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CONCRETE LEVELS OF PROOF This is the thought transference of concrete symbols and objects between two minds. Mental telepathy at this level must by necessity move beyond the regular five senses, and often requires a designated sender and receiver, intense concentration, training, and practice. It is easier to communicate through thought alone if it is a simple symbol or object than more complex thoughts. A color may be easier to convey than an animal or a general shape easier to communicate than a person’s name. Experiments in mental telepathy are often conducted using The Zener cards.

These are the cards that are used in tests of mental telepathy they contain symbols such as a square, circle, plus sign, star and three wavy lines. When it comes to the Zener cards, since there are only 5 cards, critics and skeptics have pointed out that a random guess would give a 20% chance of being right. One could argue that is easier to coordinate thought transference if a shared, known, limited set of concrete symbols is used between the sender and receiver.

A success rate of 50% or higher can not be explained away by simple statistics and has happened to those that believe in this mental telepathy meaning.

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Center on someone you’d like to reach you. Visualize the individual accepting your thoughts and feelings. Hold your concentration for as long as you think it takes the individual to feel the link between you. Then withdraw your concentration completely. It’s important to interrupt the contact so the individual will feel the loss of transmission, which will encourage them to renew the connection and contact you in return. You should exercise with a partner. One should send thoughts, the other should receive. Start by sending simple thoughts, such as bright colors which will be readily acknowledged. The receiver should have a pen and paper handy so that he can write down anything which may be a telepathic communication.

At the end of the session, both of the participants should compare their outcome and see how successful the exercise has been. Don’t worry if it’s hard the first couple of times. Like any other skill, it will become more accessible with exercise.

This is a resourceful technique for learning how to focus your mind and your inborn telepathic abilities. There are equally powerful ways to learn to focus when two people are involved. A quick way to practice with two people.

Sender, Receiver. Figure out who will send the message and who will receive it. In this example we will suppose that you are the sender. Keep a pen and pad handy so the receiver can record any impressions that he or she may receive. At the beginning most receivers will have naturally have doubts when the sender focuses on an object however, it is best to write down the impressions to be compared later. Visualization. The sender should think ahead about some easy, simple objects that will be easy for receiver to pick up. Think of things that are common to most people, like a juicy orange, a red apple, or the golden sun.

The simplicity of these images makes them easier to project while continuing to maintain your focus.

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Do you know that almost every human being only uses approximately 10 percent of their brains? Do you know that many individuals are clueless about the functioning of the remaining 90 percent? The ability is within everyone to communicate using only the power of the mind. We are able to see what others are thinking without saying anything or using any physical effort. Human beings are imitators. They learn by observation of their elders around them. This is how we learn to speak, think and behave in a given situation.

But adults do not use the power of their minds to communicate with kids.

That ability is not honed through a person’s life. We push our natural abilities aside, but it still crops up sometimes when we somehow know who is calling when the phone rings or what someone is going to say before they say it. Are we being warned about events that are soon to happen by a superior being or are we receiving these signals from others when they are thinking about us?

Is Telepathy An Easy Thing To Learn?

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Center on someone who you desire to telepathically connect with as you relax and stay concentrated when falling into a trance phase. Visualize them and project positive thoughts. Visualize them receiving your thoughts remain focused on this until the recipient has had enough time to comprehend your thoughts. Then, interrupt the transmission. You need to break the telepathic link so that they are able to feel this communication being cut off and start trying to contact you with their own messages. Partner exercise is a really good idea to help in telepathy control. Choose one individual to be the receiver and one to be the transmitter.

The transmitter can choose a simple object to transmit. The receiver should have pad and pen to record any and all responses and thoughts that come into their mind. At the conclusion of each exercise session, compare notes and see how many of the images and impressions are accurate. The more practice you get, the more accurate your image reception will become.


Color Workout, Again the start of this exercise is to ensure initially that your mind is in the present times. Two people are required to do this; one is the sender and the other the receiver. Arrange for color pencils and choose between the 2 of you the sender – receiver role. The color selection is made by the sender and the receiver in his head thinking of the color. The receiver should make a work and peer into the mind of the sender to know about the chosen color then speak aloud about the color selected. Whether the choice of the color spoken by the receiver was right or incorrect is told by the sender and then this workout is duplicated again till the receiver has the ability to get the appropriate color.

The receiver and sender ought to exchange spots after about fifteen minutes. After these basic techniques are done, the next degree of mastery of this ought to be moved into. All this is described as psychology which is extremely complicated and takes some time to obtain mastery. Keep duplicating these exercises till success is accomplished.


It is not simple to define telepathy, in fact most people do not even believe it exists at all. It is basically being able to convey a thought or feeling without being in the presence of the other person involved. Because of the nature of telepathy, it is viewed as communication that is not on our plane. It may be wondered by some when did we stop having more profound telepathy as opposed to intuition. This mystery may never be solved, but there are definitely different scenarios that could be true.

Another version dates back to biblical times when the Tower of Babylon story came around. Even though the languages were brought about to migrate people, it could be the same for telepathy. Hopefully some day we’ll get a definitive answer.

The following methods are useful to help develop telepathy.

Train your mind! Just like you weren’t born knowing how to use your mouth and your vocal chords to speak, you have to train the appropriate part of your mind to use your telepathy. The part of your mind which controls telepathy is most readily reached while you are in a deeply relaxed trance state. You can produce this state through the use of relaxation techniques, including meditation.

You must learn to relax your mind. Then you will easily achieve this state of a trance and when you’ve accomplished this, you are ready to begin to start training your mind, and control at it will.

The Basic Telepathy Test:- The simplest form of a telepathy test, perhaps, is the card test. And is best performed with two people with a set of psychic flash cards.

The location should be quiet, without interruptions, where you both can sit and face each other and concentrate.

One person will be the sender and the other person will be the receiver.

The sender needs to keep the cards away from the receivers view and then send an image of the card, that he is looking at, to the receiver. This test may need a lot of practice by the sender to concentrate and focus on the image they want the receiver to pick up. The individual receiving needs to concentrate on any impressions they are seeing in their mind.

No second guessing here. First impressions – just name the first image that comes into your head. Record your responses over the entire pack of flash cards. Your results should take into account an element of luck, as there will be some responses that could be lucky guesses. However, a high incidence of correct answers could indicate a latent psychic ability that could be developed with a little patience. But keeping in mind this is not always the best test to use for telepathy abilities.

Because this other individual’s level of psychic ability may be weak and they may not send you strong images. The results may not be good because of this.

Hypnosis And Telepathy

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You could also focus on having a good friend or family member call you, or on getting your life partner, for example, to bring home something you need. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you as time goes on that the person who received your message will suddenly call home or bring home the item you are thinking about — all because of telepathy. Pets are also great ways to learn telepathy, how to master it, because animals are very intuitive and open to this type of process. See how quickly you can pick up on pets’ feelings, such as if your dog is hungry, ill, or uncomfortable.

Don’t stop with people you know however. People with advanced telepathic abilities can even send signals to complete strangers. You can start to increase your telepathic communication by focusing on casual acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors and others who you come into regular contact with.

Pay attention to when these individuals are experiencing intense emotions and you may be able to sense thoughts or words from their mind.

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Most people do not really understand the term ‘mental telepathy’. The definition of mental telepathy implies that two people are able to share their thoughts with each other without the intervention of the five senses. Nevertheless mental telepathy can involve a range of varied communication ranging from trying to watch somebody to trying to read someone’s mind.

The science of telepathy has many facets to it which can range from utterly simple to highly evolved. The aim of this article is to delve into the various forms of mental telepathy Parents use this kind of non verbal communication all the time between themselves so that they can communicate without their children knowing. Generally known as kinesics this type of non verbal communication uses the five senses. Hence people ‘talk’ using their body language, facial expressions and eyes. This mode of communication is at its best between people who are familiar or intimate with each other. Examples are parents and children, siblings, wives, husbands and even close friends. Some people believe that when the senses (sight, sound, feel, smell and hear) are used or people that have spent years in the company of another are picking up on learned signals, are not using telepathy. To some extent this is correct, as they are using visual ques to communicate. However, mental telepathy could play a role, as it still involves some ability to know what they are thinking. The fact that non-verbal communication occurs most successfully between people who have some type of relationship, like family or close friends, or who have lived together for extended periods of time, like husband and wife, could mean their minds might be more attuned to each other than to outsiders. One could maintain that this merely means the two people know each other well enough to have formulated agreed-upon nonverbal signals to communicate unknowingly.

Color Activity- While doing this activity you again have to make certain your mind continues to be in the present, and not in the past nor future. To do this workout you have to have one more individual with you.

You must organize for different pencil colors and both of you ought to choose the functions of the sender and receiver. The color selection is made by the sender and the receiver then thinks of the color in his head.

You need to say start when the procedure is about to start.

Now the receiver should look into the sender’s mind to understand what color was chosen and then reveal aloud about the color. The sender then either agrees or disagrees and the exact same activity is repeated once again. This workout requires to be repeated until the receiver is able to get the correct color. After nearly 15 minutes, both the locations of the sender and receiver must be switched. These are fundamental telepathy techniques, after the success of which you can easily move to another degree of mastering the art. All this refers to psychology.

This is extremely complex and will certainly take some time to master it. You have to keep practicing these workouts till you achieve success but slowly you will certainly be successful.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with someone telepathically, you first have to learn how to focus on something like this. Also, having someone to practice with is important. If you don’t have someone to work with, it is difficult to know whether you are making any progress. Best of all is to practice with someone you know very well who is interested in learning to use their own telepathy. When you work with someone who is not trying to learn themselves, it can do more harm than good. A person you’re already close to and have experience communicating with makes learning to “talk” telepathically all that much easier to do.

It’s best to start with small goals. Try having one of you act as the transmitter and the other as the receiver, with both of you writing down the message you’re sending or what you seem to be receiving from the other person. Simple thoughts are the easiest to start with; try colors, shapes and other very easy to interpret thoughts as you begin. It is not known what, if any distance limitations may affect the ability to communicate telepathically. Those who have developed their abilities can often communicate even when thousands of miles apart.


Can All Humans Communicate Using Telepathy?

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Here is an Intermediate Telepathy Test:- Once it becomes noticeable that your results are improving with the basic test for telepathy, you should start to increase your range a little more. Conduct the basic telepathy flash cards and this would be the easiest. This time have the sender and receiver in separate room. Use a speaker phone or another device to verify images being received by the receiver. Again, patients and some practice will be needed. It is sometimes more difficult to send images over distances. It’s more difficult to pick images up with the possibility of outside interference between sender and receiver.

Many tests for telepathy are available for you to use. You can use them to check for psychic ability and also to practice your skills and to strengthen them. Choose a telepathy test that will fit in with your schedule and that also feels comfortable to you.

Focus It does take some practice to maintain your focus while in the deep relaxation of a trance state. Focus on someone who you want to telepathically communicate with as you relax and stay focused as you slip into a trance state.

Think of the person you are focusing on, sending happy thoughts. Imagine this individual receiving these feelings and thoughts. Keep your focus strong for as long as it seems to take for the other person to feel the connection. Then stop concentrating on this completely. This is important because you need this person to feel that the communication has been cut, this will encourage them to try to connect again, and will lead to them contacting you.

The point of learning to focus while on your own is so that when you begin your training with a partner, your mind will already be receptive and ready to receive impressions and images more easily.

Practice with a Partner! – One person should be chosen as the receiver and the other the sender. A simple item to project should be picked by the sender.

An item that is of bright clear colors and easy to recognize. The receiver should have a pen and paper handy in order to write down anything which may be a telepathic communication. After ending the session, the sender and receiver should compare their results and see how successful the session has been. Don’t worry if it’s difficult as first. Like any other skill, it will become easier with practice.

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Is it possible for humans to use telepathic abilities, communicating with each other using only thought? After all, there are communications technologies which we can’t see, hear, smell, touch or taste but are very real ever seen a radio wave? Of course not, but you know that they are real. Our minds are not radio transmitters, however. For the scientific community there is one very important reason why studies into Telepathy continue. The fact that thought waves can be defined as electrical and magnetic fields caused by the brain and this has been proven. Although things might become a little difficult to follow, we are going to attempt to explain all of this more simply.

As with any other form of transmission, we are programmed as children by our parents.

Our parents teach us how to speak, so that we mimic the same tongue and even the same accents. This is because , all of us have the same capacity to learn to communicate, but we only connect in the ways in which our parents taught us. What if our parents did not teach us to use the ‘other’ skill the one where we can communicate with our mind power – telepathic communication? Does that mean we can’t do it? No.

It just means we were never taught how. The centers in your brain that controls telepathic communication works better on the subconscious level, or in the trance-like hypnotic state.

This trance phase is a level of tranquility all of us are capable of reaching without many problems. Learn to relax your mind so that you are able to achieve your trance phase easily. When you can reach this point, you have started to train your mind to be controlled at will.

Do Animals Use Telepathy?

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Over the years animal trainers and scientists have come to understand that animals use telepathic communications when connecting with one another.

However, this can also extend over a far distance and not just when in close proximety. When looking back to primitive times, anthropologists believe that some ancient tribes made use of the ability of telepathy and still have the ability to do so today.

Telepathy may not be as obscure as some may think it is. Telepathy is not just an inherited trait, it should be something that is nurtured and developed at a young age just like the dialect we speak. Just because a child has problems with learning, we should not out rightly say that they can not learn, we must train them in another way. This is the same with telepathy, it may require new techniques to learn to be telepathic, but it can be done. While humans have kept their other senses; sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, the sense of telepathy is no longer evident in modern humanity. Would you believe that telepathy is linked to your sixth sense? Well it is and you may hear some refer to it as the third eye. Whatever name you have for it, telepathy should just come to be second nature. There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct that we all think of a gut reaction.

In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be normal in her every day diet.

By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate it’s need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.

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Some techniques to enhance your telepathic abilities Trance State. When you are able to reach a trance like state your mind is more receptive.

Many individuals are capable of inducing an almost hypnotic trance where the mind is open and the body is relaxed.

It is not hard to learn to slip into a state of trance. With a little practice, you will be doing it in no time. Get focused – Select a nice quiet dark room. Get yourself relaxed and think happy thoughts about the person you want to hear from.

Form the message you want this person to receive, imagine they are receiving it as you picture them in your mind.

Let him or her know you want to be contacted. Stay confident that this person will respond with a message. Belief – With an open mind, you need to believe that the person you want to communicate with is getting your message. Stop the exercise – Snap yourself out of your dreamy state and go about your daily routine.

This is an important part of the whole process.

As soon as you are finished and withdraw your good feelings from the person, he or she will be prompted to contact you.

This is because you cut off the communication and the person will no longer feel your presence. They will miss you more and take steps to reach out to you.

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The term ‘mental telepathy’ is misleadingly broad. It essentially means the direct communication of thoughts between people without using the basic five senses. There is a huge difference, however, between having a creepy feeling that someone is watching you and being able to pick the plans for a nuclear reactor out of an unsuspecting scientist’s mind. Mental telepathy covers a huge range of abilities from very basic to fairly complex. This article will attempt to explain the different levels of mental telepathy. Being able to use kinesics or non-verbal communication to transfer thoughts between two people has been considered mental telepathy on some level. This can range from simple messages like ‘go away’ to entire conversations that don’t involve language, other than body language or facial expressions. This form of communication is realized more easily and more exactly between people who are very close and familiar, such as spouses, children and their parents and sometimes even friends that are very close. Does this count as true mental telepathy because they are using their senses to communicate? Certainly even a visual clue involves using sight and there was obviously some sort of clue that could be seen and interpreted by the wife in the above example, so this would not qualify as mental telepathy. While this may be correct, it doesn’t mean that mental telepathy wasn’t involved at some level, possibly.

Non-verbal or kinesics communication occurs most successfully between people who are sensitive to each other’s actions. Because the two people are close in relationship, they may be able to pick up on clues, understand body language, or other nonverbal signals to communicate, so this does not involve mental telepathy.

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The telepathic ability is one that all humans possess to some degree, but have lost the means by which to control it consciously.

We all have moments of telepathic activity even if we are unaware of it, every now and then. Imagine what would happen if you could command that innate ability and utilize it to communicate. There is sadly no shortage of skeptics when it comes to telepathy, or in actually about any mental ability.

Think about a time when you have used telepathy; as an example, I bet you’ve been in a great mood when you bump into a friend who is depressed. Even after speaking to them for a brief period of time, you begin feeling these sad, depressive emotions yourself. Was it something they said? No it wasn’t at least not with their words. It is telepathy which has permitted you to feel the same as what your friend is feeling. Research have demonstrated that it is possible to access and initiate the area of the subconscious which is responsible for this ability. By focusing your mind on a specific individual, you will then able to communicate things to them using telepathy.

How Anyone Can Learn The Secrets of Telepathy

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Telepathy is the transfer of emotions, feelings and thoughts directly from one individual to another individual only using the power of your mind.

We all have some kind of telepathic ability on some level, but some of us have forgotten how to control it through our conscious minds. All of us experience times of this activity through our subconscious. Just think about how it would be to have control of this special ability and actually utilize it to communicate. There is plenty of skepticism about telepathy, just as there is about any other less commonly used natural mental ability which humans possess.

Think about a time when you have used telepathy; for example, I bet you’ve been in a great mood when you run into a friend who is feeling down. Even after speaking to him or her for just a minute, you start feeling these sad, depressive emotions yourself. It is not necessarily what that person is talking about. They are actually transferring their negative feelings or emotions right to your subconscious mind. This is a type of telepathy. There has been research which has shown that the part of the subconscious which governs telepathic abilities can be awakened and even used at will! The first step is to focus on the person you want to communicate with telepathically.

You have to learn to speak before you can engage in verbal communication; you do this by imitating your parents and the other people around you. What if we were never trained by our parents in using this special ability you know the one in which we transfer thoughts with our minds? Will this keep us from being able to do it? No. It just really means we have to learn how.

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While the sender should be concentrating, the receiver should keep their mind open and relaxed; this will allow them to connect with the signals being sent out. The receiver can write down whatever images or emotions they receive. Or the sender can choose to speak out loud after concentrating on each item to let the receiver know the signal has been sent, allowing the receiver to verbalize whatever message they receive. When you practice telepathy, how to do it, agree with your partner on a signal beforehand.

For example, you can agree that you will simply focus on colors, so that when the receiver says, “Done sending,” or some other similar signal, the receiver can then say the color aloud, such as “green.” Then, the sender can simply say, “yes, or “no,” before moving onto the next thing.

When you’re first beginning to practice telepathy, start with just 10 minutes a session before you try to make them longer or more complex. Each session can be “mixed up” a bit by having each partner play the part of the sender and receiver for part of the time.

As you become more advanced in your telepathic skills, you can make images, etc., more complex by moving onto playing cards, and then focusing on the card suit or the number displayed. As you continue to practice, keep a record of the sessions you’ve done so that you can see how much progress you’ve made in your telepathic ability development. You can also learn telepathy, how to do it, without a partner. For example, as a beginner, you might simply put out a signal to those you will close connection with, and who will much more likely receive the messages you send. Hold an image of this person in your mind, focus on sending him or her a message and then request that they do something, take action, and so on.


Focus Learning to keep your mind’s concentration as you are in the state of a trance is a bit tough to master at times. While you are doing your next relaxation period, concentrate on someone that you want to connect with you. Think of this person, in your mind and send (mentally) happy thoughts.

Picture this person receiving your mental message of happy feelings and thoughts. Keep your focus on this individual till you think the person feels the connection. Then withdraw your focus completely. It’s important to stop the contact so the person will feel the loss of communication, which will prompt them to re-establish the connection and contact you in return. Keep practicing this way. This will prepare you to send and receive telepathic messages once you begin training with a partner. Partner Practice – Chose and individual as the receiver and another as the sender. The sender can choose easy items as a project. Items with bright clear colors that can be easily recognized.

The receiver should be prepared with pad and pen to record any and all impressions and thoughts that come to mind.

Then at the closing of each practice session, the two need to look at each other’s notes, and see if the correct thoughts and visions occurred.

As with anything else, the more you practice the better you will get at telepathy.

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The telepathic capacity is one that all humans possess to a various degree, but have lost the ways by which to control it on a conscious level. We all have periods of time of using telepathy even if we are unaware of it, every now and then.

Imagine being able to command that innate capacity and use it to communicate at will. There is a lot of doubt about telepathy, just as there is with any other less commonly used natural mental capacity which humans have. For an example of how we use telepathy, think about this: just how many times have you been in a great mood only to come across a person who is sad and depressed. In just a few minutes of speaking with the depressed individual, your own mood starts to reflect the same thing. It is not the conversation the individual is saying to you it is in fact the transference of their feelings and emotions leaking into your innermost mind.

This is a manner of telepathy. Scientific studies have indicated that by retrieving the sub-conscious part of your brain and learning to focus your mind and feelings toward a specific individual, you can re-awaken your dormant telepathic powers.

The Real Secrets You Need to Know About Telepathy

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The Astral Plane featuring Dree Hemingway

Then of course there are many religions out there that don’t believe this is a transcendent power from God. Instead religions like Christianity and Islam believe this to be a Satanic tool that has possessed the person with demonic powers. It may be that as the world population grew, our need for telepathy began to wane as our survival was not dependent upon it and putting this sense on to a higher power made more sense at the time. But this does beg the question, why would religions come to be so distrustful of telepathy in the first place? Some may argue that it is the other way around, that because of organized religion, that we have put telepathy onto holy leaders as opposed to an inherent trait. This is because some religious leaders have led, their flocks to believe that telepathy is a tool of the devil. This is a great way for the masses to ignore and eventually lose their telepathic ability.

Telepathy is not thought of as a genuine article by most in the scientific community. Most scientists have the thoughts that if it is not something that can be studied or tore apart and put back together that it can not be a true ability. Some scientists do agree that instinct does exist within humans and the animal kingdom however.

It is common knowledge that we all feel emotions and have instinctual behaviors.

These can not be measured either but they are still customary feelings that are accepted by the scientific community. Maybe it’s just jealousy on their part. After all, most individuals hate it when something can’t be explained, yet someone else can do it. When a phenomenon like telepathy comes along, it’s much easier to tell us it’s an instinctive response as opposed to an extraordinary power of the mind.

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Sometimes called the “sixth sense,” telepathy may very well be something, just another “sense,” that we all possess.

We just have to be able to tap into this skill, access telepathy, how works, and learn what we can use it for. Once we do this, we can develop our own telepathic skills and use them appropriately, too. Even if you haven’t been trained formally in telepathy, how to use it often comes naturally to people when they are in particularly stressful situations. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to hone telepathic skills in a calm state when you actually want to learn about them. Then, test yourself in such a peaceful situation. You can get a partner, such as a relative or friend, to help you with this. For example, gather some photos or small items together, like pens, rubber bands, or pencils, and then you and your partner should sit down together, facing away from each other in the same room, or in different rooms. Make sure distractions are not present.

Focus on telepathy how to, meaning being present in the current moment as you complete the exercises. One person should be the sender and the other the receiver.

The sender should take one object at a time and concentrate on sending a powerful emotion to the receiver. It may be a color, an image, or a word. To accurately test telepathy abilities, agree on what the signal will be before starting the exercises.

One Basic Telepathy Test:- The simplest form of testing for telepathy are the cards.

Two people would be needed to use the form of testing with psychic flash cards. A quiet place is necessary for both concentration and to sit facing each other during this test. No interruptions. One individual will be sender and the other individual will be the receiver. The receiver may not see the cards and the sender will send the image of the picture. Practice, quit a bit of it, is required for the sender to concentrate and focus on the image being sent to the receiver.

The individual receiving needs to concentrate on any impressions they are seeing in their mind. No second guessing here. First impressions – just name the first image that comes into your head. Write down your responses after you have used the entire pack of flash cards. Take into the account the element of luck, however, some responses could just be a lucky guess.

The incidence of correct answers that are high could indicate latent psychic abilities.

And these abilities could , with a little patience, be developed further. But keeping in mind this is not always the best test to use for telepathy abilities. Because this other individual’s level of psychic ability may be weak and they may not send you strong images. The results may not be good because of this.

Telepathy is a subject of much debate, with many people convinced that this is something which exists only in the realms of fantasy and science fiction. However, just think of this: in our world, we fly all over the globe regularly, information comes to us in invisible waves to our computers and phones. There are a lot of things in our daily life which would seem entirely too fantastic to be believed, even a few decades ago. Some have said that a technology that is advanced enough becomes so similar to magic that they cannot be distinguished between. Thanks to what we have accomplished through science and technology we have been able to do things that people would have insisted to be impossible, nothing more than delusions of grandeur. Yet not only have we managed to explore the unchartered ocean depths but we have even walked upon the moon itself, and explored the universe. While this would astound the people of yesteryear, we ourselves notice its primitiveness as we envision other more advanced things in the future. With what we have learned we have harnessed the energy of the wind, water and even the sun. And most of us carry a small gadget that allows us to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere on earth.

Why Do We No Longer Need To Learn Telepathy?

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Focus on someone who you want to telepathically communicate with by relaxing and stay concentrated when falling into a trance phase. Visualize them and transmit positive thoughts.

Visualize them getting your messages remain focused on this until the beneficiary has had enough time to comprehend your thoughts. Then, break off the focus. You need to break the telepathic transmission so that they are able to feel this connection being severed and begin trying to connect to you with their own thoughts.

Partner exercise is a great idea to help in telepathy development. Choose one person as the receiver and one to be the transmitter. The transmitter can choose a simple object to transmit. The receiver should have pen and paper to record any and all impressions and thoughts that come to mind. At the conclusion of each practice session, compare notes to analyse how many of the images and responses were accurate. exercise you get, the more accurate your image assimilation will become.

Twin Telepathy: Best Evidence – The Best Evidence for Telepathy …

How can a person be Telepathic? Without the use of other senses, telepaths use their minds and how can they do this? This is not understood completely and is one that doesn’t use the sense of taste, smell, hearing and touch. Nevertheless it does exists.

Can this be done artificially? Radio waves are invisible and you can’t see, smell or touch them, but they are real. But then again, the human brain cannot be considered a radio tower. Or are they? Brainwaves are electromagnetic waves, just like radio waves are and brainwaves are something which has been scientifically proven to exist. The very existence of these brainwaves are the basis for the scientific study of telepathic abilities.

We’ll explain this as simply as possible, so please be patient with us here.

Telepathy is defined as the ability to sense feelings over a distance.

That is, the ability to directly transmit images or emotions from one person to another without using the bulk of your normal senses: taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. Telepathy is simply a natural, although misunderstood level of communication. It may not be easy to figure out when and why humans do not experience telepathy as the norm any more. It is hard to say when we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods decided that we no longer needed it. Let’s look at some ways you might use to awaken your own latent telepathy. ‘Mental-Muscle’ training In much the same way as young children need to learn to strengthen their voice boxes and learn to control how their mouth moves as they learn to make words, you’ll need to learn to strengthen and control your telepathic muscles.

The best way to activate your subconscious mind and activate your telepathy is to do so in a trance state. Using relaxation techniques, you can reach the necessary state to do this.

Learn the art of relaxing the mind so you are able to go easily into a trance-like state of mind.

Once you have reached the trance, you can start to teach your mind on the art of being controlled on queue.

When a mother who is far away from her child suddenly knows that her child is in danger, her synapses are firing more neurons simultaneously and parapsychologists have been able to document these brief instances of telepathy. This raises the question then that if we detect a spike in bio-electrical and bio-magnetic brainwaves, does that mean that there is a link between that and telepathic communication? Too little scientific evidence exists to prove, without a doubt, telepathy is factual. However, this is gradually changing. More and more studies are being conducted and show humans are telepathic and with proper instruction and training can develop this ability.

Recent Advances In Learning Telepathy

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There are many types of telepathy test that can help you measure your own psychic ability. While many of these tests can have an element of luck in them, over so many trials, the results can show whether you were guessing or whether you really have some telepathic ability.

A telepathy test is simply to test you for psychic ability and others were designed to measure the range of you ability and its strength. By keeping in mind telepathy, as well as ESP, precognition, clairvoyance are all inclusive in the telepathic skill-set and when one of these skills is developed it can also lead to increasing the other telepathic powers as well.By using deep breathing and meditation exercises it’s possible to access your sub-conscious. This exercising of your mind will expand your focus by opening your mind and can often lead you to access your telepathic and psychic abilities. That also leads to developing the part of your brain which is responsible for these abilities. Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further. A telepathy test will help you to decided where improvement is needed in your current skills.

There are many instances in our daily lives where we communicate with other people on a subconscious level. But did you know you it is possible to train your mind to communicate consciously as well? Human telepathy is an innate, natural ability that most humans have and most often remains dormant and untapped, never making its way to becoming a tool that we deliberately use in our every day lives. This does not mean that we never utilize this ability, though we may not use it consciously. In reality, this means that most people have no idea how to focus the mind to purposely communicate in this way. Science has proven that thoughts, like radio waves, have a frequency that is measurable. If you train your mind to focus in on the frequency of your thoughts and send them where you want them to go, you’re well on your way to learning methods of communication by the mind alone.

Solo Telepathy Test:- Whenever the phone rings you can use this quick solo telepathy test. Predict who’s calling you. If your home phone or cell phone have caller ID, do not look at it when your phone rings. Instead, just for a moment, think about who wants to talk to you. Before you answer the phone make a good guess.

You can do this for the next several calls you get and write down the results. With this test you can get an idea of the level of your telepathic ability.

Many people have said they know who the caller is. Even before answering the phone. This is done unconsciously. You can learn to focus this ability consciously over a period of time. Here Is A Quick Psychic Test:- It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability.

A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV’s and the such. Take a few moments to do some deep breathing exercises to help relax you and clear your mind. Then toss a coin into the air and try to predict whether heads or tails will come up. Measure your results over several attempts. Obviously, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, but any score above 50% could show that you have a definite psychic ability that can be further developed.

When we stop to take a look around ourselves at the world in which we live, we will see planes flying people all over the planet. Computers and other high tech devices communicate with each other. We live in a world where something as simple as a lighter can conjure up a flame in someone’s hand.

Yet, there are people who dismiss the possibility of telepathy as merely the stuff of fiction.

A modern piece of proverbial wisdom is that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Science and technology is the domain of human beings, and we use these unique powers to discover hidden things about the natural world, hidden principles that we can then use. What was ‘impossible’ 100 years ago is today routine. We have gone to the depths of the ocean and left this planet entirely..

.and come back (well, some of us have, but that proves that most or all of us could). We can convert sunlight into power and energy. We can write a message and have it instantaneously delivered, all in tact, to someone even if they are on another continent from us. And it’s all thanks to science, not ‘magic’, isn’t it?

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Telepathy Is A State Of Mind

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TELEPATHY PSYCHIC TESTS – How to be Telepathic

You can improve your telepathic abilities in various ways such as Trance State.

When you are able to reach a trance like state your mind is more receptive. Many individuals are capable of inducing an almost hypnotic trance where the mind is open and the body is relaxed. It is not hard to learn to slip into a state of trance. With a little practice, you will be doing it in no time. Focus. While you are relaxed in a serene area focus on an individual you would like to contact you. Keep focusing on that individual while you imagine that individual receiving the message. As you are sending positive and cheerful emotions, allow your thoughts to express that you want them to get in touch with you. This is not concentrating to send a command as that will not work. Nevertheless, continue sending your positive thoughts and vibrations. Belief – You need to believe that the other person is receiving your message. Keep an open minded attitude as you learn to expand your telepathic focus. End the Projection.

Instead of allowing yourself to wander off to other thoughts, withdraw your thoughts within your mind and end the projection. There is a simple reason for this. When you stop thinking, the person you were trying to contact should get the feeling that any thoughts about you are missing and they will feel the urge to contact you. So it should not be very surprising if the person who you were trying to contact gets back to you soon.

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Concentration This can be difficult for many it takes some practice to be able to stay focused while in a trance state.

Practice by focusing on someone you’d like to communicate with the next time you are practicing your relaxation techniques. Visualize this person, trying to project positive thoughts towards them.

Next, visualize them receiving these thoughts.

Keep focused on this until you feel that the person you’re thinking of has had time to receive these thoughts.

Then, stop focusing and break the telepathic link. They will feel this line of communication being severed and try to reestablish contact between your minds. There is a point to learning focusing while on your own.

So that when you start training with another person, your mind will be ready and receptive to receive thoughts, images and impressions more easily. Partner Practice – Choose one person to be the receiver and one to be the sender. The sender should choose simple items to project.

Choose items with clear, bright colors that are easily recognizable. The receiver should write down all telepathic messages that they receive during the exercise. At the end of each practice session, compare notes and see how many images and impressions are correct. The more practice you get, the more accurate your image reception will become.


And in fact, parapsychologists have documented short instances of telepathic communication in these moments.

One of the most well-known examples is when a mother knows that her child is hurt or in jeopardy even though she is miles away and there has been no direct communication made between them. So, is this an example of brainwave boosting? Do blood-ties matter? Is it all just coincidence (mothers always worry about their children anyway, for instance)? As you have no doubt become aware as you have read this, no scientific research has provided evidence that telepathy is an absolute fact. But that is the science of today and it is beginning to change.

With an increase in studies we are seeing that telepathy does actually exist. And anyone can learn how to be telepathic if they receive the proper training.

All forms of communication have to be learned; you weren’t born knowing how to talk in your native language, it is something you learned by noticing and mimicking your family. Most likely, telepathy is not something your parents tried to teach you; but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this skill. It just means that you haven’t learned how to make use of it yet. You can far more easily access the part of your brain which is responsible for telepathy when in a hypnotic state. You can reach this state of deep relaxation by using relaxation techniques which include meditation. Practise relaxing your brain so that you can reach your trance state without difficulty. When you can reach this point, you have started to train your mind to be mastered at will.