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Color Exercise- While doing this activity you again need to ensure your mind remains in the present, and not in the past nor future. To do this activity you need to have another individual with you. You have to arrange for different pencil colorings and both of you ought to decide on the roles of sender and receiver. The color choice is made by the sender and the receiver then thinks about the color in his head. This whole entire workout is repeated till the selection of best color is made. When this exercise is completed, both receiver and sender should exchange positions. These are fundamental telepathy workouts, after the success of which you can easily move to another level of exceling in the art. All this refers to psychology. This is rather complex and will take some time to master it.

You have to keep repeating these activities till you obtain success but steadily you will be successful.


Concentrate on someone you want to contact you. Imagine the person receiving all your thoughts and feelings. Maintain your focus for as long as you think it takes the individual to feel the connection between you. Then break your concentration completely. It’s important to stop the link so the person will feel the loss of communication, which will encourage them to re-establish the link and contact you in return. You should practice with a friend. One of you should be the sender, the other the receiver. Start by transmitting simple thoughts, such as bright colors which can be easily recognized. The receiver should have a pen and paper handy so that he can write down anything which could possibly be a telepathic communication. At the end of the session, the sender and receiver should analyze their outcome and see how successful the session has been. Don’t worry if it’s hard the first couple of times. Like any other skill, it will become easier with exercise.

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One Basic Telepathy Test:- The simplest form of a telepathy test, perhaps, is the card test. And is best performed with two people with a set of psychic flash cards.

The location should be quiet, without interruptions, where you both can sit and face each other and concentrate. One person will be the sender and the other person will be the receiver. The sender needs to keep the cards away from the receivers view and then send an image of the card, that he is looking at, to the receiver.

This can take quite a bit of practice for the sender to focus and concentrate on the image they want the receiver to pick up.

The receiver needs to concentrate on images or impressions they may see in their mind’s eye. Do not try to second guess what you see. First impressions are what you should say as they come into your mind. Record your responses over the entire pack of flash cards. Your results should take into account an element of luck, as there will be some responses that could be lucky guesses. However, a high incidence of correct answers could indicate a latent psychic ability that could be developed with a little patience. Also, this particular type of test is not always best to use as a telepathy test. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.

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Is it possible for humans to use telepathic abilities, communicating with each other using only thought? After all, there are communications technologies which we can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste but are very real ever seen a radio wave? Of course not, but you know that they are real.

Our minds are not radio transmitters, however.

Could it possibly be ‘thought waves’ possibly electrically magnetically generated by the brain which has been scientifically proven to exist and Telepathic studies have been based on. Explaining this in terms for the average person might be a little difficult, but stay with us.