Affirmations And Telepathy

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If you’re practicing alone, this technique can be a great way to learn to focus your mind and your innate telepathic ability. There are equally powerful ways to learn to focus using two people. Try this simple method to hone your telepathic communication skills using two people. Sender and Receiver. Determine who will send the message and who will receive it. For this example, we will make the assumption that you will be sending the message. Since you are the sender your friend the receiver needs to have a pen and paper handy and be prepared to write down what comes into their mind. The receiver may feel silly at first so remember to stress how important it is to write everything down regardless of how trivial it may seem. Visualization. The sender should consider before hand some simple clear images that are easier to pick up on. Select items that most people can identify, such as the silvery moon, yellow bananas or red apples.

These are simple to the point images that you can project and maintain focus of while sending.


ABSTRACT CONCEPTS Mental telepathy at this level uses abstract thoughts, actions and ideas and goes beyond simple colors and shapes. Rarely do telepaths achieve this level of mental telepathy, and experiments have shown that do not do as well on these types of tests. It seems animals have a high telepathic connection with each other, though we have not been able to discern why and how. They can communicate simple things like thirst hunger and other basic needs which can be likened to abstract concepts in the telepathic experiments. Though these concepts are quite simple since animals do not have prefrontal lobes, yet this mode of telepathy in animals remains a mystery. Some philosophers believe that there was time that humans could communicate via telepathy but as they evolved and language developed, this skill was lost. If this theory has some basis in fact then there are chances that this lost art can be revived with the right stimulus! Some scientists believe however that telepathy is in the ‘future’ for mankind, instead of part of the past. If enough people can develop these powers, humans in the future could become telepathic on a higher level.

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Mental telepathy involves directly communicating through thought transference without using the normal senses, but that can be a very broad-based definition.

Things like getting hunches, or having premonitions could fall under the category, but there are some people that can read a person’s inner most thoughts without any other signals and no close relationship to the person.

Mental telepathy covers basic functions that could be close to random guesses to very complex levels of thought transfer abilities. Different levels of mental telepathy can best be demonstrated in these instances: Being able to use kinesics or non-verbal communication to transfer thoughts between two people has been considered mental telepathy on some level.

This can range from simple messages like ‘go away’ to entire conversations that don’t involve language, other than body language or facial expressions. This form of communication is realized more easily and more exactly between people who are very close and familiar, such as spouses, children and their parents and sometimes even friends that are very close. Many refuse to accept this kind of non verbal communication as mental telepathy because they feel that the subjects use expressions and other senses sans the sound to communicate. Truly speaking they are right. However, we cannot completely disregard the role of mental telepathy here since the very reason that non verbal communication is so effective between people who are familiar to each other is due to the fact that their minds are more in synch with each other than with strangers. Though this kind of an argument can be contested with an argument that the reason why non verbal communication is so effective between two people who know each other is because they understand each others subtle gestures and can interpret the slightest body language.

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Intermediate Telepathy Test:- Once it becomes noticeable that your results are improving with the basic test for telepathy, you should start to increase your range a little more. Conduct the basic telepathy flash cards and this would be the easiest.

This time have the sender and receiver in separate room. Use a speaker phone or another device to verify images being received by the receiver. Once again, this step could take a little practice and patients, as it’s often more difficult to send images telepathically over a longer distance, but it’s also a little harder to pick up images with the chance of distraction interfering with results.

You can use any one of the many telepathy tests available to test for the presence of psychic abilities, practice and build the strength of your telepathic skills.

Find a telepathy test that works well for you in your schedule and also one that you are most comfortable with.