Affirmations And Telepathy

telepathy game

Focus You’ll have to practice keeping focused while you are in a trance state.

Place your focus on the person you’d like to telepathically communicate with. Once you reach a trance state, visualize this person and start projecting positive thoughts their way. Next, visualize this person receiving your telepathic communication; keep visualizing this for a few minutes to give this person time to receive your metal transmissions. It’s important to completely terminate your focus. You need to do this so the individual will feel the disconnection between you and promptly re-establish the connection with you in return. The point of learning to focus while on your own is so that when you begin your training with a partner, your mind will already be receptive and ready to receive impressions and images more easily.

Partner Practice – One person should be chosen as the receiver and the other the sender. A simple item to project should be picked by the sender. An item that is of bright clear colors and easy to recognize. The receiver will write down all telepathic communications that they receive.

At the end of each practice session, compare notes and see how many images and impressions are correct. The more practice you get, the more accurate your image reception will become.


ABSTRACT CONCEPTS: Mental telepathy at this level uses abstract thoughts, actions and ideas and goes beyond simple colors and shapes. Rarely do telepaths achieve this level of mental telepathy, and experiments have shown that do not do as well on these types of tests. It seems animals have a high telepathic connection with each other, though we have not been able to discern why and how. They can communicate simple things like thirst hunger and other basic needs which can be likened to abstract concepts in the telepathic experiments. Though these concepts are quite simple since animals do not have prefrontal lobes, yet this mode of telepathy in animals remains a mystery. Some philosophers believe that there was time that humans could communicate via telepathy but as they evolved and language developed, this skill was lost. If this theory has some basis in fact then there are chances that this lost art can be revived with the right stimulus! Another school of thought says that psychic powers, telepathy and other ESP functions are a thing of the more evolved future. Many people feel that with the advent and further evolution of man, almost all humans will be accomplished telepaths in the future.

You Can Learn Telepathy And Develop Psychic Abilities!

To the people living a century ago, all these things would have been considered impossible. But we know that they do exist. This begs the question: Is it not possible that telepathic people are merely operating in a way that science does not yet understand? But by much telepathy is still viewed as nothing more than magic. Para physics or parapsychology is an area of science tasked with the study of telepathic people. Although scientific tests and studies are always the preferred methods used, those conducting these experiments do not always appreciate the results of them. Some telepath experiments have produced intriguing results. But nothing is accepted as ‘scientific’ unless it’s shown to be measurable, consistent, and repeatable. Unfortunately, telepathy experiment results usually fall short on the consistent or repeatable parts, so that many doubt the truth of telepathy. Then there are researchers who argue that this is merely like Edison’s experiments to create the light bulb-he failed 10,000 times before he finally got it right, but that never meant that electric lights were ‘not real’. They say we just have to design better experiments around this phenomenon.


There is a lot of practice involved and you’ll need to spend plenty of time working on your mental focus.

It’s preferable to practice with someone else, since this makes it easier to accurately judge how well you’re coming along. Choose someone that you know well and who is interested in learning about telepathy as well. Someone who isn’t interested and doesn’t believe in it will only be a hindrance to you. If you are already “in tune” with the person, this will make it easier. If you already feel like you can communicate with them without words, you will have a jump-start. Think of it as the door to their mind is already open to you a little bit and this makes it easier to open it wider. Start with simple thoughts like colors and shapes, with one of you sending and the other receiving.

Make sure to write down what you’re trying to send and what you receive so you can compare notes afterwards.

The limits of communicating telepathically have not been found. People who can achieve this can sometimes communicate over very long distances.