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Transmit the Message. With your eyes closed, try to establish communication through a thought-tube between the two of you. Clearly picture in your imagination how this thought-tube connects sender and receiver. After that, visualize the item you are attempting to transmit to the receiver and, in your mind’s eye, place it inside the thought-tube and send it directly to the receiver. Follow the red apple all the way from the beginning to the end of the thought-tube. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways of focusing your mind to send your message. End Transmission.

When you feel that you image has been received, end the transmission and then permit your mind to become as a clean slate.

It is vital to end the transmission because it will provide the receiver time to recognize that there was an image that appeared and time to realize exactly what the image was.

Twin Telepathy: Best Evidence – The Best Evidence for Telepathy …

If you are practicing on your own, this is a great technique to learn to direct your mind and your natural telepathic abilities. Techniques involving two people can be just as powerful. Here is a quick method to practice your telepathic communication using two people. Send and Receive – One of you will send and the other one will receive. Discuss which one will be which.

Assuming you are the sender, here is how it works. The receiver should keep pen and paper at the ready to take notes on whatever impressions he may receive. At first, the receiver may feel as though he is simply making up images out of his own mind, especially if the sender is using simple images. Nonetheless, the receiver should record any thoughts and impressions for comparison later. Visualization – The sender should make a list of a few simple objects that are easy to project. For example white moon, red apple etc.


There are many instances in our daily lives where we communicate with other people on a subconscious level. But did you know you it is possible to train your mind to communicate consciously as well? Human telepathy is a natural inborn ability.

However, in the majority of humans this ability is never harnessed and guided into becoming one of the conscious senses for use in daily life. This is not to say that we do not use it. It means simply that the majority of individuals do not understand how to focus their minds in the degree of making communication likely. It’s been scientifically proven that our thoughts have a frequency, much like radio waves, and they can be measured.

If you can learn to harness the frequency of your thoughts and direct them where you want, then you’ll begin to learn how to communicate using your mind alone.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with someone telepathically, you first have to learn how to focus on something like this.

Also, having someone to practice with is important. If you don’t have someone to work with, it is difficult to know whether you are making any progress. The best partner is a close friend who is also trying to develop their telepathy. Practicing with someone who is not genuinely interested in learning to use this ability is often counterproductive. Someone you know well is a good choice since the two of you already know how to communicate with each other, which makes learning to communicate in a new way just a little easier. It’s best to start with small goals. Try having one of you act as the transmitter and the other as the receiver, with both of you writing down the message you’re sending or what you seem to be receiving from the other person. Simple thoughts are the easiest to start with; try colors, shapes and other very easy to interpret thoughts as you begin. It’s not certain at how long of a distance people can communicate telepathically with each other. People who have learned to control their telepathic abilities may be able to send thoughts back and forth over hundreds, even thousands of miles.



It is known that most animals use some form of telepathy in communicating within their herds or with other herds of the same species. This can be done over many leagues of area and is even thought that many sea mammals communicate just this way over many depths of sea.

Many years ago it was believed that primitive tribes possessed the power of telepathy, and anthropologists still believe it today.

Esoteric is often a word used to describe telepathy, but it should not be. It should be viewed in a like manner of any learned ability. If you have difficulties learning a language or reading, why can you not have trouble perfecting your ability to be telepathic? It is very possible that if you have some type of learning disorder, it will affect your ability to train this form of communication. It is not something that is readily considered but it should be.

One thing to understand is that most of our societies over many thousands of years have simply lost their telepathic powers. Even though it is just as natural, now we use only speech and the common five senses. Telepathy is in fact linked with the ‘sixth sense’, sometimes referred to also as the ‘third eye’. These two things are not exactly the same thing, but telepathic powers come from that same second nature of human beings and animals. People all the time experience ‘gut feelings’ that turn out to be accurate guideposts, feel as if someone is looking at them from behind (which turns out often to be true), have intuitive perceptions about another person that largely turn out to be accurate, have a ‘strange feeling’ that someone they haven’t been in touch with in a while is going to contact them or visit them and it happens, get the feeling that someone they love is in danger and it turns out to be true (this most commonly happens between mother and child, but it’s not limited to that), and so on.

These are all aspects of telepathy.

Samael – Telepathic

In telepathy when the transfer of thoughts takes place, there is no written or verbal words and this is purely instinct. Mind to mind contact is the only process. There are 3 varieties of telepathy:- physical, mental and emotional. In order to learn telepathy one ought to be able to recognize the most suitable ones according to one’s own abilities. Now let us consider some mental telepathy activities. Card Activity – In this workout you need to ensure that your thoughts are in the present, they should not be in the past nor the future. Be relaxed and calm. For implementing the card workout you will definitely need a card pack, pad of paper and a pen for you to note down the score. As soon as you have determined who will be the receiver and sender, you then need to sit facing back to back with the other person. The cards are then shuffled by the sender initially and then he chooses one. Sender then taps the card as a signal that a color has been selected by him and is being sent to the receiver.

Now the receiver makes an attempt to recognize the card color and state the result out loud. In an advanced phase, a variation of this activity can be done.

In this advanced stage instead of the color, the number of the card can easily be used to transmit over to the receiver.You will require to leave out the queens, kings, aces and jacks and make certain there is a greater number of number cards.

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Or, for example, you could focus on getting a friend or family member to call you, or planting idea in your head that your spouse should bring home something you need. Don’t be surprised when the person on the receiving end of your message will suddenly call home or alter what they were going to do because you’ve sent them a telepathic message. Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on. Don’t stop with people you know however. People with advanced telepathic abilities can even send signals to complete strangers. You can start to increase your telepathic communication by focusing on casual acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors and others who you come into regular contact with.

Pay attention to when these individuals are experiencing intense emotions and you may be able to sense thoughts or words from their mind.

The Basic Telepathy Test:- Perhaps the simplest form of telepathy test is the card test.

This is best conducted with two people and a set of psychic flash cards. A quiet place is necessary for both concentration and to sit facing each other during this test.

No interruptions. One individual will be sender and the other individual will be the receiver. The receiver may not see the cards and the sender will send the image of the picture. This can take quite a bit of practice for the sender to focus and concentrate on the image they want the receiver to pick up. The receiver needs to concentrate on images or impressions they may see in their mind’s eye. Do not try to second guess what you see.

First impressions are what you should say as they come into your mind. Write your responses down for the entire set of flash cards. Be sure to take into consideration the element of luck. There will be responses that may be a lucky guess.

A high level of correct answers may indicate possible latent psychic abilities. These could be developed over time.

Also, this particular type of test is not always best to use as a telepathy test. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.

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This method is a method that is believed to have existed from the beginning of time in animals.

As scientists believe we are direct descendants of animals, why would we not have this same ability to communicate silently? There are also those in the scientific community that believe primitive tribes used powers of telepathy and still have the ability to communicate in this fashion today.

It is not that telepathy is a cryptic thought process, it is that many do not know what it is or if they have felt it before.

At one time in our historic history, humans have been telepathic. Just as easily as humans could read or write, they were able to communicate telepathically. It may just be that it has been bred out of us or that we lost the need for it due to other forms of communication. Telepathy has often been called the 6th sense. You may have also heard it called the third eye. While these are not nearly the same thing, they are both linked to the ability of being telepathic. There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be normal in her every day diet. By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate it’s need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.


EMPATHETIC LEVELS Empathy is the ability to recognize, perceive, or directly experience the emotions of others.

Some people are very poor at this, and others are very good at this, being able to mentally ‘put themselves in another’s shoes’ and understand how they must be feeling. Empathy can be increased with training and practice.

Actors, for example, are able to imitate the emotions of others, even to the point of being able to make themselves spontaneously laugh or cry. Sympathetic pain or truly feeling the pain of the other person is often experienced by many.

This can be particularly prevalent in mothers who even develop a fever when their children are sick. There are times when close friends or relatives actually feel the pain whether it’s emotional or physical or even mental of the other person. Then there is something known as long distance empathy which all of us have known and experienced at one time or the other. This happens when some one real close to us has problem or gets hurt or even is in danger and is somewhere else and we feel their pain and emotion.

Again critics mock at such incidents and attribute them to imagination working overtime. Here, they may be partly right since it involves the other senses. If we did not know that our loved one is hurt, then would we still feel the pain? However, such critics cannot explain long distance empathy.

Intermediate Telepathy Test:- When you notice that you are improving in results with the basic telepathy test it’s time for you to increase your range a bit more.

Conducting the basic telepathy card test would be the easiest way to do this. Instead of sitting across from each other – use separate rooms and a monitor, listen/hearing devise to verify received images.

Again, patients and some practice will be needed. It is sometimes more difficult to send images over distances. It’s more difficult to pick images up with the possibility of outside interference between sender and receiver. Many tests for telepathy are available for you to use. You can use them to check for psychic ability and also to practice your skills and to strengthen them. Choose a telepathy test that will fit in with your schedule and that also feels comfortable to you.

Telepathy is a method of communication in which two people exchange thoughts, feelings and emotions directly between their minds. This is a mental capacity which anyone can use with enough practice. Every human being has telepathic abilities.

However, this is not an ability which most of us have developed and trained until we can use it consciously.

Telepathy takes practice, just like any other skill you want to develop. We sometimes use telepathy without realizing that we are doing so but it is possible to develop your natural telepathic capabilities so that you can use them at will. There is plenty of skepticism about telepathy, just as there is about any other less commonly used natural mental ability which humans possess. Think about a time when you have used telepathy; for example, I bet you’ve been in a great mood when you run into a friend who is feeling down. Even after speaking to him or her for just a minute, you start feeling these sad, depressive emotions yourself.

Was it what they said? Not at all at least not with their words. It is telepathy which has allowed you to feel what your friend is feeling. Studies have demonstrated that it is possible to access and activate the portion of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability. By focusing your thoughts on a specific person, you are then able to communicate with them telepathically.

Think of telepathy as if it were a foreign language. As a child, you learned your native language by listening to and imitating the people around you. Your parents taught you to speak; but almost certainly, they did not teach you to use telepathy to communicate. This however does not mean that you don’t have telepathic abilities. However, unlike your native language, your parents most likely did not teach you how to use your telepathic abilities. Fortunately, this does not mean that you don’t have the ability to communicate telepathically. It just means that you haven’t learned how to use it yet.

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Solo Telepathy Test:- Whenever the phone rings you can use this quick solo telepathy test.

Predict who’s calling you. If your home phone or cell phone have caller ID, do not look at it when your phone rings.

Instead, just for a moment, think about who wants to talk to you. Before answering the phone make a decisive guess. Do this with each of the next phone calls you get. Look at the results.

This can give you some idea of your telepathic abilities and its levels. Many people report knowing who’s on the phone even before they answer, but they do this on an unconscious level. Most people are able to learn to focus this ability on a conscious level over a period of time. Quick Psychic Test:- It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability. A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV’s and the such. Do some deep breathing exercises in the beginning, for a few minutes, to relax. Clear your mind. Now toss a coin in the air, make a prediction on what side will come up. Try this several times and mark your results. Obviously, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, but any score above 50% could show that you have a definite psychic ability that can be further developed.


Is it objective, rational, scientific, even sensible to call someone ‘telepathic’? Well, of course, most people would say, ‘no; that’s just science fiction, not science fact.’ Yet, they would not stop to consider that we all can fly…Talk to other people who are not even there with us, who may even be in another nation, instantly…See people who are not there without having to exercise our imaginations.


and so many other amazing things.

A modern piece of proverbial wisdom is that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Science and technology is the domain of human beings, and we use these unique powers to discover hidden things about the natural world, hidden principles that we can then use.

What was ‘impossible’ 100 years ago is today routine.

We have gone to the depths of the ocean and left this planet entirely…and come back (well, some of us have, but that proves that most or all of us could). We can convert sunlight into power and energy. We can write a message and have it instantaneously delivered, all in tact, to someone even if they are on another continent from us. And it’s all thanks to science, not ‘magic’, isn’t it?

You could focus on getting a family member to call you or planting the idea in the head of your spouse to bring home dessert.

Don’t be surprised when the receiver suddenly calls home or alters their daily schedule because of your telepathic message. Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on.

Continuing in the mastery of telepathy, as you become more skilled, you can practice telepathic skills on people you don’t know well. One way to do this with telepathy, how to advance, is to focus on people you have only casual acquaintances with, like neighbors or coworkers.

This next step should involve people you come in contact with regularly, but are not close with. Pay attention; you may simply notice, for example, that someone is experiencing intense emotion, and you may be able to “tap into” what that person is feeling and maybe even discern actual words or thoughts coming from people’s minds.

‘Mental telepathy’ can be a broad term that encompasses numerous things. It typically means reading the thoughts between people without using normal senses. The difference is a huge between having an intuitive gut feeling and knowing information that could only be gathered by reading somebody’s mind.

Very basic skills can be construed as mental telepathy but so can very complex. Different levels of mental telepathy can be summarized in this article. Parents use this kind of non verbal communication all the time between themselves so that they can communicate without their children knowing. Generally known as kinesics this type of non verbal communication uses the five senses. Hence people ‘talk’ using their body language, facial expressions and eyes. This mode of communication is at its best between people who are familiar or intimate with each other.

Examples are parents and children, siblings, wives, husbands and even close friends. Some believe that this doesn’t qualify as mental telepathy. The argument is that two people are communication by using their senses, such as eyes or touches so it cannot be telepathy. The fact is this is not true mental telepathy, however it is possible that mental telepathy does play a role. Non-verbal or kinesics communication tends to occur most successfully between people who are related or who have lived together for extended periods of time might mean their minds may be more attuned to each other. It could also mean that this merely means the two people know each other well enough to understand each others body language, or have nonverbal signals to communicate that have developed over time.

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Over the years animal trainers and scientists have come to understand that animals use telepathic communications when connecting with one another. However, this can also extend over a far distance and not just when in close proximety. Historically human kind may have had telepathy as a survival tactic when tribes lived far apart from each other and needed to be in some sort of contact. This may have continued with peoples who are not modernized today. What you need to understand is that telepathy isn’t some sort of crazy aberration.

Instead, it’s something that we should recognize just as we would when coming across a person with speech issues.

While we classify this as a disability, it should be the same scenario for someone who cannot utilize their telepathic power. Unfortunately it’s not, but hopefully in the near future it will be.

It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability when once it was as pronounced in some as being musical can bring out a response from another. Most are familiar with the concept of our sixth sense, this is assumed to be the telepathic ability of human kind.

While this is no longer second nature in people, some animals still have this ability and people can re learn to use this sense.

There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be normal in her every day diet. By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate it’s need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.

TELEPATHY PSYCHIC TESTS – How to be Telepathic

Focus Learning to keep your mind’s concentration as you are in the state of a trance is a bit tough to master at times.

While you are doing your next relaxation period, concentrate on someone that you want to connect with you. Think of this person, in your mind and send (mentally) happy thoughts.

Picture this person receiving your mental message of happy feelings and thoughts. Keep your focus on this individual till you think the person feels the connection. Then withdraw your focus completely. It’s important to stop the contact so the person will feel the loss of communication, which will prompt them to re-establish the connection and contact you in return. There is a point to learning focusing while on your own. So that when you start training with another person, your mind will be ready and receptive to receive thoughts, images and impressions more easily. Partner Practice – One partner will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this exercise. The sender should begin by projecting simple thoughts such as bright colors. The receiver should have a pen and paper handy in order to write down anything which may be a telepathic communication. After ending the session, the sender and receiver should compare their results and see how successful the session has been. Don’t worry if it’s difficult as first. Like any other skill, it will become easier with practice.


Learning to use your natural ability to communicate telepathically takes time and patience; if you expect it to happen in a day, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. This is something which needs to be brought to the surface – and once you’re able to access this part of your mind, it will take time to learn to control it. Patience and practice are key.

Many people have compared it to learning a new language.

It seems impossible and ungainly at first. Getting frustrated is easy, and you will probably be tempted to walk away from it. But there are so many amazing things you can experience with it, so you should keep going.

This is another reason why having someone close to you helping you.

You can be morale support for each other. In order to prevent frustration as you learn to communicate with others telepathically is to keep your practice sessions short. If you’ve had some success but you seem to be hitting a wall, call it quits for the day, before you tire yourself out. Don’t go more than 15 minutes or so if it’s not working for you – you can always try again later.

With dedication, regular practice with a partner and some guidance from others who have managed to use their own ability to communicate telepathically, you can develop your telepathic capacities. The rewards of being able to communicate with and understand others in an entirely new way are well worth the effort involved in learning to use this natural mental ability.

Although it sounds complicated, scientifically speaking, our thoughts are nothing more than neurons being moved between different synapses with our brain. But what has been thoroughly proven is that when these neurons are transferring between the synapses they create a small electrical current which also produces a small magnetic field. And this can be measured. Despite their tiny size it helps to remember that there are literally tens of thousands of synapses firing at any particular time. Is it possible for these bio-electric and bio-magnetic fields to be used by humans to communicate? Are these waves just meaningless static or do they have content equivalent of the brain? Can these brain waves be controlled by mental training? Can the techniques of meditation be used to shape brain waves into communications of significance? There is also trouble with the weakness of the brain’s electromagnetic field. The common, ubiquitous electromagnetic fields of modern devices like televisions, computers, stereo systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens are all larger than the brain’s; therefore likely interfere with the brains. One question is whether it is possible to amplify these signals from our minds. It is already known that a spike in brainwave strength occurs when people are experiencing a state of heightened emotion; most commonly fear or pain.

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Message Transmitting. Close your eyes. Focus on building a communication thought-tube between the two of you. In your mind’s eye picture it clearly as connecting the sender and receiver.

Then you will place the object that the receiver should see inside the mental communication tube and send it to him or her. Create a clear image. If you choose to focus on the yellow bananas make sure you follow the bananas all the way to the end of the thought-tube. Visualization is one of the most powerful ways of focusing your mind to send your message.

End Transmission – When you feel that your thought-object has reached its destination, stop projecting and allow your mind to be blank. This pause in transmission is important because it allows your receiver time to realize that an image really did appear. When it stops it also allows the receiver time to take a note of what image he saw.

Samael – Telepathic

To believe an individual may be telepathic has been considered mysticism, which is another word for magic. And it really isn’t much of a stretch to believe in the possibility of a telepathic person.

An individual who developed these mental properties, is misunderstood by many people. Paraphysics and parapsychology are the areas of study which cover the investigation of telepathic abilities in people. Just as with any other branch of the sciences, parapsychologists and paraphysicists use the scientific method in their efforts to learn more about telepathy and other phenomenon. In order for the existence of telepathy to be considered a fact by science the results of their studies must show that it is measurable, consistent and repeatable.

Because the studies into telepathy have produced inconsistent and unrepeatable results some then insist that it cannot be either substantiated or proven to exist. Others respond that perhaps the scientists just haven’t yet devised the proper kinds of tests. After-all, telepathic people do exist even though we do not understand how.

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You could also focus on having a good friend or family member call you, or on getting your life partner, for example, to bring home something you need.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you as time goes on that the person who received your message will suddenly call home or bring home the item you are thinking about — all because of telepathy. If you have a pet dog or cat you may also be able to use them to learn telepathy how to. Animals are more open to the process so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, needs to use the bathroom, or is feeling ill. As you continue to master telepathy, move on to practicing telepathic skills on people you don’t know.

For example, you can begin to increase telepathic abilities by focusing on people you are only casually acquainted with, neighbors, coworkers, and others you come in regular contact with but are not close to. Pay attention if you notice that someone is experiencing an intense emotion, and you may be able to sense actual words or thoughts coming from their minds.

Like many other skills, especially those that are of a psychic nature, telepathy is something most of us can do, but we don’t know how best to use it.

What is telepathy? It’s the ability to communicate with other people by using mind power instead of by using regular communication methods.

With telepathy, how you communicate is to directly practice “transference” of sensations, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even mental images to others, without using other more ordinary forms of communication. Telepathy: How can you recognize it? It’s thought that many people (perhaps even most people) actually have the ability to be telepathic, but may not realize it. For example, “horse whisperers,” and other people who have very strong abilities to communicate with animals, actually communicate telepathically, and know what the animals are thinking. People, too, can practice telepathy with each other. For example, twins have a very close bond that often translates to telepathy. Have you ever seen twins “carry on” conversations without ever saying a word? It’s not entirely understood how they do this, but anyone with a very strong connection to another person can do just that as well. People who are very close to each other, like spouses, can sense when the other is in danger, in pain, or suffering, as just a few examples. This is telepathy, how can you develop this power?

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A common belief among scientists and animal trainers, is that animals have been doing this for as long as they have been around. They are absolutely convinced that this is an integral part of the way they communicate with each other and that their abilities allow them to do so over large distances. It is believed that many natives who have not been modernized may be able to share ideas through telepathy. This is an amazing observation in this technical day and age. Esoteric is often a word used to describe telepathy, but it should not be. It should be viewed in a like manner of any learned ability. If you have difficulties learning a language or reading, why can you not have trouble perfecting your ability to be telepathic? It is very possible that if you have some type of learning disorder, it will affect your ability to train this form of communication. It is not something that is readily considered but it should be. So knowing this, we have to believe that most of humanity has simply lost their ability to connect with the telepathy that the mind has an available. It should be as easy as the way to respond to music and your other five senses. Telepathy has often been called the 6th sense. You may have also heard it called the third eye. While these are not nearly the same thing, they are both linked to the ability of being telepathic. Most of us have felt a certain type of telepathic ability. How many times has your phone rang and you instantly knew who it was? This is a very common form of telepathy.

Some may even think about someone and then the phone rings and that person is on the other line.

It is felt that this is a telepathic link to that person. You convey your thoughts to them and they in turn feel this and call you because something guides them to it. Many may scoff at this and say it is coincidence, but when this occurs on a regular basis, it is hard to discount that telepathy does indeed exist on some levels.

Telepathy Takes Two – About Holistic Healing – Body Mind Spirit …

EMPATHY: When you can understand and perceive the emotional state of the other person, then this ability is known as empathy. Many people can do this well and many cant because the ability to put your self in somebody else’s shoes is not inherent. However one can develop empathy with preparation and observation. This fact can be seen in actors who can not only emulate the emotional states of others but also enhance their empathy so much that they can laugh and cry exactly like the other person.

Feeling sympathetic pain is another example of empathetic reactions that has been experienced by some people.

They can vividly feel an injury to another person like it happened to them. For example, this is common when witnessing someone close to you getting a medical procedure done, such as an immunization. When someone close to you is experiencing an overwhelming emotion, like a close friend going through a divorce, where you experience the same feelings of anger towards her husband, is an example. The level of long distance empathy is a higher level of mental telepathy, like a person suddenly knows that a plane is going to crash and even doomsdays the news to co-workers, because they get a sick feeling in their stomach, and then they see it on the news when they get home, is an example.

Psychologists think an overactive imagination could be to blame for these types of reactions rather than mental telepathy. There may be senses being used, such as seeing a medical procedure, but long-distance empathy, where it is a gut feeling and no visual or audio communication has taken place is quite another story and certainly does not reflect any direct communications.

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It’s common knowledge that humans use only a small portion of the brain. 10% of the brain is dedicated to known brain function, and the remaining 90% is largely a mystery. However, the majority of humanity does not realize that we all have in instinctive ability to communicate with one another without moving a physical muscle or speaking a word.

As we grow up we’re conditioned to speak, think, act and behave like our elders. They don’t use the power of their minds to reach out and communicate with you, because they weren’t taught to do so either. The ability is left untapped and untrained.

We involve ourselves with other things in life and forget about such nonsense until the day comes that we know something we should not and ponder for a short time only to push it further to the back of our mind again. Is this gut feeling a form of clairvoyance? Did you just pick up on a subconscious telepathic call from the individual who is calling you?

There are many types of telepathy test that can help you measure your own psychic ability.

While many of these tests can have an element of luck in them, over so many trials, the results can show whether you were guessing or whether you really have some telepathic ability. The simpler telepathy test has been developed to see if you have any ability as a psychic. Many other tests are to measure the range of your strength in this skill. By keeping in mind telepathy, as well as ESP, precognition, clairvoyance are all inclusive in the telepathic skill-set and when one of these skills is developed it can also lead to increasing the other telepathic powers as well.By using deep breathing and meditation exercises it’s possible to access your sub-conscious. This exercising of your mind will expand your focus by opening your mind and can often lead you to access your telepathic and psychic abilities.

That also leads to developing the part of your brain which is responsible for these abilities. Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further. A telepathy test will help you to decided where improvement is needed in your current skills.

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One problem with learning telepathy today definitely has to do with ascendant religions.

Religions today, especially Christianity and Islam, tend to distrust telepathy as being some kind of Satanic tool or proof of demon possession.

If you or someone you know are set in their religious ways, you’ve probably been told not to put any sort of faith in telepathy. This is so you reflect this power to only be utilized by the Messiah, Savior, Prophet, or any other name you use for the almighty. Why are religions so against the idea of humanity being able to communicate using telepathy? After all, isn’t denial usually a sure sign of guilt or the truth. The person who is most adamant about their innocence tends to be guilty more often than not.

More than likely, they are trying to suppress a power or belief that would weaken their stance with the current members of their religion. Showing a weakness can be that first sign of doubt that could lead to the end of an individuals participation of their faith.

While this is a major problem, there are many other issues as well. One of the biggest has to do with the assurance that comes from science. While most scientists believe there is a connection between telepathy and the mind, there are some out there that just can’t accept it. On a lawful approach, some scientists believe that telepathy cannot be numerically measured, tasted, or touched. However, the truth that surrounds this issue is that some scientists are deemed as prejudice. If they can’t feel the emotions themselves, then how are they supposed to accept it as something real? Then again, they understand that instincts can be felt, yet there is no problem accepting this into the world. Oddly enough, these are just as elusive as telepathy. Perhaps it is just a form of jealousy on their part.

They do not have the ability to be telepathic so they automatically discount it. They can laugh, they can cry so they believe in that but they, unlike some do not have the ability to communicate silently so they say it does not exist.

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Telepathy is thought of today, at least by most people, as some kind of ‘magic’-and so, something mystical.

Yet, history proves that all kinds of things that are science today were ‘magic’ back when few people understood them or they were believed to be impossible.


why can’t telepathy be another one of these natural phenomena that is simply written off by many as superstitious magic today because, as of yet, it hasn’t been fully comprehended by science? The area of science that investigates telepathy in humans is called parapsychology or Para physics. The preferred methods used to test the existence of telepathy are always scientific but the results they produce are not always the results that they appreciate.

There have been experiments conducted into telepathic abilities which have yielded some promising data. These experiments need to be conducted using the scientific method that is to say that the results must be measurable, consistent and reproducible. Unfortunately, the experiments and studies done on the subject of telepathy have largely failed to live up to this standard in that the results are inconsistent and are not necessarily reproducible. Skeptics look at this as proof positive that there is no such thing as telepathy. However, it can also be taken as an indication that there is work to be done in measuring telepathic abilities and that we do not yet fully understand how telepathy works; something which is certainly the case.

When you try to understand telepathy it all starts when one person transfers their thoughts and emotions to another person. The definition commonly known is that telepathy is a term for the feelings over a distance.

To communicate telepathically is to do so on a whole different level than what we are used to. It may be wondered by some when did we stop having more profound telepathy as opposed to intuition. It is hard to pinpoint when or why humans lost their ability to communicate telepathically, but it is important to realize that in some forms we feel it every day. It just means we have never been taught its use and the answer is no, it does not. ‘Mental-Muscle’ training You didn’t always know how to speak you had to train your mouth and your vocal chords to form words. Similarly, you need to build the mental ‘muscles’ necessary for telepathy. The part of your mind which controls telepathy is most readily reached while you are in a deeply relaxed trance state. You can produce this state through the use of relaxation techniques, including meditation. You must learn to relax your mind. Then you will easily achieve this state of a trance and when you’ve accomplished this, you are ready to begin to start training your mind, and control at it will.

The human thought process is biochemical. It involves the nervous impulses being bounced from one neuron to another neuron. These transfers of impulses create electrical currents which can be measure even though they are very, very small.

This small magnetic field generated by these currents produce, in the brain, thousands of synapses firing.

Can this bio-electric and bio-magnetic field be used by humans to communicate mind-to-mind? Do these electrical and magnetic waves carry content, or just the brain equivalent of meaningless static? Can people use mental training to control these brain waves? Can techniques like meditation or controlled thought be used to shape these brain waves into meaningful communication? Another problem is the weakness of the electrical or magnetic field. It can easily be drowned out by the electrical and magnetic fields of everyday technologystereos, televisions, computers, even microwaves and refrigerators all send out much larger electrical and magnetic fields.

There are, however, problems with the electrical and magnetic fields. Unfortunately these fields can be overpowered by everyday technology.

For example the microwave, television, refrigerator. These everyday items produce much larger magnetic fields and electrical fields. Is it possible to reach the brains magnetic and electrical fields during an emotionally heightened state, fear, pain or shock? During these emotionally charged times, in the brain, a spiking of bio-magnetic and bio-electric activity is created by neuron synapses firing.

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There are many people out there who don’t even accept the idea that people may have the ability to speak to one another telepathically.

Even though a lot of people don’t believe in telepathy, it’s something which has had a hold over us for centuries now.

There are numerous books and films which feature this ability and many have experimented with telepathic communication over the years. Using telepathy or telepathic communication is something that we do on occasion.

Have you ever been picking up the phone to call someone just to say hi, and right then they called? You just knew they were thinking about you.

Have you ever just known what someone was going to say? Some of these incidences are coincidence, but nearly everybody has had an experience where they knew something they shouldn’t have. It was as if they had read somebody’s mind. As far-fetched as it may sound at first, it is possible to communicate telepathically at will. All of us have this ability naturally, though it usually atrophies through disuse as we age. As long as you’re committed enough to devote time and effort to practicing, you can learn to access your telepathy.

While you can practice on your own, many have a much easier time learning when they have an experienced telepath to guide them through the process.

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Those who talk about telepathy are typically regarded as mystics and their ideas are discounted by the majority of the population. However, is it really too farfetched to consider the idea of telepathy? This ability may just work in ways which we do not yet understand. The area of science that investigates telepathy in humans is called parapsychology or Para physics. The preferred methods used to test the existence of telepathy are always scientific but the results they produce are not always the results that they appreciate. Some telepath experiments have produced intriguing results. But nothing is accepted as ‘scientific’ unless it’s shown to be measurable, consistent, and repeatable. Unfortunately, telepathy experiment results usually fall short on the consistent or repeatable parts, so that many doubt the truth of telepathy.

Then there are researchers who argue that this is merely like Edison’s experiments to create the light bulb-he failed 10,000 times before he finally got it right, but that never meant that electric lights were ‘not real’. They say we just have to design better experiments around this phenomenon.

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In our daily lives, there are many instances in which we communicate with others on a subconscious plane without even realizing it. Did you realize, though, that you can teach your mind to utilize telepathic communication consciously? Most humans have a natural ability for telepathy although it is usually latent. That means that it needs to be consciously developed for it to become a part of our life. This does not mean that we do not use our powers – most people are aware that they can ‘see’ or ‘feel’ things psychically, but most people are not focussed enough for their telepathic powers to be really substantial. Scientist say our though have a frequency and can be measured. A person can learn to use this to contact others and send messages. These thoughts or frequencies must be channeled in the right way in order to be effective in communication.

Telepathy refers to exchanging feelings, thoughts and emotions directly from the mid of one person to the mind of another.

This is a mental ability where communication is made using only the power of the human mind.

All individuals, to some degree, are capable of telepathic powers and the loss of control of this same power is on a conscious level. Even now we all experience a moment of telepathic powers subconsciously, occasionally. Think what it would be like to control such an ability and to communicate with it. The use of ones powers, of the mind, are largely looked at with skepticism from the population at large. How many times have you encountered a depressed and gloomy person when you were having a great day? And within a very short period of time had your own feelings changed and become like that persons. It is not necessarily what that person is talking about. They are actually transferring their negative feelings or emotions right to your subconscious mind. This is a type of telepathy. Studies done scientifically have reported that by reaching into your subconscious mind and also learning how to project your feelings and thoughts toward a certain individual, you are able to actually reactivate any telepathic abilities you have, that have been dormant. We are taught to do this by our parents or grandparents, when we are children, just like any other method of communicating. Our parents train us to speak and have a certain body language, for the purpose of us using the same language and possibly some of the body language. This due to the fact, that all of us have the exact ability to learn communication skills, but we can only communicate in the methods we were taught in. However, unlike your native language, your parents most likely did not teach you how to use your telepathic abilities.

Fortunately, this does not mean that you don’t have the ability to communicate telepathically. It just means that you haven’t learned how to use it yet.