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Message Transmitting. Focus on setting up a communication thought tube between the participants, while having your eyes closed. Picture it very clearing in your mind as you connect the sender and the receiver. Then place the object you want the receiver to see inside your mental communication tube and send it directly to him. Create your image as clearly as you can.

If you choose to focus on a red, shiny apple, then make sure you follow your apple all the way to the end of the thought-tube. Visualization is a very powerful tool for teaching your mind to focus on sending your message. End transmission – At one point, you will get the idea that your message has reached its destination. At this point, stop projecting and let all thoughts flow out of your system.

This way, your receiver gets the required time to process his impressions and realize that an image did actually appear on his mind. Allow the receiver time to gather his impressions and make a note of it.

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The term ‘mental telepathy’ is misleadingly broad. It essentially means the direct communication of thoughts between people without using the basic five senses. There is a huge difference, however, between having a creepy feeling that someone is watching you and being able to pick the plans for a nuclear reactor out of an unsuspecting scientist’s mind.

Mental telepathy covers a huge range of abilities from very basic to fairly complex. This article will attempt to explain the different levels of mental telepathy. The exclusive use of body language, eyes and facial expressions to communicate is known as kinesics.

This mode of communication does not involve talking or even lip synch. People are known to carry out entire conversations in this mode and the most common example is between parents who want to say something to each other without their child knowing it.

This kind of communication is fairly easy between people who are mentally attuned to each other or familiar with each other.

Family, close friends, spouses fall in this category. Most people do not regard this form of communication as mental telepathy since here communication is through senses and not just with sounds. Theoretically, this argument holds good. However, we cannot disregard the role of mental telepathy here. The very observation that this kind of non verbal communication is most effective in people who are intimate with each other or know each other well tells us that the minds of these people are more in synch with each other. However, skeptics may argue that this communication is merely effective because people who know each other well understand each other’s body language well or have previously developed a mode of non verbal communication.

More formalized religion can surely take some of the blame.

Most forms of structured religious beliefs do not adhere to the fact that telepathy exists, instead it is assumed and associated with darker cultures. This gives the common man a fear of what telepathy can do that may be evil.

Religion has such influence over our culture and they have used that influence to dismiss telepathy as actually existing. Followers have been taught to that only the Messiah or the Savior can possess special abilities and that they need place their faith in that instead of believing in themselves. Knowing this, you have to wonder why they are so distrustful when it comes to telepathy.

The main theory as to why religion has denounced telepathy is because of a base power struggle between the spiritual leaders of certain churches and faiths. These unscrupulous leaders would rather our faith be in the deity of their chosen religion rather than in ourselves. This gives more weight to their specific god or holy leader and makes it easier to have faith in them. Then of course if it’s not religious talk, you can always turn to the scientific thoughts. There are some scientists who are a little more open and have linked telepathy to certain times in history but the hard nosed members of this group say that if it cannot be measured mathematically, then it does in fact not exist.

That being the case, it cannot seriously be considered as reality.

It is hard to explain why there is no scientific belief in telepathy. Other senses can be felt by every human being, yet telepathy is only well known to just a small portion of the world. But even with the proofs in place, some will just refuse to believe or even contemplate the existence of telepathy. Some other things that require a trust in a sense to believe in are widely accepted, such as animal instincts.

Are they jealous? Do they envy those individuals with these abilities and then use their position in society to try and make a mockery of something that they cannot do? Many believe that this is exactly what is going on in regards to telepathy as they simply write it off as a ‘happening’ or nothing more than a good instinct.

All aspects of communication have to be learned; you weren’t born understanding how to speak your native tongue, it is just something you picked up by hearing and imitating your family.

Most likely, telepathy is not a subject your parents tried to teach you; but this certainly does not mean that you will not be able to use this skill.

It merely means that you haven’t learned how to initiate it yet. The centers in your brain that masters telepathic communication work most strongly on the subconscious level, or alternatively in the trance-like hypnotic state. This trance state is a level of relaxation all of us can reach without many problems.

You will need to practice until it is accessible for you to reach this state. When you have managed to do this, you have begun training your mind to use telepathic communication.

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EMOTIONAL TELEPATHY: When you can understand and perceive the emotional state of the other person, then this ability is known as empathy. Many people can do this well and many cant because the ability to put your self in somebody else’s shoes is not inherent. However one can develop empathy with preparation and observation. This fact can be seen in actors who can not only emulate the emotional states of others but also enhance their empathy so much that they can laugh and cry exactly like the other person. Sympathetic pain is another form of emotional mental telepathy, like feeling another person’s pain as if it were your own. For example, you may experience a pain in your arm after witnessing someone close to you breaks their arm. Even though you know its fine, it is still an uncomfortable feeling. Overwhelming emotion, such as joy, grief, or depression, may cause you to feel the same emotion inside you, if it is somebody close to you. Long distance empathy or emotional mental telepathy is where a person suddenly knows or feels that someone close to them is in danger or is in pain, even though they are the person may be far away. Overactive imagination has been blamed by some psychologists and they feel other senses are being used, so it doesn’t count as mental telepathy. How would you explain the phenomena of long-distance empathy, when you are not in proximity to the person? This might explain the feelings experienced if you have sympathetic pain after seeing your child break his arm, however.

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In this there is no written or verbal words, only emotions are sent or received and it is recognized to be instinctual. There is only mind to mind contact and no use of the five senses. Three types of recognized telepathy are physical, emotional and psychological.

You should have the ability to determine the one that satisfies you the most according to your capacity before you take on telepathy.

Browse on for some mental telepathy activities. Card Workout – When you do this workout you might need to ensure that your thoughts are in the present, you must not be either be in the future or past. For this activity there are a few things called for like pad of paper, a pack of cards, and to record the score a pen is needed. The cards are then shuffled by the sender first then he chooses one. Sender then taps the card as an indicator that a color has been picked by him and is being sent to the receiver.

Now the receiver tries to recognize the card color and state what it is aloud. You can easily even utilize an alternative of this exercise in the advanced stage. This alternative can be to transmit the card value as an alternative to the card color. You should also make sure that there are more number cards than the picture cards.

Color Exercise- While doing this workout you again need to make sure your mind stays in the present, and not in the future or the past. To do this exercise you need to have one more person with you. You must arrange for different pencil colors and both of you should choose the functions of the sender and receiver. The color selection is made by the sender and the receiver then thinks about the color in his head. The sender then either agrees or disagrees and the exact same activity is duplicated once again. This activity needs to be repeated till the receiver is able to get the appropriate answer. After these basic workouts are done, the following degree of mastery of this should be moved into. All this is referred to as psychology which is incredibly complicated and spends some time to gain mastery. Keep repeating these workouts till success is accomplished.

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It’s common knowledge that humans use only a small portion of the brain. 10% of the brain is dedicated to known brain function, and the remaining 90% is largely a mystery. Most of us are not aware of the fact that we are all born with the ability to communicate with our brains without the slightest usage of any other part of the body.

We are trained from childhood to conform to our parent’s expectations and the boundaries of society. The true powers of our minds are not explored as we are not encouraged or trained to think outside the box for fear of ridicule. The ability, as a result, fades and comes up to the surface on times like when the phone rings and you just uncannily know who’s calling you. Is this forewarning a form of clairvoyance? Or did your mind simply receive a subconscious telepathic call from the person calling you?

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There are many types of telepathy test that can help you measure your own psychic ability. While many of these tests can have an element of luck in them, over so many trials, the results can show whether you were guessing or whether you really have some telepathic ability. Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range. Keep in mind that clairvoyance, ESP, precognition and telepathy are all a part of the same telepathic skill-set, so developing one aspect of these abilities can lead to an increase in the power of the others by default.It’s possible to access your own sub-conscious using meditation and deep breathing exercises that help to open your mind and expand your focus. These exercises can often help you access more aspects of your psychic and telepathic skills and help to develop that part of your mind responsible for these skills. Regardless the amount of your telepathic or psychic powers, at the moment, your telepathy skills and the strength range of your skills can be developed even further.

It is, however, hard to know in what area you may need improvement. This can be accomplished with a telepathy test.


Like many other skills, especially those that are of a psychic nature, telepathy is something most of us can do, but we don’t know how best to use it. What is telepathy? It’s the ability to communicate with other people by using mind power instead of by using regular communication methods. With telepathy, how you communicate is to directly practice “transference” of sensations, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and even mental images to others, without using other more ordinary forms of communication. Telepathy: How Is It Done? Many of us display small signs of telepathic ability without even realizing it. Horse whispers, have a heightened telepathic relationship with animals that allow them to know what they are thinking. People, too, can practice telepathy with each other.

For example, twins have a very close bond that often translates to telepathy.

Have you ever seen twins “carry on” conversations without ever saying a word? It’s not entirely understood how they do this, but anyone with a very strong connection to another person can do just that as well. People who are very close to each other, like spouses, can sense when the other is in danger, in pain, or suffering, as just a few examples.

This is telepathy, how can you develop this power?

Telepathy refers to exchanging feelings, thoughts and emotions directly from the mid of one person to the mind of another. This is a mental ability where communication is made using only the power of the human mind. Telepathy is an ability which every one of us innately possesses. However, this is also an ability which is not commonly practiced, so most people are unable to consciously use or control it. From time to time, all of us have moments where our natural telepathy comes into play. However, what if you could use this incredible communication ability consciously? The use of ones powers, of the mind, are largely looked at with skepticism from the population at large.

How many times have you encountered a depressed and gloomy person when you were having a great day? And within a very short period of time had your own feelings changed and become like that persons. It’s not the words the person is saying to you it’s the transference of their emotions and feeling leaking into your own subconscious mind. This is a form of telepathy. Scientific tests have proven that by accessing the center of your subconscious mind and also understanding how to concentrate your feelings and thoughts towards a given person, that you can arouse your long forgotten telepathic abilities. As children we are taught, as with all forms of communication, by parents and teachers. We are taught speech and body language by our elders and we imitate what we are taught even accents are the same. We all have the identical ability to learn communication. We only do so in the manner we are taught. And what if we weren’t taught this special mental way of communicating with just the use of our minds? Will this cause us never to be able to do it then? No. You just have to figure out how to do it.

CONCRETE CONCEPTS Concrete symbols and objects being transferred by thoughts between two minds are considered concrete levels of mental telepathy. At this level thought transfers move beyond the regular five senses, requires a designated sender and receiver, intense concentration, and practice, such as the case of television psychics. The principle behind this meaning of mental telepathy is – simpler the concept, the easier it is to communicate through thought alone. For example, simple things, like a color or shape as used in the example above, may be easier to convey than something more complex like an animal or a person’s name. This level involves a lot of trials in telepathy. In these experiments Zener cards are used.

These cards have simple symbols engraved on them like black and white patterns, squares, circles, waves etc. There are many cynics and doubters who may say that since there are merely five cards involved, there is a probability of a guess being right at least 20% of the time. However, on the other end, people feel that having known symbols can enhance the thought coordination between the sender and the receiver thus enhancing their telepathic technique.

Moreover even if we assume that random guesses may succeed 20% of them time, there is no explanation of success rate of 50% or more.

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Telepathy is the direct exchange of thoughts, feelings and emotions between the minds of two people. This is a method of communication which uses nothing but the power of the mind to convey a message. All individuals, to some degree, are capable of telepathic powers and the loss of control of this same power is on a conscious level. Even now we all experience a moment of telepathic powers subconsciously, occasionally.

Think what it would be like to control such an ability and to communicate with it. There are those that are skeptics when it comes to the subject of any kind of powers the mind can have, but think about this: how often have you felt on top of the world, and then you run into someone who is having a bad day. Just by talking to them for a bit, you begin to feel as depressed as they are. It’s not the words the person is saying to you it’s the transference of their emotions and feeling leaking into your own subconscious mind. This is a form of telepathy. Studies done scientifically have reported that by reaching into your subconscious mind and also learning how to project your feelings and thoughts toward a certain individual, you are able to actually reactivate any telepathic abilities you have, that have been dormant.

We are taught to do this by our parents or grandparents, when we are children, just like any other method of communicating. Our parents train us to speak and have a certain body language, for the purpose of us using the same language and possibly some of the body language. This due to the fact, that all of us have the exact ability to learn communication skills, but we can only communicate in the methods we were taught in. Of course, your parents probably never taught you to use your telepathic abilities but this does not mean that you cannot use them. All it means is that you have not yet been taught how.


Here are a few ways of improving the telepathic ability of your mind Get relaxed – You need to put yourself into a trance like mode, this will allow your mind to receive messages that others are trying to send you or if you want to connect with someone.

When your mind and body are relaxed you are open to send and receive telepathic messages. If you are honing your ability to communicate telepathically on your own, be sure to take some time to learn how to enter this trance-like state.

Learn to focus – Find a place where you will not be disturbed, relax your mind and body. Picture the one you want to communicate with mentally. Send the message and assure yourself they are getting it.

Don’t make it a command just tell the person you would like to hear from them and think pleasing thoughts about them.


You must trust that the other individual is receiving your message. Remain open minded as you begin learning to develop your telepathic focus. Let go of the Trance State – Do not drift off, deliberately bring yourself back to reality and go on with day to day things. There is a good reason for doing this. When you release the positive impressions from the person you were attempting to contact, he or she should have the subconscious sense that those positive thoughts have been removed and will want to make an attempt to re-establish the positive connection with you. You might be surprised to find that the person you attempted to contact reaches out to call you very soon.

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This method is a method that is believed to have existed from the beginning of time in animals. As scientists believe we are direct descendants of animals, why would we not have this same ability to communicate silently? It is thought that there are some people who live together that still share this mental ability to share ideas within their group or culture. While it is sometimes equated to be far fetched, that is obviously not the case. The perception of telepathy needs to be one that is possibly inherited and an ability that can be learned.

It is just like learning to communicate with a new language or learning anything new for that matter. Just because you can’t do it, does not mean that it does not exist.

Maybe you are the one that is a little lacking on your learning abilities! But instead, our civilization has mostly lost the telepathic powers that are just as much part of the natural human brain and capabilities as speech, response to music, and the five senses.

In fact, telepathy is sometimes called the 6th sense or your third eye that sees things your other two cannot.

While these two facets are not actually related to each other, you get the general idea that these skills are equated to telepathy originating from the second nature that humans and animals are sometimes talked to possess. There are many ways that modern humans may now experience forms of telepathy. The instinct that we all think of a gut reaction. In an even more base level, when a woman is pregnant, the baby can not tell the mother what nutrients it is lacking. Instead, the baby communicates telepathically by sending out cravings to the mother. Not all cravings are the funny ice cream and pickle types. The mother generally gets cravings that are vitamins and nutrients that may not be normal in her every day diet. By sending out these telepathic thoughts, the baby can communicate it’s need to the mother without having to speak directly to the mother.


Telepathy is a capacity which all of us innately possesses. However, this is also an capacityy which is not commonly exercised, so most people can’t consciously use or command it. Occasionally, all of us have moments when our natural telepathy comes into action. Nevertheless, what if you could use this incredible communication ability consciously? There is regretably no shortage of skeptics when it comes to telepathy, or in actually about any mental capacity. If you have doubts yourself about telepathy, consider this first how many times have you been on top of the world when you run into someone you know who is feeling miserable; and after talking to this person for only a short time, you start to feel the same way they do? Possible more times than you can calculate.

It’s not what they were speaking; not with their mouths, anyway. What has happened here is that you were telepathically accepting their emotions and feelings. Scientific studies have shown that by retrieving the sub-conscious center of your mind and discovering to focus your thoughts and feelings regarding a specific individual, it is possible to re-awaken the dormant telepathic abilities.

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Transmitting your message – Close your eyes and create a thought-tube which will connect your mind with the receiver’s. Visually place the object you want to send on or in the line you have visualized and then send it. Follow it all the way to your receiver and picture it clearly as you watch it going to its destination. Visualization is a very powerful tool for teaching your mind to focus on sending your message.

Stop Sending – As soon as you are confident your message has been received, stop sending, hang up, clear your mind of it. This is very important because your sender will then realize the transmission did come in.This also allows the receiver an opportunity to record the image he or she received.

You Can Learn Telepathy And Develop Psychic Abilities!

To the people living a century ago, all these things would have been considered impossible.

But we know that they do exist. This begs the question: Is it not possible that telepathic people are merely operating in a way that science does not yet understand? But by much telepathy is still viewed as nothing more than magic. Para physics or parapsychology is an area of science tasked with the study of telepathic people. Although scientific tests and studies are always the preferred methods used, those conducting these experiments do not always appreciate the results of them. Oftentimes the results of the experiments are very intriguing.

For something like telepathy to be considered by the science world to be a scientific fact it has to be possible to measure it, the results must be consistent, and the results must be repeatable. However, when it comes to telepathy the results are not always repeatable or consistent. While science then declares telepathy as improvable of unsubstantiated, others point out that perhaps they just haven’t invented the proper tests yet, since we still do not know or understand why some people are telepathic.

We all know that we human use only about 10% of their brain while the rest remains unknown to them. What many of us don’t realize is that all of us are born with a natural ability to communicate without speaking or even moving our bodies. This is the essence of telepathic communication. Human beings are imitators. They learn by observation of their elders around them. This is how we learn to speak, think and behave in a given situation. But adults do not use the power of their minds to communicate with kids. That ability is not honed through a person’s life. Over time this ability begins to fade due to lack of use.

This innate ability surfaces at strange moments, like when you happen to run into someone that you had just been thinking about, or when you know a moment before the phone rings that a particular person is going to call. Are we being warned about events that are soon to happen by a superior being or are we receiving these signals from others when they are thinking about us?

ABSTRACT COMMUNICATION: Mental telepathy at this level goes beyond simple colors and shapes to more abstract concepts like ideas, actions, or values.

It is rare and difficult for telepaths to achieve this level, and experiments have shown that they have a lower success rate.

Interestingly there are certain animals which can communicate effectively and we have still not discovered their modus operandi. Telepathy may be one of the methods. In this kind of communication between animals very basic abstract concepts will be involved. Since animals do not have prefrontal lobes which enhance complex communication, this communication will be restricted to basic impulses like thirst hunger and even danger. While humans may have once been capable of telepathy, as the species evolved and developed language, it was no longer needed as a form of communication. With the right stimulation humans may be able to call upon this dormant ability that includes abstract communication of ideas. Mental telepathy could be used to communicate, without the need for the use of the five senses. Another school of thought says that psychic powers, telepathy and other ESP functions are a thing of the more evolved future. Many people feel that with the advent and further evolution of man, almost all humans will be accomplished telepaths in the future.

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To improve your telepathic abilities, try the following. Trance State – Your mind is at its most receptive when you allow yourself to drop into a trance-like state.

Most humans are capable of inducing an almost hypnotic trance where the body is relaxed and your mind is open.

When you are working on your telepathic ability you should take some time to learn how to induce a trance like state. Focus.Once you are in a quiet place and in a relaxed state, turn your mind toward someone whom you’d like to contact you. Focus your thoughts on that person. Visualize that person receiving your message.

Try to emit positive, encouraging feelings and let your thoughts transmit that you wish for this person to get in contact with you. Try not to project command-like thoughts; this will not work.

Just keep sending good and positive emotions.

Belief – With an open mind, you need to believe that the person you want to communicate with is getting your message. End Your Projection. Do not allow your mind to wander off onto other issues. Simply end your thoughts and bring them back to yourself as you end your projection. You will do this for a simple reason. You must release your thoughts and feelings about this person. This has the effect of the person missing you more and thus increasing their desire to talk to you.

The person should contact you very soon.

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Color Exercise– When you are doing telepathy workouts you need to guarantee that your mind does not wander and stay in the present, not the future or the past.

You now need to get someone to aid you with this. You require some different colored pencils between you.

Both of you need to decide on that is the sender and who will become the receiver. Following one individual makes the option of the color in his mind and begins to share it with the additional person mentally. The receiver ought to make an effort and peer into the mind of the sender to learn about the picked color and then talk aloud about the color chosen. Whether the selection of the color spoken by the receiver was right or wrong is informed by the sender and then this activity is duplicated once more till the receiver has the ability to get the best color. The receiver and sender must exchange locations after about 15 minutes.

You can now move into the following degree of skill after the conclusion of these fundamental activities. You need to keep repeating these exercises till you are able to achieve mastery.

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However, one reason that can be directly linked to this is the popularity of modern religion.

Today, religion all but belittles the telepathic ability or treats it as some sort of sign of being a demon. Because formal religion has gained in power over the last hundreds of years, many have been trained to put their thoughts and beliefs into their religion instead of into their own inner powers. By idolizing religious icons, the church has gained some power over the faith of its followers. While we aren’t trying to offend anyone, you have to ask why religions would be so distrustful of telepathy. Our own opinion is that if others possess a power such as this, they can challenge the leaders of the church. Since no one wants to lose their power, they keep everyone suppressed about the matter.

Granted, it’s not like this everyone, but when cases arise it’s usually the reason. Then of course if it’s not religious talk, you can always turn to the scientific thoughts. Science is about discovery so perhaps one day soon there will be real tests that can be conducted to prove or disprove the theory that telepathy does exist. Science has not yet come up with any to do this, nor is it believed that telepathy exists so they do not bother even trying to test for it.

Scientists do not however have a problem in believing that intuition is a true emotion. Intuition is not far from telepathy so it is wondered why the disparity can happen when it comes to telepathy. Fear can be a reason why scientists do not delve too deeply into the study of telepathy, as stated before, there is a certain fear to thinking someone can read your mind. Most would rather let the subject drop and study areas that they feel have more value to themselves or to human kind.

The telepathic ability is one that all people possess to a various degree, but have lost the means by which to control it on a conscious level.

We all have periods of time of using telepathy on an unconscious level every now and then. Imagine what would happen if you could control that innate ability and utilize it to communicate with others without needing speech. There is sadly no shortage of skeptics when it comes to telepathic communication, or in fact about any psychic capability. If you are sceptical about telepathy, you should consider this example how often have you been on top of the world when you run into someone you know who is feeling depressed; and after talking to this individual for only a short time, you start to take on the same mood? Probably more times than it is possible to calculate. It’s not what they were speaking; not with their voices, anyway. What is happening is that you were via telepathy accepting their emotions and feelings.

Scientific analysis have indicated that by accessing the sub-conscious area of your brain and learning to channel your mind and feelings regarding a specific person, it is possible to re-awaken your sleeping telepathic powers.

Thoughts On Understanding Telepathy

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We often unconsciously telecommunicate with other people. But did you know that you can train your mind to telecommunicate consciously with other people? Human telepathy is a natural inherent ability within most human beings that is usually never harnessed or guided into being one of the senses we use consciously in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean we don’t use it. It simply means the majority of people don’t know how to focus their minds in such a way to make communication possible.

Studies show that there is a frequency to our thought patterns much like radio waves and they are measurable. When you learn to control your thought frequencies and then direct them where you want you will begin learning how to communicate using mind power.

EMPATHY We all know about empathy.

When you can feel the other person’s pain, elation or other emotions and understand them, then it’s known as empathy. There are some people who can really empathize with the other person and think and feel like them. The ability to empathize can be enhanced with regular practice and training.

This ability is evident in actors who can actually feel the characters pain and elation to the extent that they can cry and laugh as per the character. Sympathetic pain is another aspect of mental telepathy where the person physically experiences the pain and trauma of the loved one.

Many a times when we witness a loved one getting injured, we tend to have the same kind of pain or ache at the same point in our body though in reality there is nothing wrong with us. Likewise, when someone close to us experiences some emotional upheaval like a lot of joy or grief or even depression, then your mood corresponds to that emotion. There is also something known as long distance empathy where a person we love gets hurt and we get inkling on it even where there are miles separating us. Non believers may scoff at these happenings and call them as just gimmicks of a highly active imagination. Yes, there is some validity in the point since there are other senses in play as well.

For example, the question that will we are able to feel the same hurt without knowing that the person is hurt is a valid one. Nevertheless long distance empathy and such related phenomena do not fall in the realms of these explanations.


Solo Telepathy Test:- One quick way to test your telepathy skills is to predict who’s calling when the phone rings. Do not look at your caller ID, if you have one.

Before you answer the call take a moment to concentrate and think about who may want to talk to you.

Before answering the phone make a decisive guess.

Do this with each of the next phone calls you get. Look at the results. This can give you some idea of your telepathic abilities and its levels. Many people have reported knowing they knew who it was before they answered the phone. This is, however, on a unconscious level. You can learn to take this ability and focus on it, consciously, over time.

Quick Psychic Test:- It is sometimes a possibility, with a prop like a coin, to test your psychic ability. A quiet spot is important to find, before you sit and begin to test for your possible skills in this area. Complete quiet, without any distracting noises like any sudden sounds, TV’s and the such. Take a few moments to do some deep breathing exercises to help relax you and clear your mind. Then toss a coin into the air and try to predict whether heads or tails will come up. Measure your results over several attempts. There is a 50/50 chance you will guess correctly and you could have psychic ability if the score is above the 50%. This ability can be developed further.

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Because of the elusive nature of telepathy in more modern societies, many may not feel that telepathy even exists, but that is their chosen god who is sending signals of warning or messages for them personally. This can benefit churches and organized religions who use this as an aid in spreading the word of their god. Because formal religion has gained in power over the last hundreds of years, many have been trained to put their thoughts and beliefs into their religion instead of into their own inner powers. By idolizing religious icons, the church has gained some power over the faith of its followers. Knowing this, you have to wonder why they are so distrustful when it comes to telepathy. It may be that when it comes to religion, it is easier for the men in power within the churches to simply say is their god because then the people who follow that religion will accept it as divine power and will more readily accept that they do not have the power of telepathy at all. It may make a religion seem more important if the spiritual leader can communicate with his god through telepathy. Another problem modern day man has with telepathy is that telepathy can not easily be studied by traditional science. Even though we do have open-minded scientists who believe in telepathy, there are some out there who think it’s virtually impossible. The thought behind it is that you cannot taste or touch it, nor numerically measured. Believing this only keeps the positive thoughts at bay. We present another question to these scientists. You cannot prove instincts and emotions yet because you believe you experience these, you believe in them. Why is that? Is that not taking a prejudicial view? We all experience emotions, but whether they are legitimate or not is only know to that specific individual. The same can be said for instincts.

Unfortunately, these are very common characteristics that we believe everyone to experience, including scientists. Some believe it could be that the scientists who oppose telepathy are simply jealous. After all, it doesn’t seem fair that someone could do something like this, which is why they don’t want anyone else to have them. So instead of branding something different, it is always considered an instinctive response.

Thought Transference And Learning Telepathy

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We all know that we human use only about 10% of their brain while the rest remains unknown to them. Most of us are not aware of the fact that we are all born with the ability to communicate with our brains without the slightest usage of any other part of the body. We are taught from birth to not pursue our natural ability to send and receive telepathic messages.

It would more than likely be considered ‘weird’ or a sign of a mental problem if we did recognize this ability. And so the ability fades into the background to surface on those odd occasions when the telephone rings and you just instantly know who’s on the other end. Could this be a precedent to clairvoyance? Maybe your mind got a subconscious telepathic call from the person who called you.

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Just like the use of language, telepathy has to be learned. As children, we learn both spoken and body dialects from our parents.

We learn by imitating these methods of transmission; in the same way, telepathy may be learned. Of course, your parents most surely never taught you to use your telepathic capacities but this in no way means that you can’t activate them. It only means that you have not yet been trained the way. The part of your mind which is responsible for telepathic communication is most readily accessed while you are in a trance state. This is a state of high relaxation which can be reached by meditation and other methods. Practise relaxing your brain so that you can attain your trance phase without difficulty. When you get to this point, you’ve begun to exercise your thoughts to be controlled at will.


Receiver. With the willingness to receive impressions with an open mind the receiver must remain relaxed and tranquil. He or she should also write down any image impression they may have received. Your receiver needs to believe in the images he is receiving. Results. When you have completed your telepathic training you will compare notes of the images that were sent and the images received. Although you may not have 100% of them correct on the first try, there will be several that match. You will notice that even untrained minds are capable of sending and receiving images. You can always improve your results with practice.


Can humans really have telepathic abilities? Is it possible for them to communicate using their thoughts alone? There are other means of communication which we can’t perceive with our five senses but are no less real for example, you can’t see radio waves, but they are certainly real. Of course, our minds are not radio transmission equipment. Or is it? ‘Thought waves’, defined as an electrical and magnetic fiend generated by the brain, has been proven to exist. This is the keystone that scientific Telepathic studies rest on.

We’ll try to explain it in layman’s terms, but it may get a little complicated, so just bear with us.

Binaural Beats And Telepathy

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CONCRETE CONCEPTS This is the thought transference of concrete symbols and objects between two minds. Mental telepathy at this level must by necessity move beyond the regular five senses, and often requires a designated sender and receiver, intense concentration, training, and practice.

It is easier to communicate a simpler concept through thought alone, such as a color or shape. It is harder to communicate, through thought transfer, concrete symbols that are more complex such as an animal or relatives name that is unknown. This aspect of telepathy is where a lot of experiments are conducted. One such experiment involves the Zener cards which comprise of simple black and white symbols like circle, star and lines. However non believers in this field feel that since there are merely five cards which are used, the probability of choosing the right card is as high as 20%. However this can also be argued against considering the fact that a set of limited cards can help the sender and receiver to attune their thoughts to each other and enhance the telepathic connection.

Another point which can be looked at here is that though there is a probability of a success rate of 20%, but people have had 50% and higher success rates. This cannot be explained by the mere law of probability.

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In telepathy when the transfer of thoughts takes place, there is no written or spoken words and this is purely instinct.

Mind to mind contact is entailed. 3 types of known telepathy are physical, emotional and mental. You must be able to recognize the one that suits you the most according to your capability before you take on telepathy.

Browse on for some mental telepathy activities.

Card Activity – In this exercise you have to guarantee that your thoughts are in the present, neither in the past nor the future. Be relaxed and calm. For accomplishing the card activity you will certainly require a card pack, sheet of paper and a pen for you to note down the score. As soon as you have decided on who will be the receiver and sender, you need to sit back to back with the other person. Following pick the functions of sender and receiver. Sit against each the other person’s back. Cards are shuffled by the sender and he picks one card from the pack. Then this card is tapped to provide an indicator that the card choice is finished and is shared with the receiver. After getting the signal the receiver makes an effort to see the card color and he needs to talk out loud by announcing the card color. There is yet another advanced alternative of this workout that can be done. In this advanced phase the number on the card is made use of as an alternative to the color of the card.

To improve your telepathic abilities, try the following. Trance State.

When you are in a trance-like state, your mind is most receptive. If you are trying to improve your telepathic skills then make sure you learn more about this skill of making your mind go into a state of trance. Focus – The next thing is focus. Try to concentrate on a particular person who you wish to establish communication with. In a calm and peaceful environment sit down and try to send positive emotions to the person by using your mind.

You don’t have to concentrate on a command.

Just try to give out positive vibes. Belief is very important.

You have to believe that the person is receiving your message.

Have an open minded attitude.

End Your Projection.

Do not allow your mind to wander off onto other issues. Simply end your thoughts and bring them back to yourself as you end your projection. You will do this for a simple reason.

The positive signals that you mind is imparting to the person must be very strong so that the person receiving it feels the strong urge to communicate with you.

For this you will have to keep your mind off other thoughts.

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Many animals use telepathy to transmit danger or food sources. Scientists have discovered this fact after years of research. Some animals can even communicate over large expanses of areas. It is not necessary for them to be close to each other in other words. There are also those in the scientific community that believe primitive tribes used powers of telepathy and still have the ability to communicate in this fashion today. So, telepathy is not some strange, esoteric subject–at least, it should not be. Telepathy should be seen as just as much of a birthright and inherent, learnable ability as language; and just as we recognize someone who can’t speak correctly or has difficulty learning how to read or talk as having a problem, so we should recognize those who can’t develop their telepathic powers as having a similar defectiveness in their learning! It may just be that it has been bred out of us or that we lost the need for it due to other forms of communication.

Would you believe that telepathy is linked to your sixth sense? Well it is and you may hear some refer to it as the third eye.

Whatever name you have for it, telepathy should just come to be second nature. ‘Gut feeling’ is often a term that is used when someone thinks they are getting an idea, good or bad, as to how something is going to happen. You also have heard the stories of premonitions that were experienced by one family member or another about their child or sibling that was possibly in danger. These stories go on and on and they are merely dismissed as coincidence when in fact they are a form of telepathy. By definition, they fit the description to a tee.

What Exactly Is Telepathic Communication?

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To measure an individuals psychic abilities there are numerous telepathy test available.

However, there is an element of luck in many of these tests. But over a period of time and many trials, the results will show your telepathic abilities. And alleviate any guessing as to your ability. Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Others are designed to give a measure of your strength and range.

By keeping in mind telepathy, as well as ESP, precognition, clairvoyance are all inclusive in the telepathic skill-set and when one of these skills is developed it can also lead to increasing the other telepathic powers as well.By using deep breathing and meditation exercises it’s possible to access your sub-conscious. This exercising of your mind will expand your focus by opening your mind and can often lead you to access your telepathic and psychic abilities. That also leads to developing the part of your brain which is responsible for these abilities. Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further. A telepathy test will help you to decided where improvement is needed in your current skills.

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Just like so many other psychic based phenomenon, telepathy is a skill many of us possess to some degree we just have no understanding of how to use it! Telepathy refers to the ability to communicate with others through mind power instead of using verbal communication.

During the telepathy how to process transference of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, sensations, and even mental imagery occurs. Telepathy: How Is It Done? Many of us display small signs of telepathic ability without even realizing it.

Horse whispers, have a heightened telepathic relationship with animals that allow them to know what they are thinking. People can be telepathic with each other, too. Twins are one example of what can be one very strong telepathic bond. Perhaps you have seen twins “converse” with each other without ever actually speaking. No one really knows just how they can do this, but anyone can do this with anyone they have a very strong connection to. For example, life partners or spouses can sense when their partner is in pain, in danger, suffering, etc. This is telepathy, how do scientists explain it?

Learn to use telepathy by focusing on someone you want to communicate with when you are practicing your relaxation techniques. Visualize this individual, as you are trying to project only positive thoughts to them. Next, imagine them receiving these thoughts. Keep centered on this until you feel that the person you’re focusing on has had time to receive these thoughts. Then stop centering on them at all. Stop the contact so that they can feel the communication being broken off; this should make them attempt to reestablish this connection. You should practice with a partner.

One of you should be the sender, the other the receiver. begin by sending simple thoughts, such as bright colors which will be readily acknowledged. The receiver should have some paper and a pencil to hand in order to write down anything which may be a telepathic transmission. After ending the exercise, both of the participants should analyze their results and see how successful the session has been. Don’t worry if it’s difficult at first. Like any other skill, it will become easier with exercise.

All forms of communication need to be learned; you weren’t born understanding how to speak your native language, it is just something you learned by observing and mimicking your family. It is really most likely that, telepathy is not something your parents tried to teach you; but this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use this ability. It means that you haven’t learned how to initiate it yet. You can far more easily access the part of your brain which controls telepathic function when in a hypnotic state. It is possible to achieve this state of deep relaxation by using relaxation techniques including meditation. You have to practice until it is accessible for you to get to this state. When you have managed to do this, you have started training your brain to use telepathic communication.

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