube. Follow the detail of the object till the last moment. Visualization is a powerful technique that allows your mind to focus on the task of sending your message. End the Transmission. Once you have the sense that the thought-object has arrived at its destination, end your projection and allow your mind to go blank.

This interruption in projection serves the important purpose of allowing the receiver time to process and realize that he really did see an image.

It also allows him time to make note of the images and impressions that he received.

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People who posit that telepathy is a reality are often scoffed at as mystics, with their views being generally ignored.

However, they may be telling us something important that we are discounting too easily; telepathic communication may just work under principles which modern science has not yet come to an understanding of. Paraphysics and parapsychology are the areas of study which cover the investigation of telepathic abilities in people. Just as with any other branch of the sciences, parapsychologists and paraphysicists use the scientific method in their efforts to learn more about telepathy and other phenomenon. Individuals who are Telepathic and subjects of experiments have produced less than desired results and totally tantalizing. However, to be proven scientifically, the results of tests must be consistent, repeatable and measurable. And scientific investigation falls shore when it comes to telepathy. Results can’t always be duplicated because they are inconsistent. This, so some say, proves individuals aren’t Telepathic and still to other’s it proves we have a lot to learn to understand and need more developed procedures for testing for telepathy.


You’ll need to be patient as you practice communicating telepathically. This is something which takes time and there’s more to it than simply bringing your latent abilities to the surface – you also have to learn how to control it, so regular practice and a lot of time and patience are necessary. A lot of people have compared the process to learning another language. You may get frustrated at first and feel that you’ll never learn. Over time you’ll be able to become fluent in mind to mind communication just like when you learn to speak a new language. Having someone else to practice with allows you to support each other and keep one another motivated. One way to keep motivated as you learn to communicate telepathically is to quit while you’re ahead in your practice sessions. When you and your partner have had some success but you’re not yet tired from the mental effort, stop. If you’re not having any luck, stop before you get frustrated; this will only make you want to quit. If you can’t make a telepathic communication in about 15 minutes of trying, then you should set it aside until later. With dedication, regular practice with a partner and some guidance from others who have managed to use their own ability to communicate telepathically, you can develop your telepathic capacities. The rewards of being able to communicate with and understand others in an entirely new way are well worth the effort involved in learning to use this natural mental ability.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with someone telepathically, you first have to learn how to focus on something like this. Also, having someone to practice with is important.

If you don’t have someone to work with, it is difficult to know whether you are making any progress. Best of all is to practice with someone you know very well who is interested in learning to use their own telepathy. When you work with someone who is not trying to learn themselves, it can do more harm than good. A person you’re already close to and have experience communicating with makes learning to “talk” telepathically all that much easier to do. Start small at first. One person should be trying to “send” messages, and the other should be trying to receive them. Both of you should be keeping notes on what message you are trying to get to the other person, and the impressions you are getting. Things such as colors, images, and other simple, clear thoughts are the best things to try to share.

It is not known what, if any distance limitations may affect the ability to communicate telepathically. Those who have developed their abilities can often communicate even when thousands of miles apart.