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You’ll need to be patient as you practice communicating telepathically.

This is something which takes time and there’s more to it than simply bringing your latent abilities to the surface – you also have to learn how to control it, so regular practice and a lot of time and patience are necessary. In a way, it’s like learning a second language. At first, it seems as if you’ll never master it and it’s easy to become frustrated but with time and dedication, it eventually becomes a natural means of expression as you gain fluency. When you have a friend to practice with, you can provide each other the support and encouragement you need to stick with it. In order to prevent frustration as you learn to communicate with others telepathically is to keep your practice sessions short. If you’ve had some success but you seem to be hitting a wall, call it quits for the day, before you tire yourself out. Don’t go more than 15 minutes or so if it’s not working for you – you can always try again later. As long as you’re able to keep up a regular routine of practice with a partner who is trying to learn to communicate telepathically and especially if you have an experienced guide to rely on for advice, you can learn to use this natural mental power. When you’re finally able to use this ability at will, it’s an experience which is so rewarding that all of the effort will seem well worth it.


All forms of communication have to be taught to us; you weren’t born knowing how to talk in your native language, it is merely something you picked up by noticing and imitating your family. Most likely, telepathy is not a subject your parents tried to teach you; but this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use this ability. It only means that you haven’t learned how to make use of it yet. The centers in your mind that controls telepathic communication works better on the sub-conscious level, or alternatively in the trance-like hypnotic phase. This trance phase is a level of tranquility all of us are capable of reaching without much difficulty. The secret is to exercise relaxation techniques until you can easily attain the trance phase. Once you have obtained this, you’ll be in the right direction in mastering your telepathic capabilities.

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Basic Telepathy Test:- Perhaps the simplest form of telepathy test is the card test. This is best conducted with two people and a set of psychic flash cards. A quiet place is necessary for both concentration and to sit facing each other during this test. No interruptions. One individual will be sender and the other individual will be the receiver. The receiver may not see the cards and the sender will send the image of the picture. This can take quite a bit of practice for the sender to focus and concentrate on the image they want the receiver to pick up. The person receiving the images should concentrate on any impressions they see in their mind’s eye.

Never try to second-guess the impressions you see. Just say the first thing that comes into your head. Write your responses down for the entire set of flash cards. Be sure to take into consideration the element of luck. There will be responses that may be a lucky guess. A high level of correct answers may indicate possible latent psychic abilities.

These could be developed over time. Also, this particular type of test is not always best to use as a telepathy test. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.


Many different telepathy test are available to you.

All of which can help you in measuring your psychic abilities. Although there is an element of luck with them, however, over time and many trials the results will determine if you do have telepathic abilities or whether you are merely guessing. Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range. Keep in mind that clairvoyance, ESP, precognition and telepathy are all a part of the same telepathic skill-set, so developing one aspect of these abilities can lead to an increase in the power of the others by default.It’s possible to access your own sub-conscious using meditation and deep breathing exercises that help to open your mind and expand your focus. These exercises can often help you access more aspects of your psychic and telepathic skills and help to develop that part of your mind responsible for these skills. No matter how little telepathic or psychic ability you have right now, it is possible to develop your talent further, both in strength and range. However, it’s hard to know where you need improvement unless you use a telepathy test to indicate your current skills.

Telepathy Just Fact or Fiction

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Many different telepathy test are available to you. All of which can help you in measuring your psychic abilities. Although there is an element of luck with them, however, over time and many trials the results will determine if you do have telepathic abilities or whether you are merely guessing.

A telepathy test is simply to test you for psychic ability and others were designed to measure the range of you ability and its strength. It is best to keep in mind that all of the telepathic skill-set includes ESP, precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. And developing one may lead to an increase in other powers of telepathy by default.By using deep breathing and meditation exercises it’s possible to access your sub-conscious. This exercising of your mind will expand your focus by opening your mind and can often lead you to access your telepathic and psychic abilities.

That also leads to developing the part of your brain which is responsible for these abilities. Regardless the amount of your telepathic or psychic powers, at the moment, your telepathy skills and the strength range of your skills can be developed even further. It is, however, hard to know in what area you may need improvement. This can be accomplished with a telepathy test.


In this there is no written or verbal words, only ideas are sent or received and it is understood to be instinctual. There is only mind to mind contact and no utilization of any of the normal five senses. Emotional,mental and physical are three sorts of telepathy. Prior to you trying telepathy, you must be able to identify the one that suits you, according to your very own capabilities. Below are some mental telepathy activities.

Card Activity – In telepathy prior to proceeding towards any type of workout you need to guarantee that your thoughts are in the present, there is no past or future state of mind. Keep yourself relaxed and at peace.

You need to organize the following things: piece of paper, a pack of cards, pencil to make note of the score. Following decide on the roles of sender and receiver.

Sit against each other’s back. Cards are shuffled by the sender and he chooses one card out of the deck. Then this card is touched to provide an indicator that the card selection is finished and is shared with the receiver. After getting the signal the receiver makes an attempt to visualize the card color and he needs to talk out loud by revealing the card color. There is another more advanced variation of this activity that can be done. In this more advanced stage the number on the card is made use of instead to the color of the card.

Telepathy is often referred to as the sixth sense, making it possible that everyone has telepathy how to powers and can learn how to put these powers to use. Even if you haven’t been trained formally in telepathy, how to use it often comes naturally to people when they are in particularly stressful situations. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to hone telepathic skills in a calm state when you actually want to learn about them.

Then, test yourself in such a peaceful situation.

You can get a partner, such as a relative or friend, to help you with this. For example, gather some photos or small items together, like pens, rubber bands, or pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down together, facing away from each other in the same room, or in different rooms. Make sure distractions are not present. One of the things that makes telepathy, how to do it, much easier is to be absolutely present in the now, focused on what’s happening as you’re doing it. One of the partners in your telepathic exercises should be the sender, and the other should be the receiver. The person sending the information should take one of the objects of pictures at a time and then concentrate on sending an image of the item or picture to the receiver. If you don’t want to focus on items or pictures, you can also simply think of mind pictures, words, strong emotions, or colors. You should agree on a signal before you begin your exercises.

Receiver. The receiver should remain calm, relaxed, and focused. He should open his mind and be willing to receive impressions and images, and should write down whatever images may come to mind. Your receiver needs to believe in the images he is receiving. Results.

At the end of your telepathic practice session, compare notes with the receiver about the impressions and images that were sent and received. You should quickly realize that even minds inexperienced in telepathic communication can often receive vague impressions.

Even though you will not get them all right the first time you try, you should see a few that match up. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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Understanding All About Telepathy

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In our daily lives, there are many instances in which we communicate with others on a subconscious plane without even realizing it.

Did you realize, though, that you can teach your mind to utilize telepathic communication consciously? Human telepathy is a natural inborn ability.

However, in the majority of humans this ability is never harnessed and guided into becoming one of the conscious senses for use in daily life. This is not to say that we do not use it.

It means simply that the majority of individuals do not understand how to focus their minds in the degree of making communication likely. It has been scientifically proven that there is a frequency of thought. It is possible to train your mind to control this frequency of your thought and not just that you can also direct your thoughts at the direction you want to. This is the main principle of telecommunication.

In this there is no written or verbal words, only thoughts are sent or received and it is recognized to be instinctual. There is only direct communication between the minds and no utilization of the five senses. There are three varieties of telepathy:- physical, mental and emotional.

In order to discover telepathy one must be able to identify the best ones according to one’s own capabilities. Now let us look at some psychological telepathy activities. Card Activity – In telepathy before proceeding towards any activity you need to guarantee that your thoughts are in the present, there is no past or future mindset.

Keep yourself relaxed and at peace. You have to arrange the following things: pad of paper, a pack of cards, pencil to make note of the score. The cards are shuffled by the sender initially then he chooses one.

The sender then taps the card as a signal that a color has been chosen by him and is being sent to the receiver. Now the receiver tries to identify the color of the card and say the result aloud. In an advanced stage, an alternative of this workout can easily be done. In this advanced stage as an alternative to the color, the number of the card can easily be used to send across to the receiver.You need to make sure that there are more number cards than picture cards.

Focus Maintaining the focusing of your mind, in a state of trance, may be difficult to learn to master. However, during your next trance state focus, concentrate on an individual, who you want to contact you. Think of this person, in your mind and send (mentally) happy thoughts. Picture this person receiving your mental message of happy feelings and thoughts.

Keep your focus on this individual till you think the person feels the connection. It’s important to completely terminate your focus. You need to do this so the individual will feel the disconnection between you and promptly re-establish the connection with you in return. The point of learning to focus while on your own is so that when you begin your training with a partner, your mind will already be receptive and ready to receive impressions and images more easily. Partner Practice – When practicing telepathy with a partner, one partner will send mental images and thoughts to be received by the other.

Start by sending simple images like bright colors to the receiver and work your way up to more complex images and thoughts. The receiver should keep a writing utensil and paper close at hand so that they can write down any communications they receive from the sender. After ending the session, the sender and receiver should compare their results and see how successful the session has been. Don’t worry if it’s difficult as first. Like any other skill, it will become easier with practice.

Many animal trainers and scientists researching the ways animal communicate have become convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that animals are using telepathic communications in addition to other means of reaching each other, and sometimes their telepathic communications extend over vast distances. Groups of primitive cultures have been thought to have telepathic abilities. Some of the more aboriginal tribes of today are said to still be engaging in some sort of telepathy. Even if you have never considered it before, the truth of the matter is that telepathy is just a different language that can be taught and learned. We already acknowledge those who can’t speak correctly or read as well as others, so we should also help those who have problems developing their telepathic powers. It may just be that it has been bred out of us or that we lost the need for it due to other forms of communication. When you hear people talk about the “sixth sense,” they are often referring to things such as telepathy and other psychic powers. Others may call it the “third eye”.

There are different ways of describing it but it is all based on the use of powers outside of what we call ‘normal’. People all the time experience ‘gut feelings’ that turn out to be accurate guideposts, feel as if someone is looking at them from behind (which turns out often to be true), have intuitive perceptions about another person that largely turn out to be accurate, have a ‘strange feeling’ that someone they haven’t been in touch with in a while is going to contact them or visit them and it happens, get the feeling that someone they love is in danger and it turns out to be true (this most commonly happens between mother and child, but it’s not limited to that), and so on. These are all aspects of telepathy.

Trance And The Power Of Telepathy

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We only use ten percent of the brain to function and survive throughout life. A huge part of our brains remains unused.

What many of us don’t realize is that all of us are born with a natural ability to communicate without speaking or even moving our bodies. This is the essence of telepathic communication. Most of us are raised to think and act like our elders.

Our speech and behavior is patterned after what we learn from our adult role models. Since our parents didn’t know how to use their minds to reach and communicate with you, you never developed this skill either. Consequently those abilities have faded into the background simply to surface on those occasions of instantly knowing who is on the other end of the phone when it rings. Is this forewarning a form of clairvoyance? Or did your mind simply receive a subconscious telepathic call from the person calling you?


Color Workout, Again the beginning of this exercise is to ensure first that your mind is in the present times. 2 people are needed to do this; one is the sender and the other the receiver.

Organize for color pencils and decide between the two of you the sender – receiver role. The color selection is made by the sender and the receiver mentally thinking of the color. The sender then either agrees or disagrees and the exact same exercise is duplicated again. This exercise needs to be repeated until the receiver is able to get the right answer. After these standard exercises are done, the next degree of mastery of this must be moved into. All this is referred to as psychology which is incredibly complicated and spends some time to obtain mastery.

Keep duplicating these activities till success is accomplished.

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When we stop to take a look around ourselves at the world in which we live, we will see planes flying people all over the planet. Computers and other high tech devices communicate with each other. We live in a world where something as simple as a lighter can conjure up a flame in someone’s hand. Yet, there are people who dismiss the possibility of telepathy as merely the stuff of fiction.

Some have said that a technology that is advanced enough becomes so similar to magic that they cannot be distinguished between. Thanks to what we have accomplished through science and technology we have been able to do things that people would have insisted to be impossible, nothing more than delusions of grandeur. Yet not only have we managed to explore the unchartered ocean depths but we have even walked upon the moon itself, and explored the universe. While this would astound the people of yesteryear, we ourselves notice its primitiveness as we envision other more advanced things in the future. With what we have learned we have harnessed the energy of the wind, water and even the sun. And most of us carry a small gadget that allows us to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere on earth.

There are many people out there who don’t even accept the idea that people may have the ability to speak to one another telepathically. Even though a lot of people don’t believe in telepathy, it’s something which has had a hold over us for centuries now. There are numerous books and films which feature this ability and many have experimented with telepathic communication over the years.

As it happens, all of us communicate using telepathy sometimes. For example, you’ve probably picked up the phone intending to call a friend when they call you before you can even finish dialing their number. You may have also had the experience of knowing exactly what someone was thinking, only to have them confirm it when they speak. In some cases, this is just a coincidence, but these are such common occurrences that many suspect that there is more to these phenomena.

As far-fetched as it may sound at first, it is possible to communicate telepathically at will. All of us have this ability naturally, though it usually atrophies through disuse as we age. As long as you’re committed enough to devote time and effort to practicing, you can learn to access your telepathy. While you can practice on your own, many have a much easier time learning when they have an experienced telepath to guide them through the process.

Transmitting Your Thoughts Using Telepathy

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Focus This can be difficult for many it takes some practice to be able to stay focused while in a trance state. Practice by focusing on someone you’d like to communicate with the next time you are practicing your relaxation techniques.

Visualize this person, trying to project positive thoughts towards them.

Next, visualize them receiving these thoughts. Keep focused on this until you feel that the person you’re thinking of has had time to receive these thoughts. It’s important to stop the contact between you by withdrawing your focus totally. This person will notice the break in communication between you and promptly re-establish the connection between you. Keep practicing this way.

This will prepare you to send and receive telepathic messages once you begin training with a partner. Practice with a Partner! – Have a buddy help you, and one of you be the one that sends the thoughts or feelings, and then the other one of you need to be the one who receives them. You need to project things that are familiar and easy to send. They could be things that are brightly colored or something simple to recognize. Prepared with pad and a pen or pencil, the receiver will be ready to record all thoughts and impressions that comes to their mind. The end of each session you will compare notes and see what impressions and images are matched. The more you practice the more accurately, the images you are receiving will become.

EMPATHY Empathy can be defined as the capability or the knack to understand the mental and emotional state of the other person by putting yourself in his place. Some people have a lot of empathy while some just don’t have it. However, empathy is something that can be increased by persistence and training. You can take actors for instance. With time actors become experts in understanding the state of mind of the character that they play that they can even laugh and cry at the same things that the character does. Most people have experienced ‘sympathetic pain’feeling another person’s pain as if it were your own.

For example, after witnessing someone close to you break their arm, you may experience an uncomfortable feeling or even an ache in your arm, even though you know it’s fine. Similarly, when someone close to you is experiencing an overwhelming emotion, such as joy, grief, or depression, you may feel an echo of the same emotion inside you. Finally, there is the phenomena of long distance empathy. In this case, a person suddenly knowsthey FEEL itthat someone close to them is in danger, has been hurt, or is in pain, even though they are not near the person at the time. Psychologists dismiss such feelings as an overactive imagination instead of empathetic mental telepathy.

It is true that they do have a point, as other senses, such as visual and audible stimulants are used here. Could we feel the sympathy pains if we did not see it? Yet, this does not explain the strange experiences of long-distance empathy


One Basic Telepathy Test:- The simplest form of testing for telepathy are the cards. Two people would be needed to use the form of testing with psychic flash cards. Choose a quiet location where you can both concentrate without interruptions and sit facing each other.

One person needs to be the sender and the other will be the receiver.

The person you’ve chosen to be the sender needs to send an image of the picture on the flash card without allowing the receiver to see the card directly. Practice, quit a bit of it, is required for the sender to concentrate and focus on the image being sent to the receiver. The individual receiving needs to concentrate on any impressions they are seeing in their mind. No second guessing here. First impressions – just name the first image that comes into your head. Record your responses over the entire pack of flash cards. Your results should take into account an element of luck, as there will be some responses that could be lucky guesses. However, a high incidence of correct answers could indicate a latent psychic ability that could be developed with a little patience. Keep in mind that this type of telepathy test is not always the best test to use. This is because your friend may not have a strong level of psychic ability and may not be sending strong images, which can skew your results.

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Learning to communicate telepathically takes a lot of practice and the ability to focus your mind. When you have someone else to practice your skills with, it’s far easier to develop this skill – it can be hard to gauge your progress if you’re doing it alone. Best of all is to practice with someone you know very well who is interested in learning to use their own telepathy. When you work with someone who is not trying to learn themselves, it can do more harm than good.

A person you’re already close to and have experience communicating with makes learning to “talk” telepathically all that much easier to do. It’s best to start with small goals. Try having one of you act as the transmitter and the other as the receiver, with both of you writing down the message you’re sending or what you seem to be receiving from the other person. Simple thoughts are the easiest to start with; try colors, shapes and other very easy to interpret thoughts as you begin. The limits of communicating telepathically have not been found. People who can achieve this can sometimes communicate over very long distances.

How Telepathy Really Is Possible To Learn!

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The person doing the “sending” will concentrate on sending telepathic messages to the person receiving them, and the receiver will then concentrate on receiving the information sent by the sender. The receiver should be absolutely relaxed such that he or she will be absolutely open to whatever the sender is going to send, including images, emotions, pictures, etc. The receiver can record whatever he or she receives from the sender by writing it down. Or, a sender can simply say that he or she is finished concentrating on a particular item and then the receiver can verbalize what he or she has seen. It works best to practice telepathy, how to do it, if you and your partner agree beforehand on a particular signal. For example, you can agree simply to focus on colors, such that the receiver will simply say, “purple,” when he or she receives an image, with the sender then responding “yes” or “no” before moving on to something else. When you’re first beginning to practice telepathy, start with just 10 minutes a session before you try to make them longer or more complex. Each session can be “mixed up” a bit by having each partner play the part of the sender and receiver for part of the time. As you become more advanced in your telepathic skills, you can make images, etc., more complex by moving onto playing cards, and then focusing on the card suit or the number displayed. As you continue to practice, keep a record of the sessions you’ve done so that you can see how much progress you’ve made in your telepathic ability development. You can also learn telepathy how to without using a partner.

As a beginner you can focus on putting out a signal to those you already have a close spiritual or mental bond with to make the telepathic message more likely to be received. With this person in mind, turn your energies to sending them a message or getting them to take an action.

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Can humans really have telepathic abilities? Is it possible for them to communicate using their thoughts alone? There are other means of communication which we can’t perceive with our five senses but are no less real for example, you can’t see radio waves, but they are certainly real. Of course, our minds are not radio transmission equipment.

Is this then possibly ‘thought waves?’ Scientifically proven to exist and generated by the brain and studies of telepathy are based on. Explaining this information in easier to understand terms will be a little difficult, so please stay with us.

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Or, for example, you could focus on getting a friend or family member to call you, or planting idea in your head that your spouse should bring home something you need. Don’t be surprised when the person on the receiving end of your message will suddenly call home or alter what they were going to do because you’ve sent them a telepathic message.

Pets, too, can be great tools for learning telepathy, how to master it. Animals are very open to this type of process, so you may be able to quickly pick up on when your pet is hungry, uncomfortable, ill, and so on. As you continue to master telepathy, move on to practicing telepathic skills on people you don’t know. For example, you can begin to increase telepathic abilities by focusing on people you are only casually acquainted with, neighbors, coworkers, and others you come in regular contact with but are not close to.

Pay attention if you notice that someone is experiencing an intense emotion, and you may be able to sense actual words or thoughts coming from their minds.

Mental telepathy skill can involve misleadingly broad talents.

While the most accepted definition of mental telepathy may mean the direct communication of thoughts between people without using any of the five senses, some forms are questionable. Having a creepy feeling that you are being watched is much different in meaning than being able to pick the plans from a scientist’s mind for a secret assignment. Huge ranges of abilities from the very basic to the more complex have been defined as mental telepathy. We will delve into mental telepathy and some of the varying levels. The exclusive use of body language, eyes and facial expressions to communicate is known as kinesics. This mode of communication does not involve talking or even lip synch. People are known to carry out entire conversations in this mode and the most common example is between parents who want to say something to each other without their child knowing it.

This kind of communication is fairly easy between people who are mentally attuned to each other or familiar with each other. Family, close friends, spouses fall in this category. This may not count as mental telepathy, as the two people are using their senses to communicate, just not verbally and this is correct. However, mental telepathy plays a role, because their minds are more attuned to each other because of extended exposure to the way the others mind may think and some predictability comes into play, so there is a sort of mental connection. Two people that know each other well enough to understand more subtle body language, or have created nonverbal signals to communicate, might be argued that it is not be classified as mental telepathy.

How Anyone Can Find Out The Secrets of Telepathy

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Nearly all of the things that science knows and can understand today were once ‘mystical’-that is, they were mysteries. And some people who were able to figure out a few of these mysteries back in a world when the concept of science as we know it today did not exist was said by others do to ‘magic’.

So-why can’t telepathy be yet another mystery-a true natural phenomenon, one that science has yet to fully flesh out for itself, one which can be made into a ‘technology’ by those who do comprehend it. Investigation, by scientists, of people who are telepathic, is called parapsychology or paraphysics. Even those who investigate this use scientific methods and experiments to get answers to questions on telepathy regardless of what the answer may be or whether it’s the answer they are looking for. Oftentimes the results of the experiments are very intriguing.

For something like telepathy to be considered by the science world to be a scientific fact it has to be possible to measure it, the results must be consistent, and the results must be repeatable. However, when it comes to telepathy the results are not always repeatable or consistent. While science then declares telepathy as improvable of unsubstantiated, others point out that perhaps they just haven’t invented the proper tests yet, since we still do not know or understand why some people are telepathic.

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Like many other skills, especially those that are of a psychic nature, telepathy is something most of us can do, but we don’t know how best to use it. What is telepathy? It’s the ability to communicate with other people by using mind power instead of by using regular communication methods.

With telepathy, how you communicate is to directly practice “transference” of sensations, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even mental images to others, without using other more ordinary forms of communication. Telepathy: How Is It Done? Many of us display small signs of telepathic ability without even realizing it. Horse whispers, have a heightened telepathic relationship with animals that allow them to know what they are thinking. Twins can often finish each other sentences and carry on entire conversations using only the power of their minds. Even regular siblings can often just look at each other and know what the other is thinking about or feeling.

When married couples and lovers are in heightened states, they can sense if the other is in danger, under attack, or has even died. This is telepathy, how can it be explained however?

Brief occurrences of telepathy have been documented in cases where a mother knows that her child is in distress even though they are apart from each other.

During the heightened emotional state of the mother her synapses are firing more neurons simultaneously. It would certainly seem that a link exists between the spike in the bio-electrical and bio-magnetic waves and the occurrences of telepathy.

With the use of mainstream science there is just no way to prove that telepathy in hums exists beyond a shadow of a doubt. But we are seeing slow changes as science continues to increase its studies into telepathy. And with this increase in studies science is showing that telepathy does exist and anyone can learn to become telepathic with training.

Many animals can convey thoughts or feeling without speaking or touching. This may be known as instinctual behavior, but many believe animals are more than likely telepathic. Many who study this behavior in animals claim it to be true and since there is no science that disproves it, it can be believed.

Scientifically it is thought that many tribes that have not had the benefit of modern technology still communicate with telepathy. While it is sometimes equated to be far fetched, that is obviously not the case. The perception of telepathy needs to be one that is possibly inherited and an ability that can be learned. It is just like learning to communicate with a new language or learning anything new for that matter. Just because you can’t do it, does not mean that it does not exist. Maybe you are the one that is a little lacking on your learning abilities! It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability when once it was as pronounced in some as being musical can bring out a response from another. What it comes down to is that telepathy and that “sixth sense” is connected. You may know the term “third eye” to be a more descriptive answer in your area. ‘Gut feeling’ is often a term that is used when someone thinks they are getting an idea, good or bad, as to how something is going to happen. You also have heard the stories of premonitions that were experienced by one family member or another about their child or sibling that was possibly in danger.

These stories go on and on and they are merely dismissed as coincidence when in fact they are a form of telepathy. By definition, they fit the description to a tee.


Telepathy And Communication

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Color Workout– When you are doing telepathy workouts you have to guarantee that your mind does not wander and remains in the present, not the past or the future. You now need to get someone else to aid you with this. You require some different color pencils between you.

Both of you have to decide on that is the sender and who will definitely become the receiver. Following one individual makes the collection of the color in his mind and starts to share it with the additional individual mentally. The receiver should make an effort and peer into the mind of the sender to learn about the chosen color and then talk aloud about the color chosen. Whether the option of the color spoken by the receiver was appropriate or incorrect is told by the sender then this exercise is repeated again till the receiver has the ability to get the best color. The receiver and sender should exchange locations after about 15 minutes. After these fundamental workouts are done, the following degree of mastery of this must be moved into. All this is referred to as psychology which is really complex and spends some time to gain mastery. Keep duplicating these workouts till success is attained.


Concentrate on someone who you want to telepathically link with as you relax and stay concentrated as you slip into a hypnotic state. Visualize them and channel positive thoughts. Imagine them getting your thoughts remain centered on this until the beneficiary has had sufficient time to comprehend your thoughts. Then, interrupt the transmission. You need to interrupt the telepathic link so that they can feel this transmission being severed and begin trying to contact you with their own thoughts. Keep exercising and start telepathy training with a partner, this practice should have prepared you well for sending and receiving telepathic communications. One partner will be the sender and the other will be the receiver in this practice. The transmitter should start by transmitting simple thoughts such as bright colors. Then the person acting as receiver should keep a pen and pad nearby so that they are able to write down any transmissions they receive from the sender.

After that, sender and receiver compare notes to evaluate how successful the exercise has been. You should try not to get discouraged; telepathy is an capability which takes practice, but you will improve over time.

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CONCRETE LEVELS OF PROOF Another branch or form of mental telepathy involves the communication of tangible symbols and items between two people. This definitely does not involve the five senses.

Communicating at this telepathic level requires high awareness, practice and application. This kind of telepathy needs a defined sender and receiver as well. Here the principle is that simpler concepts are easily communicated. For instance an animal is more difficult to communicate than a shape or color. Experiments in telepathy are often conducted on this level. The Zener cards used in tests of mental telepathy are simple, concrete black-and-white symbols (a circle, square, star, plus sign, and three wavy lines). On one hand, skeptics and critics of the Zener cards have pointed out that with only five cards to choose from, even a random guess has a 20% chance of being right.

On the other hand, one could argue that a shared, known, limited set of concrete symbols increases the ability of the sender and receiver to coordinate their thoughts. Furthermore, although anyone can get a 20% success rate with enough guesses, a success rate of 50% or higher (which have happened) can not be explained away by simple statistics.

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Most people do not really understand the term ‘mental telepathy’. The definition of mental telepathy implies that two people are able to share their thoughts with each other without the intervention of the five senses. Nevertheless mental telepathy can involve a range of varied communication ranging from trying to watch somebody to trying to read someone’s mind.

The science of telepathy has many facets to it which can range from utterly simple to highly evolved. The aim of this article is to delve into the various forms of mental telepathy The exclusive use of body language, eyes and facial expressions to communicate is known as kinesics.

This mode of communication does not involve talking or even lip synch.

People are known to carry out entire conversations in this mode and the most common example is between parents who want to say something to each other without their child knowing it. This kind of communication is fairly easy between people who are mentally attuned to each other or familiar with each other. Family, close friends, spouses fall in this category. Does this count as true mental telepathy because they are using their senses to communicate? Certainly even a visual clue involves using sight and there was obviously some sort of clue that could be seen and interpreted by the wife in the above example, so this would not qualify as mental telepathy. While this may be correct, it doesn’t mean that mental telepathy wasn’t involved at some level, possibly. Non-verbal or kinesics communication occurs most successfully between people who are sensitive to each other’s actions. Because the two people are close in relationship, they may be able to pick up on clues, understand body language, or other nonverbal signals to communicate, so this does not involve mental telepathy.

Can Anyone Use Their Powers Of Telepathy?

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It could be that religious fervor has taken the place of telepathy in more modern times. Our faith has been put into our religious icons as opposed to inherent talents. Also, telepathy is thought to be an evil incarnation and has been shunned because of this.

The debate over this subject continues to surface every now and again, but the truth of the matter is that religions have a lot of power over our civilization. We are taught that our own natural abilities should be pushed aside for the Messiah, the Savior, or the Prophet (depending on your religion).

Do you ever wonder why this is so? Why are religions so anti-telepathy? The answer is likely to lie in the power hunger of so many religious ‘leaders’ and authorities who don’t want their own alleged divine powers challenged by telepaths. Of course, not every religious leader is like this, but too many are and have been throughout history.

Then of course if it’s not religious talk, you can always turn to the scientific thoughts. There are some scientists who are a little more open and have linked telepathy to certain times in history but the hard nosed members of this group say that if it cannot be measured mathematically, then it does in fact not exist. That being the case, it cannot seriously be considered as reality. Oddly enough, the very people that show the resistance to telepathy as actually existing are the same people who believe in emotions and instincts! How is that possible? Is that not a form of prejudice in and of itself? The answer of course is yes.

You see, the scientists that state telepathy is not real experience emotions themselves, therefore they believe. They also experience instincts, be they right or wrong, so they also believe in those. It is their inability to use their own telepathic skills that result in this prejudice. Maybe it’s just jealousy on their part. After all, most individuals hate it when something can’t be explained, yet someone else can do it. When a phenomenon like telepathy comes along, it’s much easier to tell us it’s an instinctive response as opposed to an extraordinary power of the mind.

As it is with other forms of transmission, we are programmed as children by our elders. Our parents teach us speech and body language, so that we mimic the same tongue and even the same accents. This is because as humans, we all have the same ability to learn to transmit, but we only communicate in the ways in which our parents taught us. What if they never taught us to use that ‘other’ skill the one where we can transmit thoughts with our minds – telepathic transmission? Does this mean we won’t be able to do it? No. It just means we don’t know yet how. The parts of your mind that masters telepathy works better on the subconscious level, or alternatively in the trance-like hypnotic phase. This trance phase is a level of relaxation all humans can reach without much difficulty. Learn to relax your mind so that you can reach your trance state without difficulty.

When you can reach this point, you’ve begun to exercise your mind to be controlled at will.

Focus You’ll have to practice keeping focused while you are in a trance state.

Place your focus on the person you’d like to telepathically communicate with.

Picture this person and project only positive thoughts. You need to also envision this person accepting these thoughts into their mind. Remain focused as long as it takes for you to feel that the person is connected to you. Then, stop focusing and break the telepathic link.

They will feel this line of communication being severed and try to reestablish contact between your minds. Keep practicing this technique; once you start telepathy training with a partner, this practice should have prepared you well for sending and receiving telepathic communications. Partner Practice – With this practice one should be the sender and the other person needs to be the receiver. The one who is sending needs to select some easy items to project. These should be things that are well known objects and brightly colored. The receiver will write down all telepathic communications that they receive.

Afterwards, sender and receiver compare notes to assess how successful the exercise has been. Don’t get discouraged; telepathy is an ability which takes practice, but you will improve over time.

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It is common knowledge amongst those who work with various variety of animals that some possess a type of telepathy for speaking to each other or conveying thoughts. Some mammals such as whales have been thought to be able to use this to send out messages over miles and miles of ocean. Many years ago it was believed that primitive tribes possessed the power of telepathy, and anthropologists still believe it today. Telepathy does not need to be feared nor it is very well understood, but it is apart of every humans make up. Many have had telepathic experiences without even knowing it. Maybe it was taught to young children of primitive civilizations they way we teach our children today to speak and read.

If one had difficulty, there were probably shown ways to over come the difficulty in learning to use telepathy. One thing to understand is that most of our societies over many thousands of years have simply lost their telepathic powers. Even though it is just as natural, now we use only speech and the common five senses. Some people consider this another sense altogether. That is considered to be the sixth sense to many.

It also comes in many other names depending on the era and region. It is now basically considered an instinct. There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother.

Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be normal in her every day diet.

By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate it’s need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.

The Science Of Telepathy

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Do Twins Have ESP – Exploring Twin Telepathy – Twin ESP

Ninety percent of our brains are unused by humans.

What that part of the brain is for remains undiscovered.

The remaining ten percent is used to function in daily life. What most of us aren’t aware of is that we’re all born with the innate ability to communicate with each other without having to speak a word out loud or even move a muscle physically. Most of us are raised to think and act like our elders. Our speech and behavior is patterned after what we learn from our adult role models.

Since our parents didn’t know how to use their minds to reach and communicate with you, you never developed this skill either. And so the ability fades into the background to surface on those odd occasions when the telephone rings and you just instantly know who’s on the other end. Is this feeling a form of clairvoyance? Did you just receive a subconscious telepathic call from the person who is calling you now?

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It is common knowledge amongst those who work with various variety of animals that some possess a type of telepathy for speaking to each other or conveying thoughts. Some mammals such as whales have been thought to be able to use this to send out messages over miles and miles of ocean.

While humans in the West consider this to be a phenomenon, there are still primitive tribes around today who naturally use the power of telepathy. This way they can communicate with one another silently and secretly. Esoteric is often a word used to describe telepathy, but it should not be. It should be viewed in a like manner of any learned ability. If you have difficulties learning a language or reading, why can you not have trouble perfecting your ability to be telepathic? It is very possible that if you have some type of learning disorder, it will affect your ability to train this form of communication. It is not something that is readily considered but it should be. It’s unfortunate, but our civilization has lost its ability to stretch the telepathic mind.

Even though it’s a natural part of the human brain, society has created a shell for most people to keep from using it. Some may know about our sixth sense, the intuition as some call it. The idea of telepathy may have just shifted to be called by a new name. This instinct can manifest itself in many ways and can be regarded as telepathic in nature by some. I am sure we have all heard the instances of people who are just getting ready to board a flight for a planned trip, just to get a weird feeling and then decided to not to get on the plane. When they get home there are news stories of the flight they were about to take being in a bad crash with few survivors.

Did that person who chose not to fly have a telepathic insight? What made them decide not to fly that day? Some might say it is a survival instinct that we all have. Others will say it was a telepathic intuition that made them feel the danger ahead and that is what made them falter and not get on the plane.

You’ll need to be patient as you practice communicating telepathically.

This is something which takes time and there’s more to it than simply bringing your latent abilities to the surface – you also have to learn how to control it, so regular practice and a lot of time and patience are necessary. In a way, it’s like learning a second language. At first, it seems as if you’ll never master it and it’s easy to become frustrated but with time and dedication, it eventually becomes a natural means of expression as you gain fluency. When you have a friend to practice with, you can provide each other the support and encouragement you need to stick with it. During your learning sessions, try to end on a good note.

This will keep you motivated for the next one. If you make a lot of good connections telepathically with your partner, stop before you get tired. If you are having trouble making any connections with the other person, don’t just keep trying.

Work on it for maybe 15 minutes, and then leave it alone.

This way you won’t have a bad memory of it for next time. You most definitely can learn how to communicate telepathically with others. If you find some good advice given by people who understand the subject, and then apply yourself to it diligently, you will start seeing results. When this new world of communication and understanding is opened to you, you will be glad that you learned this new skill.

Solo Telepathy Test:- Whenever the phone rings you can use this quick solo telepathy test. Predict who’s calling you.

If your home phone or cell phone have caller ID, do not look at it when your phone rings.

Instead, just for a moment, think about who wants to talk to you. Before you answer the phone make a good guess. You can do this for the next several calls you get and write down the results. With this test you can get an idea of the level of your telepathic ability.

Many people have reported knowing they knew who it was before they answered the phone. This is, however, on a unconscious level. You can learn to take this ability and focus on it, consciously, over time. A Quick Psychic Test:- It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability. A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV’s and the such. Do some deep breathing exercises in the beginning, for a few minutes, to relax. Clear your mind. Now toss a coin in the air, make a prediction on what side will come up. Try this several times and mark your results. Obviously, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, but any score above 50% could show that you have a definite psychic ability that can be further developed.