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You can improve your telepathic abilities in various ways such as Trance State. When you are in a trance-like state, your mind is most receptive. If you’re working on your telepathic ability alone then spend some time learning how to bring yourself into a trance state. Get focused – Select a nice quiet dark room. Get yourself relaxed and think happy thoughts about the person you want to hear from. Form the message you want this person to receive, imagine they are receiving it as you picture them in your mind. Let him or her know you want to be contacted.

Stay confident that this person will respond with a message.

Belief. Have faith that your message is being received, while remaining open minded as you begin developing your telepathic focus. End your projection – Do not let your mind stray. Pull your thoughts back in. stop projecting. Want to know the reason? You must release your thoughts and feelings about this person. This has the effect of the person missing you more and thus increasing their desire to talk to you.

The person should contact you very soon.

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We connect subconsciously with others all the time. Our minds have the capacity to learn to do this on a regular basis anytime we feel a desire to. We can develop this natural ability to use at will. Telepathy in humans is a natural and intuitive ability. It seems many individuals do not learn how to harness or guide their ability so that it does not become a conscious sense for daily use. This does not mean that humans do not use it. It means that many individuals do not know exactly how to focus their minds in order to make communicating apparent. Scientists have worked on this and have figured out that our thoughts have a frequency, not unlike radio waves. They can be measured, actually. If you can master the frequency of your thoughts and learn how to chanelize them where you want, you can communicate with nothing but your mind.

Focus on someone you’d like to contact you.

Visualize the individual receiving all of your thoughts and feelings.

Hold your concentration for as long as you think it takes the individual to feel the link between you. Then withdraw your concentration completely. It is vital to stop the contact so the person feels the loss of communication, which will encourage them to renew the connection and contact you in return. Partner exercise is a really good idea to assist in telepathy development. Choose one individual to be the receiver and the other to be the sender. The sender can choose a simple object to channel. The receiver should have pad and pen to record any and all responses and thoughts that come to mind. At the end of each practice session, analyze notes to analyse how many images and responses were accurate. The more practice you get, the more accurate your image assimilation will become.

A lot of people don’t believe that it’s possible to communicate telepathically. Despite the widespread skepticism about telepathy, the idea of being able to communicate mind-to-mind as well as the concept of mind control are things which have long had a grip over the human imagination. For centuries, people have experimented with telepathy and written about the topic extensively.

However, everyone uses telepathy at one time or another. You may have thought you knew exactly what someone was about to say only to have them say just that; you’ve probably also picked up the phone and found that the person you were about to call is already calling you. Sometimes, it’s just a coincidence, but it can’t always be explained so easily. As far-fetched as it may sound at first, it is possible to communicate telepathically at will. All of us have this ability naturally, though it usually atrophies through disuse as we age. As long as you’re committed enough to devote time and effort to practicing, you can learn to access your telepathy. While you can practice on your own, many have a much easier time learning when they have an experienced telepath to guide them through the process.

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